A super tiny reunion with 3 people

After I almost forgotten about meeting up with Cynthia (sorry, babe :p), I finally met up with her and Nia last Saturday. Supposedly Isabel was there as well, but she couldn’t make it at the last minute 😦

So anyway, we went for a normal girls’ outing. Started with hearty meals and a long chit chat<3… (no picture)

…..Freshen up with Sour Sally…

….Fooling around….

I found this really funny yet stupid eyeglasses in the shape of bicycle, guitar, and a freaking GOLD skeleton head. SO BLING! But unfortunately forgotten to take pic 😦

….Satisfying the fantasy world in us…

Yea la I know I’m so late for this, but it has just started to play here in Indo not long ago T_T

It’s a good movie btw. Altho I fell asleep for a minute or more in the middle of the movie. LOL :p

If I have the power like Mortimer Folchart, I’d definitely read my Doraemon and Disney comics out loud so they will come out to life! πŸ˜€

….and topped off with some sushi!! πŸ˜€

I couldn’t help but laugh at the stupid gay sun and the even gayer Sumo-er! ROFL!

Apparently this was our first time dining at Sushi Groove (cos we knew that Sushi Tei was surely damn PACKED and we had to queue for we didn’t know how long and we didn’t wanna think about it.

They have this long table where customers can sit side by side (even tho they don’t know each other). Guess Sushi Grooves wants to create a friendship bond between the customers? o.O

The sushiS there were named in a groovy way (or so they say). Oh well, at least the names are not those normal ones like ‘Sake’, or ‘California Roll’ (ok, they do have California Roll as well) or whatever. Just look at the menu…You got ‘Rock & Roll’, ‘Flying Geisha Roll’, ‘Electric Eel Roll’, ‘Lil; Mermaid Roll’, ‘Hot Kiss Roll’, …

…’Ziggy Roll’, ‘Angry Mushroom Roll’, …

…’Krakatau Roll’…

Ok ok. Enough for the rolls! Lol.

Chouji Roll. Definitely a must-try! It’s kinda unique as the roll is being deep fried before being cut into pieces. The taste? Mozarella Chicken with a slight taste of chilli sauce.

Mayonnaise Dream Roll. It is baked! Wooo I like unique sushiS! Lol. Very very hot cos we ate it right after i was served! LOL our tongues were damn burned!

Bulgogi Roll! Wheee~ Tasted a bit hot as well cos of the chilli on top! But it’s niceeeee~

Yeap, we only ordered 3 types cos we were still kinda full from the lunch and so on.

I’m kinda agree with that!

I’ll definitely go back there some other time to try the other unique rolls! πŸ˜€

Ambience: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Price: 8/10 (quit reasonable. Cheaper than Sushi Tei)

A simple outing yet we (ok, at least I) had so much fun :))

Looking forward for our next reunion, girls! Hopefully with more people πŸ˜‰

And when will we arrange our Primary School reunion again? πŸ˜€

p.s: Bali and Medan post will be postponed for now. Lazy to sort the photos :p

Finally I’m meeting her…

Like finally la. It’s been almost 4 months since I came back to Indo, but haven’t got the chance to met her just yet. I was busy with my part time job and stuffs, and she herself was also very busy with her clinic (the 2-years practical period after she was graduated with her Bachelor in Medicine). She still have 1.5 years to go though. Lol.

Since she is on a 1-week break, she could make it to visit me yesterday despite the traffic jam that may occur along the way :p Saturday ma..ahahaha.

And so I met her at Mal Kelapa Gading (the meeting point for almost all of my friends meeting. Lol :p) after attended the wedding of my ex-neighbor in my old house punya son. Just the wedding ceremony in church le. No reception.

We started with lunch. I was soooo starving and so was she. She complained that she had been waiting for me so long she couldn’t stand the starving-ness and bought Old Chang Kee. Lol

Settled down at Ajisen Ramen…

This is Dania, one of my besties. See how greedy she was? She finished both hers and mine! *Shakes head* *ruunnnnn before she reads this post*

After eating and a little of embarrassing moments (lol :p), we went out with fully satisfied tummy πŸ˜€ and decided to walked around looking for cute stuffs. Girls…

Oh btw, this girl used to be oh-so-tomboyish in the past, you know. I don’t know why la nowadays she becomes quite girly already. Lol. But I’m happy for that tho. I was a little bit surprised when she asked me about the stores in the mall which sell cute stuffs (you know, girly stuffs). Turns out she quite likes it πŸ™‚

Walking from MKG 3 to MKG 5 then all the way to La Piazza and then back to MKG 3 was quite an exercise to let the food went down.

Then we wanted to watch movie. Eagle Eye!!!

When we entered the XXI and saw the line…. o_O
There were 3 lines. But 2 lines were the ones for those who want to use their BCA card (buy 1 get 1 promotion on weekends. hahaha), and the cash line was not crowded πŸ˜€

It’s always like that on weekends here, btw. Lol.

So we sat down for some refreshment before the movie.

Omg, I haven’t eaten this fruit flo in God knows how long. This is one of my fave products from New Zealand Natural πŸ˜€

Forest Berry Fruit Flo!! Yumm yumm :D:D:D

When the movie time came, the cinema was much much more crowded!! >.<

I just like the poster. Cute la! Horton! πŸ˜€

Okayy…so the movie was….well, if you ask me, I’ll say: INSANE!

Can you imagine living with security cameras everywhere, and I mean everywhere as in every corner of the streets, and your every movement was detected by the FBI, they track your banking, internet, and every activities you have, they know every single little detail of you which you yourself might have forgotten.

Scary. But that’s the story in the movie. The superextrasmart computer named Aria was just insane *shakes head*

But then again, it’s America. The country where your every movement is being tracked. Maybe I’m being exaggerated, but as far as I know, it’s quite true, is it? (Sis, you gotta answer me! lol)

Luckily la I live in Indo. If it’s like America there, i think I would have died of pressure. Lol

Go watch the movie and you’ll understand what I mean πŸ˜‰

But aside from that, it’s entertaining. The cinematography is good, the effects, and the story line is nice πŸ™‚

After Eagle Eye, it was time to relax a bit more before heading home.

Yummy Royal Chocolate Cake with a hint of Hazelnut! πŸ˜€

And of course, some camwhoring! Couldn’t left it out XD

This cute fat plane was in the mall for Nutricia’s exhibition: Immunoland. So cute πŸ˜€

And that marks the end of our outing πŸ˜‰


Note: my parents are so cool la, esp my dad. He listens to Project Pop as well. Lol XD

Today I burned my 5 years worth of memories away…


Those were my diaries from 2001-2006. I was a regular diary writer last time, since I was a little girl.

I first started to wrote a diary when I was in the 1st year of Primary school. After that, I kinda stop writing, then when I was in Junior High.

Looking back, it was so silly of me to have written all those stuffs, pasted all those stuffs given to me by the guy I like, all the secrets, hidden feelings, and all. Lol

I am not doing it anymore after I graduated from Junior High (if I am not mistaken la).

While I was doing spring cleaning, I collected these diaries (which worked as my daily planner too) and decided to burn them. Cos if I threw them just like that, there is still possibilities people might go and read it.Paiseh le!

So I burned them one by one…with mind flying away as the memories fade away…

Wth. I sounded so poetic! Ya ya I know I am talented. Lol :p

Ok la, I didn’t burn them all. It’s so mafan, you know. First I tried to burn some pages from one of the diaries (the one in the photo shown above), ya la it was easy, but it was so messy! The black left overs was flying around and made a mess on the kitchen floor and on the stove.

So I tore the pages instead. Not one by one la of course. If like that, I will die of boredom beforehand.

While tearing the pages off, I found some old stuffs inside that bring back the memories. They may not interest you, so you may as well point your mouse to the up right and click on the red cross button.

When I was in High School, my diary was like an all-in-one book. There, I wrote the upcoming tests, school homeworks, rants, and nonsense stuffs. I even paste photos and pictures there.

My diary is also a place for some friends of mine to pour out their creativity (I just remembered that I used to use an organizer as well. There are lots of my friends’ drawings there. But I didn’t take pictures of them)

Those two are Lisan’s drawing. She was one of my close friends in HS and she has a talent in drawing, especially in drawing manga. The cuteness of her character always mesmerize me and the other. She even drew a picture of me as my birthday present! πŸ˜€

This one is just a nonsense doodle of Erlin. Lol. No dear, I didn’t mean anything bad πŸ™‚
You see the curly-head there? I drew it, and wrote the name “Tugiyem” under it. Why Tugiyem? It’s a nickname I gave Lisan while we went on school retreat. It got quite popular among some of us, and even the pastor at the retreat place called her with that name. LMAO. It just sounded so kampung, okay? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…
Sorry la San, I’ve never meant bad to you about it πŸ™‚

My agenda (I use vocab other than ‘diary’, ok?) was also the place for me to write my tests’ scores.

That was my accounting tests’ score. I got 4.9 for the 1st one, 3 on the 2nd one, and a perfect score of 10 on the 3rd one. Am I just smart or what? Magic.

Ehhhh I found some old sticker photos of me and one of my best friends, Aponk πŸ˜€
I (we) look so ridiculous. Should I show you guys?


But promise me you won’t laugh! >.<

Cos I really looked….ermmm….

Promise me, k?

You sure you wanna see?

Ok la, here goes… *don’t laugh!*

Umm…I think it doesn’t look that bad, does it? LOL

Anyway, I have a habit of collecting tickets as mementos. Like when I go traveling, I will keep even the slightest thing some people may find uninteresting for me to keep as a memento. From Indonesia to Singapore to Malaysia to Australia to Hongkong to China to USA. I also collect hotel card keys. I guess hotels will have to spend extra money to make more card keys as I always steal one of them, sometimes even both of them! (they usually give you 2 card keys right?)

Don’t believe me? I have the KLCC’s RM2 toilet ticket. Seriously, I keep it. LOL

Yes I know I have a weird fetish other than shoes.

Last time I used to stick those tickets in my diary, but after that I just keep them safe and sound. These are the ones I found in my diaries:

Oi, you seriously still read this ka? After this I am gonna explain one by one about those stuffs. Are you sure you still wanna read it? Boring le.

Ok la, you are hard-headed.

Go on, read.

But don’t blame me if you die from high level of boredom.

I think that was the first time I went to Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Art Performances Building). I went to watch an Italian doll show by the Italian doll master, Mr. Mimmo Cuticchio. I think I went there with my parents and some family’s close friends. I remember it was very entertaining to see Mr. Cuticchio moving those dolls in the story (it was some kind of marionette on stage)

As what it says, this is a food vouchers’ book from the British International School (BIS), Jakarta. My parents and I together with some close family’s friends (erm..can be said our outing gang because we often went for outings last time, i.e: trekking, hiking, bird watching, jogging, etc. Basically sports and art) went for the BIS annual charity road race. We went there for the consecutive 2 years if I am not mistaken (2003 and 2004). It was basically a running race and the money went to charity. I wonder if they still held it now.

This was when I was taking violin course in Purwacaraka music school. We were having this home concert in Rendesvouz cafe (the place is so small for a cafe). Now the cafe has turned to a … ( forgotten. Forget it)

I love jazz! I remember going to this ‘Pasar Jazz (Jazz Market)’ and felt so bored in the middle of the show because of this couple who played sooooooooooooooooooo slowwwwwwwwww jazz music that my friends fell asleep. Not just them, I saw a lot who fell asleep too. LOL. But aside from that, it was quite entertaining. That was when my love for jazz has just started to grew.

I just realized that this concert was just 12 days before the ‘Pasar Jazz’! This time, it was a Symphony Orchestra from Nova Amadeus, a music school in Jakarta. My mum’s friend bought me the ticket because she knows I love music. So I went there with her and her 2 kids who are like my own brother and sister (both are younger than me).

Wahahahaha this is an accidental denim. There’s a story behind it. That day, I was waiting for the bus outside LUCT (Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, my uni-red) to go to KL for an interview in Kinokuniya KLCC as the Part-time Sales Assistant. It was cloudy and I’ve waited so long for the bus. To make things worse, it started to rain……heavily! Not like those rain who started from drizzle to heavy. This one was straight away pours down! I quickly took out my umbrella and asked the girl who was waiting for the bus as well to share my umbrella. Kasian la. And there were another 2 guys who was waiting also, and they didn’t have umbrella with them so they have to run and stay under the tree (actually it’s dangerous, isn’t it?). Lol. While waiting, My Levi’s was soaked. More because it’s too long for me and I fold up the end, so the folding part kinda ‘keeping’ water -_-“
Can’t help it tho. My jeans was all soaked. I couldn’t sit comfortably in the bus, feeling cold. Dammit! So when I reached KLCC, I still got an hour away to the interview. I went and look for a pair of new jeans. I had to la. How could I possibly went for an interview in a soaked pants, right? So I looked around and finally bought a pair in Topshop. And I didn’t know why the hell did I picked one size bigger than it should -_- I wear size 28 and I took size 30 instead (there’s no size 29 in Topshop). Maybe cos that time my thighs were quite damp from the soaked jeans and I felt comfortable wearing size 30….wrong decision cos it is too large for me I always need to wear a belt every time I wear it…

This is so memorable! Because that was the first time I went to watch a performance with Muchi! πŸ˜€
We went to watch Gamarjobat, a comedy show, and we didn’t regret, even a bit. It was super funny and entertaining and we laughed our tummies off from the start till the end of the show. Hahaha.

This is the ticket of my high school’s sports and art exhibition…

…Lap X…

Every year my high school (which is my junior high school as well, in case you’re wondering – which I think you’re not) held a sports competition and art exhibition (2 in 1), and it keeps on getting better each year. I once got invited by my friend to the 2006 one, and when I saw the poster, I was like…’Wow, Laurensia can arrange such an event’ . They even invited some famous musicians to perform on stage. The first time we had it, it was far from what it is now. Oh well, time’s changed.

Cosmo’s World Theme Park!!! πŸ˜€
That was the first time I went there, with Juan my housemate@tuwins πŸ™‚
No plan to go there at first, actually. It was just a spontaneous one. Lol
And we had fun πŸ˜€

Kinokuniya’s Christmas discount card. Buy RM50 worth of stuffs and you’ll get 1 stamp at the back. Collect 3 stamps and you’ll get discount. Hahaha I sound like some SPG.
I dunno why I keep this. Probably cos Malaysia’s Kino doesn’t have membership card so I keep this instead…What a pity (btw, I just want to say that I really enjoyed my time when I was working in Kino. It was so much fun, well at least for me :D)

Oil drums, brooms, pails, garbage cans, pots, pans, tins, wooden sticks, keys, and bells were singing harmoniously on stage. Yessshhhh it’s STOMP! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
I sooooo love STOMP man! They are sooooo cool!!
You don’t know what STOMP is? Go google! They are like the coolest art performance group ever!

STOMP, a unique combination of percussion, movement, and visual comedy
Taken from STOMP’s website

They are seriously sooo great! The way they combine the household appliances to make sounds and music, the way they move around in harmony, the way they crack the jokes using sound and music…just one word to describe it: COOL!!

Oh wait, make it 2 words: SUPER COOL!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I straight away wanted to watch STOMP once I saw the poster in the newspaper. Angelica, another housemate of mine, wanted to go as well. So we went together to the Istana Budaya.

The show was totally interesting and she liked it too! It was definitely worth every single cent we spent on the ticket. I think the ticket cost RM 200+ each.

I remember it ended around 10:30 pm and we had Tom Yum before sitting on the monorail as the last passengers to KL sentral and took the KLIA transit to Putrajaya and asked our devoted taxi driver to fetch us there and sent us back to Puchong (we were still staying in Puchong back then).

I wanna watch STOMP again!

The Nici tag from Udong! My beloved cute giraffe πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
Yea yea, I know. What the heck right? Oh well, I just like the cute cartoon drawing and Udong is my first Nici doll before Ducil πŸ˜€

*I know by this time you must be thinking “what a weird girl”*

After (I think) 7/8 years + of not going to Dunia Fantasi (Dufan – Fantasy World), I finally paid it a visit with Juan and some of her friends (whom 1 one of them is my primary school friend). It was quite a fun riding those silly and scary rides. (Yes, it is a theme park in Jakarta)

When we were q-ing for the ‘Halilintar’ (the big roller coaster) for the second time, it was already around 5pm+. I remember feeling ‘dizzy’ while I was standing on the stairs waiting for our turn. It was only after the ride that my dad called me on my cell and told me that there was an earthquake just now…it was when I felt like ‘dizzy’! Luckily it was not a big one, otherwise….*I dunwan to even think about it*

This will make you go “what the heck?!” again. Hahahahaha.
Those are Rapid KL’s bus tickets. Why I keep it, you asked. Simply because they are dated August 17th 2008. August 17th is Indonesia Independence Day!

Oneworld club is an internal club of LUCT. This card allows us to get discount on food and beverages at Wings Coffee, LUCT’s own coffee shop. Nothing special other than that tho.

No no no, this isn’t a discount voucher for Quiksilver the clothing gear. It’s this Quicksilver. It’s the famous Quicksilver cruise of Bali. I went on board when I went to Bali with a number of neighbors last December 2005. It was a really fun time. Especially among us the teenagers πŸ˜€

Eh, that’s all ar? So little only? I thought I had quite a lot…
Ah well nevermind.
Ciao!~ ^^

p.s: Anyone wanna share their diaries with me? πŸ˜‰


Today is the day everyone has been waiting for…


What day is today?

Beijing Olympic?

Yeah you got it right!

But it’s not just that!

What else?

My birthday?

Nahh..it’s still half-a-year to go.


The 10th Anniversary of my friendship with Nana!!!!!

And no, we are not lesbians.


From 1998 to 2008 and counting, we are still best friends although we are separated in two different continents and 23 hours of time difference.

(Btw, you may think “how can they actually remember the day they started the friendship?” . Actually we just decided about this like..urm…4/5 months back? LOL i don’t remember it clearly tho, but we eventually chose 8th of August as the date because this year it will be 08.08.08 and it’s the 10th year of our friendship. Lol)

I love you sista!!! πŸ˜€

Bye2 Yui…

One of my good friends left Beijing today, back to Thailand (ermm…she’s paying Guang Zhou a visit first for a week or so, then only she flies back to Thai)

Nath and I cried when she was about to board the rented car…

I was trying to resist my tears at first, even when I hug her, because I didn’t want her to look at us crying and feel sad (Nath has already crying at this time)

But finally I couldn’t resist it anymore…(haiz..why am I so emo lar?)

*Hmm…this is the start of the friends-leaving season that will be start by next week…4th of June to be precise…Yuka is leaving Beijing on the 4th of June…She will be the second person leaving BLCC and I won’t see her again next semester as I won’t return back here…

And then one by one…we’ll all go on our own ways…*

Anyway, it’s been almost a year since the first time I knew Yui. She was my classmate in 初级二班 and in εˆηΊ§δΈƒη­ as well. Our friendship really began when we went to The Temple of Heaven (倩坛公园) together with Nath last semester. This semester, you became Nath’s roomy and the I became closer with you πŸ™‚

I feel so happy knowing you! A nice girl who is always there to help her friends whenever they need her. A kind girl who’s paying a good attention to her friends.

Well, although sometimes I feel a bit disappointed with your stone-headed behavior, but that doesn’t really matter, as basically you are a really nice friend πŸ™‚

Goodbye Yui…All the best for you. Don’t know when can we meet again. Maybe on your wedding day? *wink* πŸ˜‰

P’Ped, Yui, Nath, and I
Taken yesterday after our last lunch together…


I had my HSK (汉语水平考试 – Hanyu Shuping Kaoshi) test today. For those who don’t know, it’s some kind like TOEFL for Chinese language.

I had it for free as I am in the HSK class in school. If normal class, we have to pay RMB250 if we wanna go for it. My classmates and I actually wouldn’t go for it if we had to pay, but since we got it for free, so why not? LOL xp

So kiam siap eh? No la, it’s because it’s not our main purpose. It’s not like we need HSK to apply for work or to apply in uni (unless you are applying for China’s local uni). Well, ok, maybe if I have a good HSK result, companies will consider me more? Hahaha

The test was held in BLCU (εŒ—δΊ¬θ―­θ¨€ε€§ε­¦). All I can say is…the listening part is the most difficult!Although the voice is much clearer than the usual listening class at school, but there are a lot of new words we do not know. Not only us, the 初级班 students who said they are difficult, even the 中级班 students also find them difficult. Those who have taken the test on May this year said this one is more difficult than that.

I didn’t do any preparation before hand, anyway. LOL. Teachers do gave us some HSK exercises, but it can’t even be considered enough. Only Reading (ι˜…θ―») and Listening (ε¬εŠ›) teacher who gave us quite a lot…

The result will be out in a month’s time.

[15 March 2008]

OMG i got LOTSSSSSSSS of photos to post and I dunno where to start!

I will separate them into a few parts then.

Ok lar, let me start with a trip with “seniors” to ate a very nice Korean-style chicken at Wu Dao Kou (五道口). I dunno what’s the name of the restaurant and the food, but the taste..yum yummmmm πŸ˜‰

The first stage..

Doesn’t look appetizing, huh?

The waitress cut the chicken meat for us…
…and mixed it with the veggies and sauce together…

and…taraaa!! It may not look that nice in the photo, but trust me, the taste is sooo much better than it looked πŸ™‚

After filling our tummy, we went to a bookshop nearby…

Most of the books sold are mandarin lessons’. Got Korean lesson also, but mostly are Mandarin (ya laaa, it’s a Chinese bookstore after all!).

They kinda look the same from behind…

Then we stop by at a shopping mall near the subway station. Ok, I forgot what’s the name…But they have these super cute mascots…

Omg, isn’t it just cute or what?

I love the lights on the ceiling…

And they have Marilyn Monroe there!

ROFL. The Marilyn is just so funny lah!

After walking around for awhile, we had our tea time there at Grandma’s Kitchen (η₯–ζ―ηš„εŽ¨ζˆΏ).

I love this place! I like the ambiance, the interior design, and the food!! πŸ˜€

Even their name card is cute!

It feels like home. Ohhhhh…I love it I love it!! πŸ˜€

Their apple pie is really tempting and yummy! *droolsss*

My apple cake! Deliiiciiousss πŸ˜€
The french fries with cheese is also super yummy!

The milkshake ermm…for me, the milky smell is a bit too strong, but overall it’s good

The glass reminds me of Char Chan Teng. Hahaha

Nat and Cie Doris with her delicious chocolate cake. The cake was really filling and the chocolaty taste was like….REALLY REALLY chocolaty!

All of us…

And it’s a nice place for camwhoring. Hahahahaha πŸ˜€

Camwhoring in the toilet…

I like the mirror!

Hamsap girls *shakes head*…

*Tusuk udel MArilyn XD* Lol :p

I think we spent more time camwhoring than eating :p

Talking about the cute mascots, we saw them like everywhere in the mall.

And all of them are just so cute! XD

Got balloons of the Hello Kitty show there

Before going back home, we stopped by at a Kimbab (Korean sushi) stall. The kimbab here is nice and cheap. RMB12 for a whole long of it.

Camwhoring (again) in the alley while waiting for our Kimbabs…

And playing with the balloons too!


A very rare photo! Afun with PINK balloons!!

This much (around 12 pieces) for RMB12
And it’s yummy!

Visit a Korean supermarket…

And that closes the trip itinerary for today πŸ™‚