If you like it, then put a ring on it!

image(Aiyah, photo is not so nice. Will post a nicer one soon!)

We are engaged!

I know the question would be “How did he propose?” but actually… there was no proposal. Hahahahaha really!

The story was something like a week before we went back to Jakarta for CNY, he asked me whether my parents had asked me again about when to get married and all, so I said yes (yup, they were asking me quite constantly hahaha).

Then he said “Hmm… actually I’m going to talk to my mum about this when we go back.”

I was quite surprised! Aiya spilled secrets one la this boy!

But actually he did that to make me feel secured that he was definitely gonna marry me. We did talk about getting married a few times before.

And so that’s how it went! We spoke to our respective parents and we planned for our engagement (Chinese style) end of this month.

Although he just got me the engagement ring on Saturday, we have started planning our wedding (mid next year) for a few weeks now. I wanna get the major things settled fast, especially church booking just so it is secured #kiasu.

All in all, I’m excited to be engaged to my love!! Can’t wait to spend our lives together 😀

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