Happy 21st Birthday to Tine


Happy 22nd Birthday to Fresno

All the best for you guys. Gbu ^_^

p.s: Tine, I’m not sure whether you received my sms or not cos I forgot to set “Yes” to my sms report setting =(

Happy birthday sis! =D

Happy 21st Bday, Nana@Nenek@Sis!!
All the best and many happy returns to you!

Thanks for being my best sister
For sharing almost anything
Well, we can talk about anything
without hurting each other’s feeling


Arghh…I am out of words. Sorry nek, I was trying to write a poem or something, but ended up I am stuck. Lol.
Anyway, again, for the fourth time….


Don’t forget to tell me the story of your party, and share the pics as well like usual ^^


me =D

p.s: oh, and i pity you for having exam on this special day..Lol =p


Musical is one of the best way to heal tiredness from working..lol

Went to watch a Christmas Musical with Mochi last Friday, after work…
It was a musical done by Metro Tabernacel Church [Pam, izzit correct? Pardon me if I’m wrong] titled ‘Word On The Street”

Although it was quite a short musical, I’d say it was nice ^_^

And we met Pamela there…She’s Mochi‘s online best friend *I mean, they knew each other through the internet..[the power of MSN..lol]* since..ermm..a year ago *if I’m not mistaken*, but they have never met each other until yesterday..lol.She invited him to watched the musical and she was one of the dancers…

So..after so long…ta daaaa…

~Pam and Muchi…a braided-haired-girl and a bird-nest-guy..lol~

And when I reached home…
I found this on my laptop table…

Wondering who gave me this???

Then I found out it was a Christmas present from Angel, my tante kos..hahaha…

When I opened it…

Wuaaaaaa….Udong’s mug! Remember last time I wrote that Udong’s mug is on my next mission?hahaha..it came true on Pre-Christmas..lol…
Thank youuuu tante kos…muach muach…^^

Some more, I wanna wish my tuwins [a.k.a Juanita], Melati, and Michelle Lovena who celebrated their birthday on the 16th of December…
May all of you have a nice bday…^_^

And yesterday Melati came to my house because Angel told her to..since she doesn’t know the way to her house, so she invited her to our place instead [terbalik ga sih? yang ulang taun malah yang dateng ke tempat pemberi kado..hahaha]

~Her blueberry cheese birthday cake~

~Yeaa..bithday routinity..lol..but she was lucky..we only gave her water+egg..mwahahaha~

Once again, happy birthday to the three girls…muach muach muach
GBU all ^_^

Birthday dinnerS…

It’s been a few days since I post something here…

First of all, Happy Birthday to Cintan and Lisan!! May you girls have a wonderful birthday =)

Last week Thursday was my 1st round of Birthday dinner. There were supposed to be 6 people, but ended up only 4 bcos the 2 busy students couldn’t make it since they were busy doing assignments -_- Sooo…Juan, Achie, Christal, and I went to… Ehh wait..just after we reached 1u, I bought a “birthday present” for myself..lol…

~Huahauahaua…a set of Udong’s..hihihi…~

See her expression in close up…

~OMG! See her expression…and the flower..Lol~

Next mission: Udong’s mug..huahuahuahua…

OK2..back to the topic..lol. Sooo…after shop a bit in Nici, we went to…

~Some of the food we ate…hehehehe…Sllurrrpppttttt..oishi!~

~Mata, Angel…too bad you girls could not join us..rugi loo…hahahahahha :p~

After Jappy food on Thursday, seafood came to decision for my 2nd round of Birthday dinner..haha…This time, The Ship in BB was our chosen place..so Ben, Angel, and I drifted to Puchong to picked Mr. Elbert [Ben’s *** partner] up, then we headed to The Ship….

Be ready to drool, peopleeeeee…..

~Our main courses~

~The appetizers and dessert *that one is Angel’s. I just ‘nyicip2’ a bit..hihi*~

~All Aboard with the Captainnn~

And 2 mo yung pics…

~The stupid looking Patrick, who has the same stupid face as the owner’s..mwahahahahahhaha…..right, dear? XD~

~The gay partner on Sat nite…did I choose the right bf? -_-~
Anyway, I am in my workplace now…feeling cold *it’s freezing here* and hungry…yeaa..currently I am doing internship in Orange Box Asia Sdn Bhd…and it is sooo far from my place…from Cyberjaya…allll the way to Taman Desa -_-

Okie, I need to get back to work…ciaoo peopleee…^_^


Thanks for being one of the best friends I’ve ever had ^_^

All the best for your bday this year…
Miss youuuu…muach3…GBU always dearrr ^_^


Yeaa..today i’m officially a headtwo..[kepala dua-red]
Thank you guyss..

To my lovely parents, thank you mom and dad..you are the first to congratulate me..00:01..haha..[and they were so happy for being the first one..hehehe]
Thank you mommyy…I know you were already sleepy, but you still tahan it to call and congratulate me..and daddy alsooo…I love youuuuu..muaks muaks muaks muaks….
I don’t know how much thank youS I should have said to you for being the most wonderful parents ever gifted by God to me =)
Thank you ^^

My dear housemates…
For a moment I thought you guys forgotten my birthday…
But it turned out wrong…
Thanks a lot girlss..I love you both..Muaks muaks muaks ^^

Mata, Achie,you are successful in lying to me…You said you guys couldn’t come to my place because of assignment, but suddenly you two showed up…hahaha..and thanks a lot for the present…both the gift and the card are soo musicaholic, eh?hehehe…thank youu…^^

And to Natcuy..although she came by the time I was being ‘tortured’ in the bathroom and watching me, but she did congratulate me..thank youuu ^^

To my dearly sis…your nick is veryy long eh?hehehe…thanks for your sms and call from Iowa [although it was MSN video call..well, it is still considered as a call, rite? hihihi] ^^

To my best friends..thanks a lot guysss..muaks…^^

and to all my friends and relatives who had congratulate me in person, through phone calls, smses [which made me awake before my alarm rang :p], friendster message and testimonials..thank youuu [my thumbs are actually tired from replying smses..lol :p] =)

yeps..here are the pics…Happy laughing at me…lol [click the thumbnail for larger and clearer view..lol]

Ohh…and I like the birthday card Achie and Mata gave me…

~Front side [can see the text? “Hug This Musician Becoz…”]~

~A pink-stripes-pop-up grand piano on the inside!~

Ohh..and yea, a usual birthday routinity…’torturing’ with magic potion…

It was all started with chocolate…

…then the real potion came along…

…resulting in..[see pictures above..they say a thousand words]
and yeaa…I smell soooo nice…like kue lapis..mwahahahahahaha

Once again…Thank you guysssss….
Gam sia..谢谢。。。Terima kasih…^_^