Backdated pregnancy posts – 11 and 13 weeks

Backdated post from 3rd October 2018 (11 weeks pregnant)

My next doctor’s appointment is actually not until 20th October, but I decided to make a last minute one because I had a fainting episode on Saturday during my brother in law’s wedding mass.

I had breakfast in the morning at 7-ish am and a little more before we head to church at 9am. 15 minutes before the mass started at 11, my stomach rumbled so I had a few pieces of crackers.

Not long after the mass begun, my stomach started to rumble again and I told one of my sisters in law (SIL) next to me that I was hungry. She said she was too and we laughed.

About half an hour into the mass during the Eucharistic Prayer, we had to kneel and that’s when I started feeling sick and dizzy. I told Felix about it and he asked if I wanted to go outside now. I didn’t reply and instead put a little bit of pressure in between my eyebrows and closed my eyes, hoping to rest for a few seconds and things would get better.

The next thing I know, everyone was surrounding me and I was lying in an awkward position (my upper body was on the seat while my legs were still in half kneeling position). People were panicking looking for something to wake me up but thankfully I woke up right away (according to Felix, it took about 10-15 seconds from the time I told him I was dizzy to the time I woke up.

On top of that, apparently I hit my head twice, both the forehead and the back, on the pew. Apparently Felix was holding my shoulder but my head was still swinging back and front hahaha.

I remember Felix quickly ran to the car to get water and my crackers, while my mum sat next to me. Felix’ aunties sitting behind me massaging my shoulders, my SIL wiping the sweat off my forehead. The parents sitting in front of me were all looking at my direction too.

Some of the bride’s mum’s church friends were also in a panic, offering sweets and all. The wedding organiser team were running around getting me water, herbal medicine and even vitamin C tablets. Really appreciate all these in making sure I was okay!

After I felt better, Felix took me to the back of the church, and someone passed me a chocolate-filled bread. That was a saviour. I sat down, munch on the bread and had some water. My parents followed us to the back and sat down with us too.

My mum said bub was complaining that he/she was hungry and therefore went on a strike hahahahaha!

Thankfully everything was fine after that.

Since I’m flying to Sydney this Saturday, I wanted to make sure bub is okay before I leave, hence the last minute appointment today.

Very happy to say bub is growing well! The body parts are more defined now in the scans and he/she waved at me!! His/her legs were crossing and it was really cute!


Backdated post from 21st October 2018 (13 weeks and 7 days pregnant)

So I’ve technically passed the first trimester!

It’s been manageable so far, with sickness here and there from time to time. One thing that has been pretty annoying is I would feel really sick whenever I ate just a little bit more than what my stomach could handle (which has already decreased a lot ever since I fell pregnant), and the only thing that would make me feel better is to throw up. And here people are saying that I am eating for two hence I should be eating more. Right.

Tonight is one of those nights. I had a little too much and didn’t even finish my meal (as usual). Almost immediately I felt really sick. Hubby tried to rub my back and really tried to make me feel better T_____T

In the end I had to throw up more than half my dinner and that made me feel a little better, although my stomach still feels really full.

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