Today is the day everyone has been waiting for…


What day is today?

Beijing Olympic?

Yeah you got it right!

But it’s not just that!

What else?

My birthday?

Nahh..it’s still half-a-year to go.


The 10th Anniversary of my friendship with Nana!!!!!

And no, we are not lesbians.


From 1998 to 2008 and counting, we are still best friends although we are separated in two different continents and 23 hours of time difference.

(Btw, you may think “how can they actually remember the day they started the friendship?” . Actually we just decided about this like..urm…4/5 months back? LOL i don’t remember it clearly tho, but we eventually chose 8th of August as the date because this year it will be 08.08.08 and it’s the 10th year of our friendship. Lol)

I love you sista!!! πŸ˜€

Bye2 Yui…

One of my good friends left Beijing today, back to Thailand (ermm…she’s paying Guang Zhou a visit first for a week or so, then only she flies back to Thai)

Nath and I cried when she was about to board the rented car…

I was trying to resist my tears at first, even when I hug her, because I didn’t want her to look at us crying and feel sad (Nath has already crying at this time)

But finally I couldn’t resist it anymore…(haiz..why am I so emo lar?)

*Hmm…this is the start of the friends-leaving season that will be start by next week…4th of June to be precise…Yuka is leaving Beijing on the 4th of June…She will be the second person leaving BLCC and I won’t see her again next semester as I won’t return back here…

And then one by one…we’ll all go on our own ways…*

Anyway, it’s been almost a year since the first time I knew Yui. She was my classmate in 初级二班 and in εˆηΊ§δΈƒη­ as well. Our friendship really began when we went to The Temple of Heaven (倩坛公园) together with Nath last semester. This semester, you became Nath’s roomy and the I became closer with you πŸ™‚

I feel so happy knowing you! A nice girl who is always there to help her friends whenever they need her. A kind girl who’s paying a good attention to her friends.

Well, although sometimes I feel a bit disappointed with your stone-headed behavior, but that doesn’t really matter, as basically you are a really nice friend πŸ™‚

Goodbye Yui…All the best for you. Don’t know when can we meet again. Maybe on your wedding day? *wink* πŸ˜‰

P’Ped, Yui, Nath, and I
Taken yesterday after our last lunch together…


I had my HSK (汉语水平考试 – Hanyu Shuping Kaoshi) test today. For those who don’t know, it’s some kind like TOEFL for Chinese language.

I had it for free as I am in the HSK class in school. If normal class, we have to pay RMB250 if we wanna go for it. My classmates and I actually wouldn’t go for it if we had to pay, but since we got it for free, so why not? LOL xp

So kiam siap eh? No la, it’s because it’s not our main purpose. It’s not like we need HSK to apply for work or to apply in uni (unless you are applying for China’s local uni). Well, ok, maybe if I have a good HSK result, companies will consider me more? Hahaha

The test was held in BLCU (εŒ—δΊ¬θ―­θ¨€ε€§ε­¦). All I can say is…the listening part is the most difficult!Although the voice is much clearer than the usual listening class at school, but there are a lot of new words we do not know. Not only us, the 初级班 students who said they are difficult, even the 中级班 students also find them difficult. Those who have taken the test on May this year said this one is more difficult than that.

I didn’t do any preparation before hand, anyway. LOL. Teachers do gave us some HSK exercises, but it can’t even be considered enough. Only Reading (ι˜…θ―») and Listening (ε¬εŠ›) teacher who gave us quite a lot…

The result will be out in a month’s time.

[15 March 2008]

OMG i got LOTSSSSSSSS of photos to post and I dunno where to start!

I will separate them into a few parts then.

Ok lar, let me start with a trip with “seniors” to ate a very nice Korean-style chicken at Wu Dao Kou (五道口). I dunno what’s the name of the restaurant and the food, but the taste..yum yummmmm πŸ˜‰

The first stage..

Doesn’t look appetizing, huh?

The waitress cut the chicken meat for us…
…and mixed it with the veggies and sauce together…

and…taraaa!! It may not look that nice in the photo, but trust me, the taste is sooo much better than it looked πŸ™‚

After filling our tummy, we went to a bookshop nearby…

Most of the books sold are mandarin lessons’. Got Korean lesson also, but mostly are Mandarin (ya laaa, it’s a Chinese bookstore after all!).

They kinda look the same from behind…

Then we stop by at a shopping mall near the subway station. Ok, I forgot what’s the name…But they have these super cute mascots…

Omg, isn’t it just cute or what?

I love the lights on the ceiling…

And they have Marilyn Monroe there!

ROFL. The Marilyn is just so funny lah!

After walking around for awhile, we had our tea time there at Grandma’s Kitchen (η₯–ζ―ηš„εŽ¨ζˆΏ).

I love this place! I like the ambiance, the interior design, and the food!! πŸ˜€

Even their name card is cute!

It feels like home. Ohhhhh…I love it I love it!! πŸ˜€

Their apple pie is really tempting and yummy! *droolsss*

My apple cake! Deliiiciiousss πŸ˜€
The french fries with cheese is also super yummy!

The milkshake ermm…for me, the milky smell is a bit too strong, but overall it’s good

The glass reminds me of Char Chan Teng. Hahaha

Nat and Cie Doris with her delicious chocolate cake. The cake was really filling and the chocolaty taste was like….REALLY REALLY chocolaty!

All of us…

And it’s a nice place for camwhoring. Hahahahaha πŸ˜€

Camwhoring in the toilet…

I like the mirror!

Hamsap girls *shakes head*…

*Tusuk udel MArilyn XD* Lol :p

I think we spent more time camwhoring than eating :p

Talking about the cute mascots, we saw them like everywhere in the mall.

And all of them are just so cute! XD

Got balloons of the Hello Kitty show there

Before going back home, we stopped by at a Kimbab (Korean sushi) stall. The kimbab here is nice and cheap. RMB12 for a whole long of it.

Camwhoring (again) in the alley while waiting for our Kimbabs…

And playing with the balloons too!


A very rare photo! Afun with PINK balloons!!

This much (around 12 pieces) for RMB12
And it’s yummy!

Visit a Korean supermarket…

And that closes the trip itinerary for today πŸ™‚

Malaysia trip photos =)

Ok! Here comes the photos! =D

Preparing birthday gift for Ah Boon…

Handmade! =D


The historical date: 07-07-07
No party, no clubbing or whatsoever. Just a family dinner πŸ™‚

Hey, the cake wasn’t for Ng Boon Yew. It’s for “U Son”.
Hey Ng U Son! Hahaha…. :p
The birthday boy!

Dut, what were you wishing? You were grinning happily. Lol

After family dinner, we went to Wong Kok at OUG. His friends had been waiting there…

With his Battlefield gang

Say “Aaaaaa” and I will stuff you with this giant milk tea…lol


I’ve mentioned on the previous post that I spent around 7 days of my trip by getting sick, right? Well, now I’ll present you my caretaker…hehehehe…

Weeeeeeeeee~ my caretaker wearing a vintage sunnies *pinjeman dari Petronas twin tower skybridge. mwahahahahaha* πŸ˜€


Saturday, 14-07-07: The King and I broadway show at Istana Budaya! =D

The “King” and “I”

After the show, we went for pizza in KLCC. Tried the new Dip-licious *or however the name is* pizza.

Comment: not so nice. The BBQ cheese dip was cold and the taste just doesn’t suit me well. Ah Boon doesn’t really like it either. I’d prefer the pizza only without the dip.

After pizza, we went to visit the Eye on Malaysia! Finally. After wanting to go there for a few times already, at last we could see it. Hehehehe…

Hmmm..but can’t really see anything since it was dark. We could only see KLCC, Istana Budaya, and the Titiwangsa Lake Garden down there. The rest was a total darkness…

Don’t forget! Visit Malaysia 2007! *Walao..I am like a promoter here. Lol*


Sunday, 15-07-07: Petronas Twin Tower Skybridge visit! =D

Well, we couldn’t go for our road trip as how we have planned before, but we could manage to go to the twin tower skybridge. Finally I can go there after 3 years of staying in Malaysia πŸ™‚

They start giving tickets *yea, it’s free admission* from 09:15 am onwards. We reached there at 09:25, and this is what we get -_-
A loooong 5 rows of people q-ing to get the tickets..
Should have went there at 8 -_-

Without this, you can’t get the tickets

And we finally got the tickets for the 3:15 pm visit!
So we went around KLCC…gai2 lor…

3 pm…went back to the skybridge entrance…

Aiyoo..so many buttons at the lift. Lol. And all of them are so small

My ujang is capturing the sceneries using his photography skill. Woooo~

Some sceneries from the bridge…

Hello from Jakarta!


I’m still alive here.
It’s been two weeks since I step on Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.
Haven’t been to many places tho. Most of my friends are still having classes right now. Need to wait for awhile more till they finally are free.

A week after I reach Jakarta, I went to Bogor to attend my childhood friend, Claudia,’s birthday party.
It’s been years since the last time I saw her..umm…around 15 years I guess. Due to the distance of our houses. But last year we started to get connected by sms-ing each other again.
So we were so happy when we finally got a chance to see each other.


My childhood friend…

The lost monkey finds her lost bananas. Lol

Weeee~ 2 childhood friends meet again! ^_^


I got a new baby!

Say hello to my brand new 80GB white iPod video! =D

Finally…an iPod to replace my old creative Muvo 2 which has been quite broken since last year. Now I can listen to my fave songs while looking at photos or watching movies πŸ™‚

And yea, the case is pink. Lol

I’m using broadband now!! Yayy! But too bad I got a limit of 1GB per month..The unlimited one is still very expensive! Rp 750,000! (RM 300). The one I use is just Rp200,000 (RM 80) .Nvm! At least the connection speed is much faster than if I use dial-up. Hahahaha…

Lastly, my deep condolence for Afong’s pho2. It’s been almost 3 weeks since she passed away. So sad. So next time I won’t see her when I go to Afong’s house. Everytime I went there, she always asked “Ehh **mel [her special nickname for me. Classified.Lol]. Udah balik dari Malaysia lu?”. I won’t see her sitting there on her chair reading a book, watching TV, or sleeping…

I will miss you pho…Hope Jesus got you the best place besides Him in heaven πŸ™‚


Thanks for being one of the best friends I’ve ever had ^_^

All the best for your bday this year…
Miss youuuu…muach3…GBU always dearrr ^_^

Graduate-wannabe vs Graduate-to-be

[Pictures taken after the Pre-Graduation informal photo session…hehehe]
We were not malu-malu although it was on the stage in the middle of Plaza..Lol…yeaa..luct students…I think all tak punya malu oredi..lol…

~Graduate-wannabe with her gila graduate-to-be friend…Ms. Loh..hauahauahauahaua~

~Two happy faces of graduates-to-be and a pretending-to-be-happy-face of a graduate-wannabe??~

~We love LUCT sooo much that…

…it makes us sad to think that we’re gonna leave this dearly black campus soon…~


Genting..again again again and again…

[Update: I’ve added some more pictures…]

Just came back home from Genting with Jessika and her family. Went there last Wednesday and stay there for two nights. Wew…this is the fourth time I go to Genting and 2nd time I stay in First World…hehehehe…

And sooo…not much to be written here..arrived at Genting at 5 pm. At first they wanted to go in the morning cos they’ve never been to Genting yet [this is their first holiday in Malaysia] so they thought there will be lots of things to do and see there. But then I asked them didn’t they want to see the other things first? So I brought them to KLCC first in the morning, and off to Genting at 4 pm.

First day…
The Awana skyway was full…Seemed like we were riding a public bus..lotsa people standing..lol.
Done nothing special. Just walk around the First World Plaza

Second day…
Went mad at the outdoor theme park. That day was damn crowded! and our time was wasted a lot in q-ing up for rides…haihz…
So we only managed to rode some rides…excluding the cockscrew, and spinner…
But we did ride the Flying Coaster [or as I called it Sapiderman..hauahauahua :p] for 3 continuous time..hahaha…There is a promotion for wristband holder. With the usual fee RM 10, we can go for 5 continuous rides. Woohoooo~ At first we wanted to go for five times, but then we only went for 3 times…lama2 boring ler..hahaha…

The worse part is: I failed to get Jess to ride the space shot 😦 I’ve dragged her to q up, but then in the middle of q-ing up, she escaped from me and I couldn’t catch her, not even Ervan. hauahauahaua…yeaa, so only he and I who was being thrown from about 60 metres high to the ground..hehe..
Then the sky started to crying out loud at 5 pm…made us unable to ride anything but went back in to the First World Plaza…We were hoping the rain would stop, but unlucky for us, the sky kept on crying hard till 10 pm, which means it’s the time for the theme park to close.
So me and Jess just take a walk at the First World Plaza, sitting down, ate caramel popcorn, and finally went back to our room while Ervan went back to his room earlier and their parents were playing casino..hehehe…
Felt so tired and went to Pulau Kapuk at 11 pm…ZzZzZz…

Went back to KL by 10:30 am bus. At first they did ask me to continue the journey with them to Sunway Lagoon, but I refused since I still have assignments to do…
But thanks a lot uncle and aunty ^_^
Hope your family had a pleasant journey in Malaysia =)

OK, so here’s the pics pics pics pics…yayyy! ^^

~Me n Jess~

~Jessika – Amel – Ervan with the cropped-top-twin-towers~

~Just to show you how’s the condition inside the Awana skyway..but I guess it doesn’t portray it..hehehe*

~The staffs of the Haunted Adventure [currently the name is Pontianak Adventure] dressed up for the halloween coming up. This guy pulled my bag twice to shocked me, and he succeed…~

~Horror cowboy and Chinese zombie?~

~Another self photo…hehehe~

~Nice lantern outside the First World Hotel lobby..”Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya”…hehehehehe~

~Found this cute baby on the boat in Dinosaurland at the theme park..很可爱!!She was acting really cute on the boat..hihihi~

~A cute family of cat!!Saw this on a store window..hehehe~

~Sapi bloon..hihi…stupid moo~

~Double Decker Bus…found it at the Genting Skyway Bus Station. Look at the silly face~

~Good Morrow, Genting! View from my room..No edit here~

~*Pointing at Indonesia…cinta tanah air donk..hihihi*~

~the ‘G’ stands for what? Gentingman? LOL~

~Huggin’ the tree?~

~Clear sky on my way home..I just love fluffy clouds ^_^*