Time for a new pair of glasses!

Haven’t been writing much lately because I’ve been quite busy with work and other stuff in general. I really feel this year is passing by really, really quickly! I thought Chinese New Year was just awhile ago?

So it’s about 3 months to our D-day and preparation have been going rather well, if I may say so. We’ll only be having our holy matrimony here in Singapore (no reception whatsoever), so the preparation is rather minimal. We’ll be DYI-ing our bridal car decoration, bouquet, boutonnieres and some signages to be put up on the reception table. All of these are just for Singapore though. I can’t be bothered to DYI anything for the reception in Jakarta since I won’t have time.

On a slightly random note, I’ve finally made a new pair of glasses yesterday! I’ve been wearing my current pair for slightly more than 4 years and it’s time to send it to retirement. Some scratches can be seen on the lenses, and the frame is pretty much worn out already.

Here’s the state of my current pair:


Ermm sorry it may look a little gross. Not sure why the plastic turns this way -_- Perhaps due to all the sweat and sebum over the years?


The coating is peeling off…



Not sure if you can see the scratches on the lens there, but yea, it’s really time for a change hahaha.

Initially I was thinking to make a pair at Owndays, but after some research and store visits, I wasn’t really confident with the quality it offers, especially the lens, because that is very important to me. I did a bit more research on a more traditional optical shop and decided to give Mimeo a try after reading some good reviews about it.

So I made a visit to the shop yesterday and made a new pair with a very light and flexible frame, along with Kodak blue lenses. Can’t wait to pick it up next week!

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