Backdated pregnancy posts – 11 and 13 weeks

Backdated post from 3rd October 2018 (11 weeks pregnant)

My next doctor’s appointment is actually not until 20th October, but I decided to make a last minute one because I had a fainting episode on Saturday during my brother in law’s wedding mass.

I had breakfast in the morning at 7-ish am and a little more before we head to church at 9am. 15 minutes before the mass started at 11, my stomach rumbled so I had a few pieces of crackers.

Not long after the mass begun, my stomach started to rumble again and I told one of my sisters in law (SIL) next to me that I was hungry. She said she was too and we laughed.

About half an hour into the mass during the Eucharistic Prayer, we had to kneel and that’s when I started feeling sick and dizzy. I told Felix about it and he asked if I wanted to go outside now. I didn’t reply and instead put a little bit of pressure in between my eyebrows and closed my eyes, hoping to rest for a few seconds and things would get better.

The next thing I know, everyone was surrounding me and I was lying in an awkward position (my upper body was on the seat while my legs were still in half kneeling position). People were panicking looking for something to wake me up but thankfully I woke up right away (according to Felix, it took about 10-15 seconds from the time I told him I was dizzy to the time I woke up.

On top of that, apparently I hit my head twice, both the forehead and the back, on the pew. Apparently Felix was holding my shoulder but my head was still swinging back and front hahaha.

I remember Felix quickly ran to the car to get water and my crackers, while my mum sat next to me. Felix’ aunties sitting behind me massaging my shoulders, my SIL wiping the sweat off my forehead. The parents sitting in front of me were all looking at my direction too.

Some of the bride’s mum’s church friends were also in a panic, offering sweets and all. The wedding organiser team were running around getting me water, herbal medicine and even vitamin C tablets. Really appreciate all these in making sure I was okay!

After I felt better, Felix took me to the back of the church, and someone passed me a chocolate-filled bread. That was a saviour. I sat down, munch on the bread and had some water. My parents followed us to the back and sat down with us too.

My mum said bub was complaining that he/she was hungry and therefore went on a strike hahahahaha!

Thankfully everything was fine after that.

Since I’m flying to Sydney this Saturday, I wanted to make sure bub is okay before I leave, hence the last minute appointment today.

Very happy to say bub is growing well! The body parts are more defined now in the scans and he/she waved at me!! His/her legs were crossing and it was really cute!


Backdated post from 21st October 2018 (13 weeks and 7 days pregnant)

So I’ve technically passed the first trimester!

It’s been manageable so far, with sickness here and there from time to time. One thing that has been pretty annoying is I would feel really sick whenever I ate just a little bit more than what my stomach could handle (which has already decreased a lot ever since I fell pregnant), and the only thing that would make me feel better is to throw up. And here people are saying that I am eating for two hence I should be eating more. Right.

Tonight is one of those nights. I had a little too much and didn’t even finish my meal (as usual). Almost immediately I felt really sick. Hubby tried to rub my back and really tried to make me feel better T_____T

In the end I had to throw up more than half my dinner and that made me feel a little better, although my stomach still feels really full.

I’m pregnant!

I’ve loved babies and kids since I was young – my parents can testify.

So when we got married, I wanted to try and conceive right after our honeymoon. However, hubby was a little apprehensive especially from financial point of view (he felt he hadn’t earned enough to take care of a family). Which I definitely understood.

After honeymoon, our sentiments were more towards ‘when it happens, it happens’, y’know? So we didn’t really put too much pressure into it, and to be perfectly honest we didn’t try hard enough in the first place.

When hubby got accepted into a new job mid this year, he felt that he’s finally ready for a baby, and he said to try for a baby 3 months into his new job. So after a week-long holiday in Bangkok end July, we came back to Singapore and to be honest I wasn’t expecting anything. In fact, I actually went clubbing 5 days later (after 8 years not stepping foot into a club hahaha.. I really am not a party girl in the slightest) and downed 2 glasses of champagne.

I also went for a dinner buffet the following Monday and had a few pieces of salmon sashimi. Additionally, I ordered some ovulation tests online around this time.

I think it was around a week after the buffet (around 20th August) that I started to feel uneasy in my tummy. It felt uncomfortable but it wasn’t like the kind I usually experience right before period, and when it kept going for a few days, I started to think if this was actually a sign of my period coming or if it was something else.

My period has almost always been irregular, so when I checked my period app and realised I was 6 days late, I didn’t think too much about it.

I actually felt a little nauseous. Not so bad that I had to throw up but more like feeling bloated.

Hubby kept on asking me when I told him that the symptoms persisted, “Do you think you could be pregnant?” and kept on calling his ‘mini me’ in my tummy 😂

When the symptoms didn’t go away after 2 weeks, I decided to head out and get myself some pregnancy tests from the pharmacy. I picked up one of those cassette-type (can’t remember the brand) and one of the usual stick (Watsons house brand) – apparently they were having a 1-for-1 promotion for their house brand’s pregnancy tests, so I ended up with 4 sticks (there were 2 in a pack).

The ovulation tests arrived in the mail on the same day. A little too late eh, considering I’ve just bought my pregnancy tests.

The next morning (29 Aug), I jolted off my bed the moment my alarm went off and went to the bathroom with the cassette-type test. Peed into a disposable cup I got as part of the ovulation tests, dropped 3-4 drops of urine into the sample well and really quickly after…


I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I quickly took the Watsons stick and dip it into the urine cup for slightly more than 5 seconds. Two lines appeared right away!


OMG! My jaw dropped to the floor! I patted the tests dry with tissues and while holding them, shook my husband up from his deep slumber. He eyes immediately lit up upon seeing me holding the tests. Switched on the lights, and he was grinning from ear to ear with happiness!! I wish I could have that recorded!

“You’re preggy!!!” – his exact words.

We were both in shock yet ecstatic! Throughout the day I kept on thinking if the 2 tests were accurate, and I asked the husband if I should get another one from Clearblue.

Him: Huh? It already says more than 99% accurate and yet you’re still not convinced?

Me: I know… It’s just that I need reassurance!

So I went to get a Clearblue during lunch, and used it the next morning (30 Aug).


A clear blue (pun intended) positive sign appear almost right away!

Walked out of the bathroom to him asking me, “So how was it?”


“Yayyyyyy!” and promptly closed his eyes and went back to sleep hahahaha.

I quickly called up my gynaecologist that afternoon to make an appointment and thankfully there was a slot for Saturday (1st September).

Saturday came, and I was feeling quite anxious my tummy hurts (happens whenever I’m feeling anxious) and I could feel my heart beating faster than usual.

During the regular check up with the nurse before doctor’s consultation, I was thinking my blood pressure might spiked up because of how anxious I was. Turns out it was a normal 110/70 (a little low actually, considering my usual BP is 120/80). The lady asked when was my first day of my last period (it was in May). She quickly asked, “Are you pregnant?”, to which I just replied, “That’s what I want to find out.”

We were finally called into the room (it felt like forever… my appointment was at 9:30am, and we went in to see the doctor about 11:40-ish). The doctor looked at the notes from the nurse and asked, “So your home test came out positive?”

“Yep, I had 3 tests and all came out positive. So I wanted to confirm it.”

“Well, if the home test says positive, it should be positive. Chemical reaction is more accurate than us humans.”

He then proceeded to run an ultrasound on my lower tummy and right away, the tiny fetus appeared on the screen!!

“Okay, let’s do an internal scan so we can listen to the baby’s heartbeat.” and proceeded to take an transvaginal scan device.

I swear I almost fainted when I saw it. It was so big?!

Might be a little too much information here, but it was quite painful when the doctor inserted the transvaginal scan down there. It only got comfortable after he moved it around a little bit to get a good look at the fetus.

And there it was… our baby’s heartbeat ❤

It was beating really fast (about twice as fast of adult human’s heartbeat)! Felix and I were in awe of how amazing it was. I mean, here’s a tiny little embryo and yet, the heart is already beating strong ❤

It was about 5 weeks old then. The embryo has since developed into a fetus.

When I returned for another scan 2 weeks later, it was discovered that my baby was actually 9 weeks old – more accurate this time given that it has grown and the doctor could measure it appropriately.

I’m now 23 weeks along, and in the first trimester I had been:

  • Feeling hungry every 2 hours. No joke, I have to eat something light, e.g. crackers every 2 hours, otherwise I’m gonna feel really sick and nauseated (still experiencing this until about 15 weeks along, but a lot better. I don’t need to snack as often as I had to).
  • Having bitter taste in my mouth for no apparent reason (happened for 15-16 weeks, after almost every meal).
  • Couldn’t finish my food most of the time (happened until 16-17 weeks), so I need to have smaller meals on more regular intervals.
  • Having hunger pangs strikes right before I sleep at 10pm (sometimes).
  • Feeling lethargic and tired really easily, all day long. I could spend the whole day resting and napping at home and would still feel tired. One Sunday I literally woke up in the morning, had breakfast, had a 2.5-hour nap, lunch, 3 hour nap, dinner, shower, bed. I’m feeling so much better the moment I’ve entered my 15th week.
  • Feeling queasy and bloated in my stomach everyday, and quite nauseous too at times. Thankfully I haven’t reached the point of throwing up just yet (fingers crossed).
  • Having mild stomach cramps now and then. Apparently it’s quite a common symptoms as your body is stretching and making a space for a little human (!) inside.
  • Throwing up when brushing teeth (still happening). Pregnancy symptoms can be really funny sometimes. Apparently it’s normal to develop new gag reflex when brushing your teeth and that’s what happens to me.

One of the best things about this pregnancy is that my manager’s wife is currently pregnant with their 2nd child (she’s about 1.5 weeks ahead of me), so he could totally sympathise with my symptoms and conditions, especially the hunger pangs and fatigue – cos his wife is experiencing it too.

Felix has been really excited about the whole pregnancy and he’s the one who calms me down whenever I’m having any cramps or nausea episodes.

The 2nd trimester has been good so far, and I could feel my energy is coming back little by little. I could actually go out for a few hours on weekends! (we didn’t really go out during the first trimester). It’s amazing to think how I have a mini human forming inside of me!

Thank you Lord for this gift, for trusting us to be parents. It still feels surreal… ❤️

Conversations with My Boss #2

It was a Friday. He walked in to the office and…

Him: Do you know what day is it today?

Me: What? Friday? (I somehow knew it would be related to lunch)

Him: Nope. Think again.

Me: Yea I know. It’s my turn (to pick a lunch venue) today.

Him: You know, by now I realised I’m a creature of habit, cos you and my wife can finish my sentences.

During lunch one day:

Him: So what has Felix been doing now that he’s free? (Felix was and is currently enjoying 2 weeks of freedom before he begins his new job next month)

Is he doing anything romantic for you, like making dinner, getting you flowers or something?

Me: I wish. At the very least he does the laundry.

Him: Well, that’s great, but why is he not doing anything sweet or romantic while he has the time now?

Me: Well, I’m not expecting anything. I’m happy he’s doing the laundry at home.

Him: Yeaa, I’m saying all this but if I’m in his position I’d probably not gonna do anything either. Cos it’s the only time you can really shut down from work.

But since it’s you I’m with, I’m supporting you!


Conversation with my boss

Not sure if I’ve shared about this before, but I was the first employee to be hired for my current company’s office in Singapore. So my direct boss (a VP) used to be all on his own for about a year and a half when he was transferred from our HQ in Australia till I came along. Since then, our team had grown to 4 and at the moment we are down to 2, again.

This means I’ve been the only constant person spending time at work with him and as a result, we sort of know each other’s habit and behaviour.

One of the tradition that he brought over from the HQ was Ramen Wednesday. There was this small Japanese restaurant / bar called Chaco Bar,down the road from the old office building,that serves ramen on Wednesdays and Fridays (I’ve just checked their website and it says Wed – Sat now, so maybe it has changed?). Since Fridays are reserved for team lunch, so they usually go on Wednesdays (though not everyone went for ramen).

My VP loves ramen, so it’s a given that he would want to bring the weekly tradition over when he was transferred to Singapore. So Ramen Wednesday was born.

At our first office space, we used to go to 2 different ramen restaurants, alternating on a weekly basis. When we moved to our current space, we usually went to the one in a shopping mall across the road, until we found our current favourite, Ramen Matsuri in North Canal Road. We practically go there every week (once in awhile we do go to the other one) to the point that the cashier (a lovely Japanese girl) has known us really well and has even memorised our order! Hahahahaha

She literally remembered what we would be ordering every week (the same variant for my boss every single time, while I would be changing my order once in awhile). We both love the mazesoba (dry ramen). When our previous colleague was still with us, he would be ordering the soup version. Both are really, really good.

So anyway, we couldn’t go for ramen today cos I was working from home and he was in an all-day event.

The first thing he said to me on Slack this morning:


Here’s a couple more conversations with my boss that I originally posted on Twitter:


1. On a Friday

Manager: Guess what?

A: … what?

M: It’s your turn today

A: Huh? Isn’t it your turn?

M: Tell me what you wanna say. I know what to get back at you with

A: Where did we go 2 weeks ago?

M: (without missing a beat) The Mexican place. I picked that

A: Ahhh dang you’re right

(We take turns picking a lunch place on Fridays – team lunch day – and we would usually argue on who would be the one. This was happening when we were a team of 3 and 4 too. Truly #FirstWorldProblem)


2. One afternoon:

Manager: I wanna get coffee. Do u want anything?

A: Hmm… I’ll go with you

M: Ha! The dark side! (Cos I rarely grab a drink outside). (after a few seconds) Actually… I wanna take advantage of this. Let’s sit down and have coffee there.

(We ended up sitting down and chatted for a good 20 mins; and I had soy matcha latte)


3. I’ve been packing lunches from home quite regularly recently and on one day that I didn’t:

Manager: Do you bring lunch today?

Me: Nope

Manager: Oh, congratulations! Was there any specific reason why or was it just guilt (of turning down his invite for lunch lately)?

Me: We just didn’t cook last night 💁🏻


4. He was on a call with someone one fine Friday morning and was pretty distressed about it: 

Me: So, since you are feeling rather stressed about it, you can pick lunch today.

Manager: No, it’s your turn today. Don’t you run away and sugarcoat it. What, are you in sales now?


5. On one regular morning:

Manager: How could I resize image and keep its ratio in Google Slides?

Me: Hold the Shift key and resize

Manager: You’re a genius. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


6. After coming back from lunch (him, not me)

Manager: I’ve had a deep thought during lunch, and I don’t wanna surprise you, but…. you’ll pick lunch (place) tomorrow.

Me: You had really deep thoughts while eating



Goodbye Dayre

For those who don’t know, Dayre is a microblogging app which is quite popular in Singapore and Malaysia, although there are quite a bit of users from other parts of the world too.

When the news came 2 weeks ago that it was about to be closed down on the 28th of Feb, panic ensued and Dayre users were looking for alternatives, such as WeBlogIt, Steller or WordPress and efforts were made to keep the beloved app and, most importantly, community, alive.

SG Budget Babe (Dawn) was one user who really went all out to get investors to look at it and, hopefully, buy Dayre out and keep it alive. I totally applaud her efforts!

Today is the 21st of February, and there’s no signs of a successful buyout yet so far. It seems like majority of Dayre users have sort of succumbed to the faith that Dayre will no longer be around. Even the notifications have stopped working awhile ago!

Yesterday though, an anonymous user came in like a knight in a shining armour, bearing the good news on how to export Dayre posts to WordPress. Well, Dayre did send out an email to all of its users that they will be helping us to export all our posts:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.29.24 PM

Hopefully they will keep up their words and everyone will get to download their posts by 28th February.

In the meantime, I am currently waiting to export my posts to WP through a plugin that the anonymous user has created.


I left it at that and went on to do my work. Around 15 minutes later, I came back and saw this:

Whattttt? From 7k+ to 10k+? Hahahahahahaha. It’s down to 9,000-ish now as I’m typing.

I’ve set up a new WP site just to export these posts because apparently notifications will be triggered to your site followers when the posts were ready, so no, that’s not something I wanna do as it will definitely disturb my followers (not that I have many to begin with, but still!).

So once it’s all done, I’m gonna go through all of the posts to see which ones are worthy to be ported over to this site and which ones can stay behind. Cheers!


3:55pm – I’ve finally managed to get into the queue to export my posts! After 3 failed attempts. Dayreans have really fast fingers 😀


Really appreciate this person’s effort in doing this for the community!

An update after a year / First time singing at a wedding

It’s been almost a year since I last blogged! Oopsie!

So much have happened in a year, and the most substantial one would be… I got married in September! All those planning throughout 1.5 years came down to 2 days, spread across 3 weeks. We had our holy matrimony on September 10, 2016 and the dinner reception 2 weeks later on September 25.

Life after marriage has been fun so far. We chose Japan as our honeymoon destination and finally paid the Land of the Rising Sun a visit last month. It was really fun and I should blog about it separately.

Aside from that, things have been pretty busy for both of us lately. Both hubby and I had our first ever dip in wedding singing over the weekend at a friend’s wedding. It was Amanda who first approached me with the idea.

What happened was, we had to fill in a Google Form to RSVP to the wedding and one of the questions in the form was something like, “Would you like to perform at the lunch reception?”. She immediately texted me and asked whether I’d like to sing together with her, with hubby on guitar and Tobi on cajon. I was like, is this girl for real? LOL. But I thought, alright, let’s do it just for the fun of it. So tadaa!

We had another friend joining the group soon after on guitar (so hubby would have been on bass guitar), but he had to be on a business trip to Dubai at the last minute, so hubby was back on guitar.

After considering the choices, we selected 2 songs to be performed: Could it Be by Raisa and You Are My Everything by Glenn Fredly. Four practice sessions later and boom, the day had arrived.

It happened pretty smoothly, actually. Though hubby accidentally strum the wrong chord in the middle of the second song, it wasn’t noticeable (he did regret it so much afterwards though).

Hahahaha pardon us. We are by no means professional singers and musicians but we enjoy doing it.

Anyway, the name. As in, our group’s name.

During the rehearsal 1.5 weeks prior to the D day, the emcees were asking us what name did we want to go by, and hubby couldn’t think of any so he said “[Our community’s name] Praise & Worship Team”. I gave him a side eye immediately HAHAHAHA like really?

We’ve never thought of any names until the day itself when the emcee was asking Amanda about it. She immediately called me (I was on my way home to pick up the cajon that we left behind!) and asked. She initially suggested TAFA, an abbreviation of our names, but it just sounded too cheesy! Then I had a lightbulb moment and thought of what we wore that day. Amanda and I were in black dresses, hubby was in a checkered shirt and Tobi was in…. not plain, not checkered shirt, but with a striped collar. Okay, so it was rather complicated to include his element there hahaha. So I thought of… The Black Checkers. HAHAHA! I thought it would be less cheesy than TAFA so we went ahead with it, and there you go!

Anyway, that aside, hubby, myself and a few other friends from the Praise & Worship Ministry have been spending our Sundays in a music studio, practicing for a coordinator election this coming Friday and soon for our community’s birthday next month. It’s gonna be a busy May but I’m looking forward to it!


Time for a new pair of glasses!

Haven’t been writing much lately because I’ve been quite busy with work and other stuff in general. I really feel this year is passing by really, really quickly! I thought Chinese New Year was just awhile ago?

So it’s about 3 months to our D-day and preparation have been going rather well, if I may say so. We’ll only be having our holy matrimony here in Singapore (no reception whatsoever), so the preparation is rather minimal. We’ll be DYI-ing our bridal car decoration, bouquet, boutonnieres and some signages to be put up on the reception table. All of these are just for Singapore though. I can’t be bothered to DYI anything for the reception in Jakarta since I won’t have time.

On a slightly random note, I’ve finally made a new pair of glasses yesterday! I’ve been wearing my current pair for slightly more than 4 years and it’s time to send it to retirement. Some scratches can be seen on the lenses, and the frame is pretty much worn out already.

Here’s the state of my current pair:


Ermm sorry it may look a little gross. Not sure why the plastic turns this way -_- Perhaps due to all the sweat and sebum over the years?


The coating is peeling off…



Not sure if you can see the scratches on the lens there, but yea, it’s really time for a change hahaha.

Initially I was thinking to make a pair at Owndays, but after some research and store visits, I wasn’t really confident with the quality it offers, especially the lens, because that is very important to me. I did a bit more research on a more traditional optical shop and decided to give Mimeo a try after reading some good reviews about it.

So I made a visit to the shop yesterday and made a new pair with a very light and flexible frame, along with Kodak blue lenses. Can’t wait to pick it up next week!