An update after a year / First time singing at a wedding

It’s been almost a year since I last blogged! Oopsie!

So much have happened in a year, and the most substantial one would be… I got married in September! All those planning throughout 1.5 years came down to 2 days, spread across 3 weeks. We had our holy matrimony on September 10, 2016 and the dinner reception 2 weeks later on September 25.

Life after marriage has been fun so far. We chose Japan as our honeymoon destination and finally paid the Land of the Rising Sun a visit last month. It was really fun and I should blog about it separately.

Aside from that, things have been pretty busy for both of us lately. Both hubby and I had our first ever dip in wedding singing over the weekend at a friend’s wedding. It was Amanda who first approached me with the idea.

What happened was, we had to fill in a Google Form to RSVP to the wedding and one of the questions in the form was something like, “Would you like to perform at the lunch reception?”. She immediately texted me and asked whether I’d like to sing together with her, with hubby on guitar and Tobi on cajon. I was like, is this girl for real? LOL. But I thought, alright, let’s do it just for the fun of it. So tadaa!

We had another friend joining the group soon after on guitar (so hubby would have been on bass guitar), but he had to be on a business trip to Dubai at the last minute, so hubby was back on guitar.

After considering the choices, we selected 2 songs to be performed: Could it Be by Raisa and You Are My Everything by Glenn Fredly. Four practice sessions later and boom, the day had arrived.

It happened pretty smoothly, actually. Though hubby accidentally strum the wrong chord in the middle of the second song, it wasn’t noticeable (he did regret it so much afterwards though).

Hahahaha pardon us. We are by no means professional singers and musicians but we enjoy doing it.

Anyway, the name. As in, our group’s name.

During the rehearsal 1.5 weeks prior to the D day, the emcees were asking us what name did we want to go by, and hubby couldn’t think of any so he said “[Our community’s name] Praise & Worship Team”. I gave him a side eye immediately HAHAHAHA like really?

We’ve never thought of any names until the day itself when the emcee was asking Amanda about it. She immediately called me (I was on my way home to pick up the cajon that we left behind!) and asked. She initially suggested TAFA, an abbreviation of our names, but it just sounded too cheesy! Then I had a lightbulb moment and thought of what we wore that day. Amanda and I were in black dresses, hubby was in a checkered shirt and Tobi was in…. not plain, not checkered shirt, but with a striped collar. Okay, so it was rather complicated to include his element there hahaha. So I thought of… The Black Checkers. HAHAHA! I thought it would be less cheesy than TAFA so we went ahead with it, and there you go!

Anyway, that aside, hubby, myself and a few other friends from the Praise & Worship Ministry have been spending our Sundays in a music studio, practicing for a coordinator election this coming Friday and soon for our community’s birthday next month. It’s gonna be a busy May but I’m looking forward to it!


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