An update after a year / First time singing at a wedding

It’s been almost a year since I last blogged! Oopsie!

So much have happened in a year, and the most substantial one would be… I got married in September! All those planning throughout 1.5 years came down to 2 days, spread across 3 weeks. We had our holy matrimony on September 10, 2016 and the dinner reception 2 weeks later on September 25.

Life after marriage has been fun so far. We chose Japan as our honeymoon destination and finally paid the Land of the Rising Sun a visit last month. It was really fun and I should blog about it separately.

Aside from that, things have been pretty busy for both of us lately. Both hubby and I had our first ever dip in wedding singing over the weekend at a friend’s wedding. It was Amanda who first approached me with the idea.

What happened was, we had to fill in a Google Form to RSVP to the wedding and one of the questions in the form was something like, “Would you like to perform at the lunch reception?”. She immediately texted me and asked whether I’d like to sing together with her, with hubby on guitar and Tobi on cajon. I was like, is this girl for real? LOL. But I thought, alright, let’s do it just for the fun of it. So tadaa!

We had another friend joining the group soon after on guitar (so hubby would have been on bass guitar), but he had to be on a business trip to Dubai at the last minute, so hubby was back on guitar.

After considering the choices, we selected 2 songs to be performed: Could it Be by Raisa and You Are My Everything by Glenn Fredly. Four practice sessions later and boom, the day had arrived.

It happened pretty smoothly, actually. Though hubby accidentally strum the wrong chord in the middle of the second song, it wasn’t noticeable (he did regret it so much afterwards though).

Hahahaha pardon us. We are by no means professional singers and musicians but we enjoy doing it.

Anyway, the name. As in, our group’s name.

During the rehearsal 1.5 weeks prior to the D day, the emcees were asking us what name did we want to go by, and hubby couldn’t think of any so he said “[Our community’s name] Praise & Worship Team”. I gave him a side eye immediately HAHAHAHA like really?

We’ve never thought of any names until the day itself when the emcee was asking Amanda about it. She immediately called me (I was on my way home to pick up the cajon that we left behind!) and asked. She initially suggested TAFA, an abbreviation of our names, but it just sounded too cheesy! Then I had a lightbulb moment and thought of what we wore that day. Amanda and I were in black dresses, hubby was in a checkered shirt and Tobi was in…. not plain, not checkered shirt, but with a striped collar. Okay, so it was rather complicated to include his element there hahaha. So I thought of… The Black Checkers. HAHAHA! I thought it would be less cheesy than TAFA so we went ahead with it, and there you go!

Anyway, that aside, hubby, myself and a few other friends from the Praise & Worship Ministry have been spending our Sundays in a music studio, practicing for a coordinator election this coming Friday and soon for our community’s birthday next month. It’s gonna be a busy May but I’m looking forward to it!


Overly Attached Boyfriend

You know the “Overly Attached Girlfriend” meme?

Overly Attached Girlfriend

It’s of this girl whose eyes are so huge when she opens them up to a maximum proportion and it just went viral. Hahaha! She actually looks quite pretty in her normal photos though!

Anyway, the mister asked me to try imitating her, which of course, I failed miserably, seeing how my eyes are of a smaller size than an almond. So I asked him to do it instead…


Presenting the Overly Attached Boyfriend! He looked so scary my phone didn’t even dare to snap his picture properly wtf.

Really! I kept on trying to focus on his face but I couldn’t! My phone just refused to do so! It knew the object was too scary. Hahahahahaha!!

The sky was crying hard for almost the whole day yesterday. Which is good cos it made the weather soooo cool and nice! Spent the Sunday at the mister’s place having a meeting and playing a board game (DiXit) which was so fun! Any game that allows you to team up and sabotage one of the players is cool. Hahahaha!


Look at those bunnies! Aren’t they cute? 😀





At this point of time, the mister was the one with the lowest point (yep, that’s him in yellow. Hehehehe), but he won the 2nd round!

Then we realised that all 6 of us were couples while 1 is not. So we decided to take a photo and graced it with a meme…

PSX_20140518_171226 copy

HAHAHAHAHAHA! This is epic lor! Andy’s expression is just so apt with the whole picture. “Aku rapopo” means “I’m okay” in Javanese. I guess only Indonesians will get this meme. Hehehehe

It’s okay, dude. You’ll find someone soon!

Singing my heart out

Finally went for KTV after so long! Visited Cash Studio at Ming Arcade with Topabis fellas last Saturday night and it was SO FUN!!

Thank goodness for shameless and crazy friends, we sang our hearts out for 3 hours (definitely not enough!) which resulted in sexy voices that night/the next morning (as what always happens whenever I go for KTV)!I think I sang along to about 80% of the songs we’ve selected so I guess it contributes as well…..

(off topic: I miss KTV sessions in Beijing so much! We always went at midnight all the way to 6am!! That was truly an epic one as we couldn’t stop singing and dancing around during the 6-hour session)

Prior to that, we fueled up our engines at Bakmie Jakarta for some Indonesian goodness. Oh, and this outing was meant to be a celebration for the October babies at Topabis, so there was a birthday cake too!


The October babies of Topabis! Have an even more fruitful year ahead, you guys! :))


Topabis! Too bad some couldn’t make it, but even with just 18 people we kinda shook the place with our loudness -___- it’s not Topabis when it’s not loud! LOL!

I couldn’t be thankful enough for knowing these awesome people. Through them, I’ve started to attend mass regularly again. Through them, my faith grows. Through them, I truly feel how it is like to be a Catholic (I admit I’m not the most religious person around) and being active in church. Through them, I learned about humility, about being humble, about realising that there’s always a sky above the sky, and it is through this community that I met him 🙂

I have only been in AmoreDio for less than a year as of now (I joined in Dec 2012), but it feels as if I’ve known them for way longer! The friendship and fellowship are way more than how I expected it to be. Honestly I did not expect much when I first stepped my foot in, but it all changed once I started to get more involved. It helps that the Bishan fellas are more on the crazy side and so it suits me. Hahahaha!

All my life, I’ve never been involved in any church activity, not even a cell group or any youth community. You could say I was one of those lazy ones who didn’t want to be involve in this kind of thing. Who would have thought I was gonna be active in a cell group now? Not in my wildest dream, to be honest. However, I believe it has all been set up by the One above. And now that I think of it, I feel that everything was planned right to the tiniest details!

A little history: I’ve known about AmoreDio 3 years ago through a friend but didn’t actually have time to go for the weekly cell on Thursdays due to work. When I finally had the time to, I kinda forgot about it and one reason and another prevented me from doing so. So when I knew that Cynthia has been attending a cell group last year, I asked her about it and decided to give it a try. I didn’t look back since then!

I consider myself as the least knowledgeable in terms of Bible study and Catholic-related stuff. I gotta say I’m quite ashamed of myself! Most of my cell group mates are so knowledgeable that I could only keep quite and listen whenever they started talking about certain topics in depth. It’s good though because then I’ll be able to learn more! 😀

So in short, joining AmoreDio has bring nothing but positive impact on myself, which is great! It could be draining on some days, I gotta admit, but at the end of the day, I am thankful to be given this opportunity to serve Him and the community, to improve myself, and am thankful for the great friends I’ve made along the way. 🙂

Like what MasterCard says, the experience is priceless.

Random things lately via iPhone and Instagram

Yup. I’ve finally gotten myself an iPhone 4S (in white) and so far I’m loving it a lot! Gonna sell my iPod Touch and go back to the good old pink iPod Nano.

So today’s post will be filled with pictures taken by my iPhone. They are in their original state fresh out of the iPhone and some have been beautified with Instagram (the squarish ones). The quality of iPhone 4s’ camera is very good for a smartphone. I love the HDR function on it. The differences on some pictures are really obvious. I’ll show some examples later on.

There will be 60 pictures in this post. Let’s start!

PAUL in Ngee Ann City! I kinda felt deja vu when I first saw it because I just came back from Paris that time and I went to Paul there.

Angel and her 24-hour in Singapore

Last Friday afternoon, suddenly I got a message from Angel our Tante Kos, saying that she is coming to Singapore that evening. It was a sudden decision tho. Something regarding the rejection of her Special Pass application.
Haiz stupid LUCT lah, why never help student wan?! Only want money but never help! Cish!!
She wanted to stay at my place just for that ONE night. So I asked my house owner lah. At first she was like, “Ok, but only for tonight”. Then I asked her again if my friend (girl) can stay at my place for 4 days next week. Then she said “Nope. Sorry”. So I reply her “But you got mentioned in the contract that my girl friends and mum can stay at my place for max. 1 week”
Then you know what did she say?
“I got the right to decide who can stay at my house. This is your last month of stay, so please cooperate, or else I’ll take immediate action”.
WTH right?!
Fine! Haiz this kind of people!
So I asked Angel to asked Juan whether she can stay at her place. Luckily Juan’s owner is okay with that. Phew~
Anyway, let’s move on to the happy things. On the Saturday, we met up at Orchard *Yayyy! Housemates’ reunion ^.^* for coffee then went to Changi to accompany Angel buy ticket to go back to Jakarta *long story. She had to let her SIN-KL ticket hangus just like that because her father asked her to just go back to JKT*
Ohhhh, and another disgusting thing: the JB Immigration staff sucks!!!! There was this particular one who gave his number to Angel and asked her to call him when she was in Singapore because he said he will asked his boss about her passport and entry permit *Because Angel now has a freaking red chop that stated her Special Pass application is rejected, she is actually forbidden to enter Malaysia*.
And you know what, that stinky man actually got a motif behind!! He even dare to ask her to stay at his house when she is going back to KL because by the time she reached JB it would have been too late. WTH right?! And he even said something like this:
“Actually you cannot enter Malaysia because you kena rejected already. But if go through my boss, can lah.”
Can you smell something fishy there?
Ya lo! Indirectly he asked her to “service” his boss! WTF!!!
Ah anyway, long story la. Lazy to type it all here. Hehehe :p
Back to Changi~
Luckily she still managed to get an Air Asia ticket at a reasonable price, S$117 for one way!
So that’s a short story of Angel’s visit to Singapore. Only for 24 hours! Lol!
Hopefully she can settle everything in Jkt so she can go back to KL without any more problem.

Goodbye Cie Gina…

They were one of the happiest couple I’ve ever met.

She was the kind of woman who will makes you feel at ease when you were beside her.
Her soft-spoken voice, her tenderness, her smile.

They had been wanting an additional member in the family since the day they got married (most couples would’ve felt this way also, no?)

3 miscarriages happened.

Then the 4th came. I was really happy thinking that this time, it would’ve worked out and they will have a cute new member in the house soon enough.

a few days back, I read Esther jie jie’s Facebook status that says she and baby Sam (yes, they have named him Sam) were both in a critical condition.

I asked her why.

“There’s this rare virus attacking her red blood cells (rbc). Just pray that both the mom and baby will survive. Only God’s miracle will help them to survive now”

I couldn’t believed what I see….

I brought them into my prayer.

The next day, I was relieved to hear the news that she is getting better and her rbc counts is increasing.

But God has another plan. 2 mornings ago, around 9am when I was at a client’s office, Mum sent me the bad news:

“RIP Regina Widaja (the wife of Temmy), on 30 March 2010 at 02:52am at PGI Cikini Hospital”

I was stunned. I was in the state of disbelief. I re-read the sms over and over again to make sure I read it correctly.

Tears started rolling down my eyes. I tried my best to resist it since I am at client’s office.

It all happened so fast within (around) 2 weeks.

Why, Lord, why? They deserved great happiness. They had been wanting this baby for so long. And now when it’s only 2 months from labour, why did this happen?

But I realized that I could not asked that. God has surely planned all of these, and I am sure He has another great plan for Temmy kor2 and his family after this.

After a short conversation with Yohan on Facebook 2 days ago, I finally knew what actually happened to Gina jie2. Well, not exactly I guess, but more or less, yes. According to him, the main reason why all of these happened is still quite a mystery. Something related to blood. From what I’ve read on Esther jie2’s Facebook, Gina jie2’s blood is too thick it caused this.

They wanted to save baby Sam, but it was impossible since some parts of his body had been damaged due to the medication and radiation treatment received by Gina jie2 during her stay at the hospital.

Ah well, I am still not really clear about the real cause, but one thing for sure, I am still very sad now.

Today is the cremation day. I hope and pray that the big family will be able to stay strong during the whole thing, especially Temmy kor2. I feel really really sad for him. He lost both his lovely wife and baby at once :'((

My parents went to the …. and Mum said that Gina jie2’s picture is really pretty. Yes, she IS pretty.

Yohan said that according to Winy jie2, Gina jie2 left this world with a smile on her face. With that, I guess we can be assured that she indeed go to rest in peace…

RIP Cie Gina and Baby Sam. Now you are happy together up there and will be inseparable forever. Please look after Temmy kor2 from there. You are a great woman, one of the kindest I know. I’m sure God has reserved you and baby Sam good places up there in Heaven :’)

*Dedicated to Regina Widaja, Temmy Surjantana, and all of them who are left behind…

And there she was, standing by the altar with her man

Today is the big day of one of my besties :))

I can’t believe she is married now! OMG!
I know this sounds cliche, but it really feels like yesterday when we knew each other at school. Became closer and closer with each other, and soon after with the another two 😀

I still remember those days where I used to sleep over at your house so often til it feels like my second home already. I even knew where did your maid move the plates to while you had no idea at all! LOL!

All of the snacking nights when I was there. Remember the oranges, bolu kukus, and the salted fish? LOL!

Remember the day when we were eating a packet of raw Indomie and your brother knocked at your bedroom door (it was locked cos we knew they would have been angry to see us eating such things! Hahahahaha), and we were panicking like crazy, thinking where to hide the Indomie, and finally we hid it under a folder? HAHAHAHAHAHA…damn funny la!

Then…when we were about to sleep and lights were already off, we chatted and laughed like mad til we heard your bro walked closer to your room and we pretended to be asleep?

Those days where I used to go to your house after the “after-school-math” session and forgotten the time and it was already dark out there? When we ran and hid from Pak Higinus cos we were way too lazy for the after-school-math session? ROFL!

But one of the funniest things we’ve been through together was when we first knew each other!! Hahahaha…it’s still very clear in my mind. We were young (eh, that doesn’t mean we are old, k? ;)) and our introduction session to each other was so damn funny. I shall remember it forever. LOL

Oh well, there are WAY TOO MANY things we’ve been through, together with Vina and Dania as well. I guess if I write all of them here, it will take several hours to do! :p

I won’t be long winded. Just wanna wish you a happy marriage life, and give us some cute babies to play with soon 😀

HAPPY WEDDING, MY DEAREST FRIEND, AFONG or APONK as how we often called u with! Hahahaha..

Ajin, do take a good care of her, kay?

Heh, can’t believe you are the first among us to get married. And I seriously still can’t imagine you being a housewife -_- Best of luck tho! 😉

Much Love,