Conversations with My Boss #2

It was a Friday. He walked in to the office and…

Him: Do you know what day is it today?

Me: What? Friday? (I somehow knew it would be related to lunch)

Him: Nope. Think again.

Me: Yea I know. It’s my turn (to pick a lunch venue) today.

Him: You know, by now I realised I’m a creature of habit, cos you and my wife can finish my sentences.

During lunch one day:

Him: So what has Felix been doing now that he’s free? (Felix was and is currently enjoying 2 weeks of freedom before he begins his new job next month)

Is he doing anything romantic for you, like making dinner, getting you flowers or something?

Me: I wish. At the very least he does the laundry.

Him: Well, that’s great, but why is he not doing anything sweet or romantic while he has the time now?

Me: Well, I’m not expecting anything. I’m happy he’s doing the laundry at home.

Him: Yeaa, I’m saying all this but if I’m in his position I’d probably not gonna do anything either. Cos it’s the only time you can really shut down from work.

But since it’s you I’m with, I’m supporting you!


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