How Mr. Geeky turned from stranger to fiancĂ©

Since we are now engaged, I though I’ll write about how we met for my own record too. Hahaha so here goes:


I first met Mr. Geeky at a cell group session one Thursday in October 2012 (Yep, I used to call him Mr. Phlegmatic but it’s Mr. Geeky now since it’s… err… easier to pronounce hahahaha. Also because he really is quite geeky!). There were about 20 people in the room and a few new members too, so we introduced ourselves one by one. I was sitting quite far away from him and he introduced himself as a student (followed with some “Booooo!” and laughter from the others afterwards. Hahaha). I honestly thought he was really a student! I guess I trusted people too much, eh?

Then I thought he looked quite handsome! But I had no feelings whatsoever towards him because I had just broken up with my then boyfriend for about 2 weeks or so I think?

That was my first cell group session ever, and the next one was in December that year. I had been wanting to go prior to that but I was either occupied with work or just plain lazy.

So I decided to attend the cell group more regularly in December. That was when I found out that he was actually 4 years older than I am! Cehh… cheat my feelings!

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