Wedding Prep: Venue

Daisoman and I went back to Jakarta on Thursday night with one intention: to settle on a wedding venue! We’ve narrowed down our options to 3 and so, we went to check them out personally on Friday. These are the 3 places we went to (on chronological order):

1. The Palms Ballroom

Located literally 15 minutes away from Daisoman’s house, this ballroom is located on the 5th floor of Mal Taman Palem. The shopping mall itself is nothing fancy. In fact, it’s rather old, but that’s not the point. I heard the ballroom has been renovated awhile ago and it actually looks okay (though it was empty when we were there and they were just setting up for a seminar). There are 5 halls available (2 big ones and 3 smaller ones) and with the amount of guests we have, it will take 1 of the big halls and all 3 smaller ones.

Price was okay too and one of their catering partners is the one that we initially wanted to go with: Bali Indah.

Downside: It is considered far for guests around Jakarta and transport arrangement for my extended families who will be coming from out of town will be quite a hassle.

2. JIExpo (Jakarta International Expo)

This is like the ultimate venue for exhibitions hahahaha. They do rent this for weddings but they have no wedding package. Means we can only rent the hall on its own and they have a bunch of partner vendors for catering, decoration and entertainment from whom we have to choose (there are extra costs if you would like to get your own vendors aside from their partners).

They do have Bali Indah as their catering partner and Lili Vicky for decoration (which we both like), but the hall that will fit our guests is already booked for our date, so nope!

3. Klub Kelapa Gading

My family used to be members of the sports club (then called Kelapa Gading Sports Club) for many years back  when I was in primary school all the way until I was 24/25 I think? So we pretty much know how the ballrooms, food and facilities were like. The last time I came here was a few years ago, so I was surprised when I found out that they have actually renovated the stage in the grand ballroom and it’s now bigger (wall-to-wall)! The public toilets have been renovated (again) as well and it is now so nice! Andddd they now have their own car park building!! Which is so awesome cos it used to be quite a pain finding a parking spot whenever we went for a wedding here cos there was not much space, but it shouldn’t be a problem now!

Their wedding package is also quite comprehensive (which is good cos it means there are less things on our list to settle!) and they gave us quite a few bonuses too.

Both Daisoman and I were more inclined to this venue since the beginning actually (although I have to say I wasn’t really excited with the idea of having my wedding here initially a few months ago cos I was just rather bored… I mean, I used to come here countless times and attended so many weddings here before, and it’s near my house, so yea. But after looking at the package again, I gotta say I like it!).

So we actually made our decision … 30 seconds after we stepped out of the venue HAHAHAHAHA. But we didn’t put in the down payment right away. Instead, we went back the next day to see the decoration (there was a wedding going on then, so we could see the ballroom decorated in all its glory) and put the down payment afterwards.

YAY! So happy that the biggest thing on the list is checked!! We also managed to go to The Wedding Boutique before making the venue downpayment to enquire for prices. Didn’t even plan for it, but I managed to try on 2 gowns as well. Both were from Jasmine Bridal. They stock up on Pronovias and St. Patrick too. I was eyeing 2 Rosa Clara and a Pronovias as well at a wedding boutique here in Singapore. I thought their prices were expensive ($1,600 for a Rosa Clara and $1,900 for the Pronovia), but after I knew the Pronovias rent fee at The Wedding Boutique, I would say it’s a lot cheaper in Singapore! Surprise surprise!

You know how they said that a guy would have a jaw-drop moment when they see their lady trying on a wedding gown for the first time? Well, I was hoping for that but unfortunately it didn’t happen.

What happened was, I was trying on the first gown that was selected by the sales staff: a semi-mermaid gown that looks quite pretty. So I put it on and when I turn around, I noticed that it was super backless! Hahahaha as in… backless all the way down to my waist. LOLOL! And the fact that it is too loose for me does not help in making me look at least prettier. So when they drew the curtains back, Daisoman was like… poker face. HAHAHAHA it was so funny though! I didn’t think it was nice either and when I asked him, “What do you think?”, his immediate response was… “Ermm.. I think there’s another gown just now right?”


So I went on to try the second gown and… I like it!! Daisoman likes it too! 😀

It was a semi-mermaid gown with no bling embellishment! I like simple dresses and I do not want those super poofy dresses where you need to wear a petticoat underneath! (I refer to the petticoat as chicken coop wtf).

No picture cos there’s no deal with the boutique yet, but yay! Find a gown that I like! Gonna be looking to perhaps 2-3 more boutiques before I make my decision. I’m not taking a bridal package, btw. Not a fan of thick makeup and strapless dresses. I have no idea why most of the bridal shops here stock up mostly on strapless dresses! I hate strapless dresses. It feels like it’s always gonna fall off and if the fitting is bad, armpit fats out for show yo!

Ok, more updates as we go along! 😀

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