Goodbye Dayre

For those who don’t know, Dayre is a microblogging app which is quite popular in Singapore and Malaysia, although there are quite a bit of users from other parts of the world too.

When the news came 2 weeks ago that it was about to be closed down on the 28th of Feb, panic ensued and Dayre users were looking for alternatives, such as WeBlogIt, Steller or WordPress and efforts were made to keep the beloved app and, most importantly, community, alive.

SG Budget Babe (Dawn) was one user who really went all out to get investors to look at it and, hopefully, buy Dayre out and keep it alive. I totally applaud her efforts!

Today is the 21st of February, and there’s no signs of a successful buyout yet so far. It seems like majority of Dayre users have sort of succumbed to the faith that Dayre will no longer be around. Even the notifications have stopped working awhile ago!

Yesterday though, an anonymous user came in like a knight in a shining armour, bearing the good news on how to export Dayre posts to WordPress. Well, Dayre did send out an email to all of its users that they will be helping us to export all our posts:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.29.24 PM

Hopefully they will keep up their words and everyone will get to download their posts by 28th February.

In the meantime, I am currently waiting to export my posts to WP through a plugin that the anonymous user has created.


I left it at that and went on to do my work. Around 15 minutes later, I came back and saw this:

Whattttt? From 7k+ to 10k+? Hahahahahahaha. It’s down to 9,000-ish now as I’m typing.

I’ve set up a new WP site just to export these posts because apparently notifications will be triggered to your site followers when the posts were ready, so no, that’s not something I wanna do as it will definitely disturb my followers (not that I have many to begin with, but still!).

So once it’s all done, I’m gonna go through all of the posts to see which ones are worthy to be ported over to this site and which ones can stay behind. Cheers!


3:55pm – I’ve finally managed to get into the queue to export my posts! After 3 failed attempts. Dayreans have really fast fingers 😀


Really appreciate this person’s effort in doing this for the community!

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