Recent Happenings

Some interesting things I did/happened/happening in my life recently:

#1. My 25th Birthday

I’m a quarter of century old now! And my birthday was quite memorable as it fell on 20-11-2011! Aha yes! The date where LOTS of people are getting married (My parents received 5 wedding invitations on the 19th November itself, and a few more on the 20th). And it was so ngam because…well, the date was nice, and I turned 25. An age which can be said like one of the milestones in life, no?

I flew back to Jakarta for my birthday and Mochi joined me as well! 😀
We had a fun time eating and eating and eating!! *More pics on this once I’ve got them from my mom and dad’s cameras*

And I got to meet up with my best girls for makan session!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Presents-wise, not much. The best one was from my parents for paying my ticket to Shanghai in October 2011 (damn! I haven’t blogged about this as well).

#2. Staying at Royal Plaza on Scotts for two nights.

With Dania. Okay, it’s actually one of her regular visits to SG, and as what we usually do, I stayed over at her hotel for 2 nights. This time was at Royal Plaza on Scotts (normally she would stay at Meritus Mandarin). It was my second time staying there.

The Xmas deco at Royal Plaza this year is so cute!! With Jollyland as the theme, I love the whole deco and idea! Basically I just like those kind of deco with sweets and colourful things all over:

And breakfast at McDonald’s Shaw Centre. Our first time there:

#3. Christmas deco at Orchard Rd.

I’ve always loved the Christmas deco at Orchard Rd. The bright lights, pretty Christmas trees, the joyful feeling, and not forgetting the Christmas Sale! December really is one of my favourite months!

Look at these pretty lights and trees! Don’t you feel happy just by looking at them? (Well, at least I do).

The one in front of Shaw Centre

Paragon’s!! I love the toy horses! 

Braun Buffel 😀

Tiffany & Co’s! Not sure whether they make it an annual thing to set up Christmas trees at Orchard Rd., but they did it last year as well.

This year’s theme was more to metallic matte. Last year’s was more shiny and blu-ish.

Oohhh I love these giant snow globes in front of ION!! 

Especially this one! Heehee..don’t you just love the cute snowman? XD

ION did something unique this year. They created a Christmas tree with an observation deck 10m above the ground. Free to go up there, but I haven’t got the chance to go until now.

Macarons Christmas tree at Canele! Such a sweet tree.
Taken from a bus, hence the dirty spots on the top right -_-
Takashimaya’s Teddy Bear Christmas Tree. They did this last year as well, with different coloured bears.

#4. Some random things happening in Singapore:

– Twilight Car. HAHAHAHAHA Please don’t ruin the Volvo…

– Cute giant Maybelline Volum Express mascara:

Elephant Parade!

Elephant Parade is the world’s largest open air art exhibition of decorated elephant statues that seeks to attract public awareness and support for Asian elephant conservation. So for the time being, you will find a lot of nicely decorated elephant statues all around Orchard and the surrounding.

These are some of my favourites:

The Angry Bird that everyone loves!

Paul Frank!!

They actually made the gems in 3D. Dunno what kind of material did they use. 

Constellation! (or at least that’s how I look at it :p)

– 2 for 3 Sour Sally!

Being Sour Sally fans, Cynthia and I were delighted when we found out about their 2-for-3 promo yesterday. We were so full after our dinner at Botak Jones and we just wanted to have a cup each (Medium size, of course!) but we decided to get the 2-for-3 promo. Basically we need to buy 1 Medium and 1 Small sizes in order to be eligible for the free 3rd cup. They actually allows you to choose either the Small or Medium cup for the free one (but no toppings)! So the plain white yoghurt with no topping s was our free cup. We regret our decision after awhile coz damn we were so full! But happy =9

So those were some happenings in my life recently. Most probably gonna write about my Taiwan (Gosh! It’s been almost a year!) and Shanghai trips 😉

Have a Merry New Year!

First of all, Happy New Year, peeps! May the year ahead will be smooth-sailing for all of you 😀

So how do you guys spent your Christmas and New Year (Eve)?

I spent my christmas in KL and new year in Kota Kinabalu (or, in short, KK), the capital city of the Land Below The Wind a.k.a Sabah, in Borneo 😉

Story about my KL+KK trip on the next post after I’ve finished sorting out the photos. I’ve got thousands here. Lol.

Xiaxue vs Dawn Yang

Wooooooo~ this is getting more interesting. Lol :p
Not saying what la, but I’m just surprised how things can turn out this way. I mean…this is just in blogosphere ey!

They even have lawyers included and stuffs. I was like o_O

Anyway, aside from that, I’ve seen Dawn’s pre-surgery pictures on a website *which I forgotten the address >.<*, and …..OMG! She used to be farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr from pretty lar! Seriously!! It's like…extreme makeover? Lol. Go google for her pre-surgery pictures and see if you can find one 😉

p.s: I am on neutral side here. Will just sit down and enjoying this show until it’s over and the final decision is out. Lol :p