Koala visa approval + Daisoman’s EP

Haven’t got to pen this down…

So I was checking out Daisoman’s EP application status on Monday (Nov 25) just out of curiosity since it’s been almost 3 weeks and the last status we saw was “Pending input from vetting agency”. The boss of his new company had already given MOM a call so we were hoping that the application would be expedited rather quickly.

Lo and behold, my eyes went big when I saw the status: APPROVED.

YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I was so so so happy I called him right away. Wanted to prank him a little and told him in a somber voice as if it was declined but I guess I just couldn’t contain my happiness. Praise the Lord! 😀

And about 15 minutes after, an email came into my inbox.

It’s my Australian visa grant letter! Wow wee! Approved in just 3 working days!! 😀

Double happiness and celebration for us hahahaha (ok la the celebration is more for Daisoman since his is way more important!).

So now he’s just waiting for the official offer letter to be sent to him while for me, I’m serving my last 2 weeks of work in my current work place!

If you like it, then put a ring on it!

image(Aiyah, photo is not so nice. Will post a nicer one soon!)

We are engaged!

I know the question would be “How did he propose?” but actually… there was no proposal. Hahahahaha really!

The story was something like a week before we went back to Jakarta for CNY, he asked me whether my parents had asked me again about when to get married and all, so I said yes (yup, they were asking me quite constantly hahaha).

Then he said “Hmm… actually I’m going to talk to my mum about this when we go back.”

I was quite surprised! Aiya spilled secrets one la this boy!

But actually he did that to make me feel secured that he was definitely gonna marry me. We did talk about getting married a few times before.

And so that’s how it went! We spoke to our respective parents and we planned for our engagement (Chinese style) end of this month.

Although he just got me the engagement ring on Saturday, we have started planning our wedding (mid next year) for a few weeks now. I wanna get the major things settled fast, especially church booking just so it is secured #kiasu.

All in all, I’m excited to be engaged to my love!! Can’t wait to spend our lives together 😀

First week of November

Rushing before the clock strikes midnight!!!!

Some things that happened on the first week of November 2014:

1. Gobbled down a delicious bacon prune bread. Yes, you read it right. Bacon AND prune. 

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

The outer part of the bread was a little hard to cut and chew but I like it anyway. The combination surprisingly tasted good! It’s from Tiong Bahru Bakery.

2. Got my Daniel Wellington watch

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I had been eyeing this beauty (Classic St. Andrews in Rose Gold) for a few months and finally decided to get it a day before Halloween. It was a Thursday and they shipped it the next day right away. I received it on Monday, 3rd Nov! Bless you DW for providing free shipping with UPS Express.

What’s even better is that I found a 15% discount code by googling AND I think they excluded the VAT because I don’t reside in the US. Hence, the price is even lower! The original price was USD 199, and the final price after discount and minus VAT was USD 135.32! Such a steal 😀

Love how simple it is and how it is so versatile with any outfit!

3. Had a yummy Sakae don for lunch after a Friday morning meeting 

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I don’t go to Sakae Sushi regularly, so this was my first time trying out their Sakae don. Basically it’s everything salmon related on a bed of rice. From L to R: not too sure what this is, but it’s a little bit spicy (my guess is salmon mentaiko?), tobiko, salmon mayo with ikura on top, more tobiko!, and salmon sashimi. It was yum! And for S$14.99, I think this is worth the price!

4. Sending Ms. Peanut off to her wedding

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Hahahahahaha it was as if she was our daughter or something. We popped some champagne on Friday because Ms. Peanut was getting married on Sunday (which is today!). It was a quick and happy celebration. Too bad boss couldn’t join us as he was on a business trip to India.

I sent the above picture to the company’s Whatsapp group chat and Ms. Peanut just had to add a disclaimer, “For the record guys, I’m not pregnant ok!”

Hahahahahahahahaha! She does look pregnant indeed coz her clothes blended in with the chair. Hahaha!

5. Stuck in a bus stop for more than 30 minutes due to thunderstorm

Processed with VSCOcam

This happened just yesterday actually. Mr. Phlegmatic and I went for dinner at Wee Nam Kee chicken rice in Novena and he wanted to walk me home afterwards. However, it started raining the moment we stepped out of the restaurant -_- so we decided to gai gai inside Novena Square for awhile while waiting for the rain to stop. After about 20 minutes or so, we saw the rain has subsided, so we walked out, and about 100 meter later, it started to rain again, and it just got heavier and heavier and heavier from there. -_____________-

We had no choice but to ran for shelter at the nearest bus stop because the rain quickly turned into a thunderstorm…


Yep, like this.

It was so bad that visibility was significantly low and there was a mini flood at the bus stop. The wind was pretty strong too that we had to open the umbrella to shield ourselves from the splashing rain hahahaha.

Finally it got better after about 30 minutes or so and we could take the train home.

6. Tried Hokkaido milk for the first time

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

I’ve been hearing so much about how the food in Hokkaido are lip-smacking good, like the corn, milk, etc. I’ve seen this brand many times and decided to give it a try today when Mr. Phlegmatic and I were at Isetan supermarket (we love finding some Japanese goodies there).

My verdict? It’s nice! But too bad it’s very pricey at S$2.10 for a small box 😦

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Our dinner. Hahaha! Nah, coz we just had some food at a friend’s place (they were having a house warming and baby full moon celebration).

So we sat down at Food Republic just beside Isetan to nom the daifuku and drinks. Purposely chose a table that’s quite hidden behind a pillar cos we did not purchase anything from the food court (a bit paiseh lah). As we were munching away, one of the cleaning lady stopped by our table and looked at our loots for a good couple of seconds. I swear I thought we were going to be scolded for bringing food from outside and get shoo-ed away!

The moment she opened her mouth and said, “这个你在哪里买?“, I breathed a sigh of relief. So apparently she was just interested to know where did we buy the daifuku!


Argh, it’s already past 12 midnight!! >.<

Anyway, yesterday was our 1st anniversary as a couple! The past 365 days passed rather… both quickly and slowly actually. Quickly because wow! Has it really been a year? And yet at the same time, we feel as if both of us have been together for way longer than just a year! Errr.. Okay, not sure how can I explain this, but hopefully you’ll get the drift!


Since the mister’s birthday was just 2 days before our anniversary, I made him a … 2-in-1 card hahahaha. Basically I prepared a box of gift for him, consisting of a birthday gift, a handmade card, a photo album, bubble wrapper ahahahahaha, and 2 packs of Kinder Bueno (not in the picture). The idea was to give some sort of care package.

And I’m so happy he loved it! 😀

Today began with a music practice for our cell group event next weekend, then we laze around in his house, and off to dinner at 6pm. I made a reservation at L’Entrecôte, one of my favourite restaurants. We went to the one in Suntec City because personally I’ve never been there before (I’ve been to the first outlet at Duxton Hill a few times before), it’s newer, and the menu is more extensive. There’s only 1 main course at the Duxton Hill outlet (which is the entrecôte steak) and surprisingly, the prices of some of the appetizers and desserts are actually cheaper by $2 to $4 at the Suntec City’s!

However, I found that they don’t serve the second helping of the steak at Suntec! They usually give you a second serving of the steak (about half of the original portion) midway your meal, but not here. Hmm.. not sure if it’s just how it is at the Suntec branch? I hope it is! Cos I love the steak and I would always love for seconds :p

I decided to go for their Le Canard (Duck Leg Confit) and it was yum! The duck meat was so tender and the gravy was finger-licking good. The mister had the entrecôte steak. It was his first time there and he liked it too.


Aiya, it’s a bit blur 😦 Pardon my messy hair (It was in a really good shape in the morning but the stupid humid weather just had to ruin it -______-) and the laundry behind us hahahahaha! The background is so unglam but the mister looks so good today!! He doesn’t really dress up unless on special occasions and usually he’ll always pair a dress shirt with slacks. I once asked him to try and pair a shirt with denim to make it look more casual and he was quite skeptical then, but look! He looks great, isn’t he? 😀

Too bad the shirt is a little too long so it looks funny if he doesn’t tuck it in, but it still looks good!

(Off topic: I need to lose some weight! I looked fat in the photo and I think I’ve gained some pounds lately 😦 )

We only had 1 picture of us at the dinner but he was blurry T____T


Look at this boy happily digging into his medium steak!


And the greedy girl with her duck confit. Hehehehe…

Just realised my head looks bigger than my body in the picture. Like those bobble head toys. Hahahahaha!

And my nose… my goodness it looks soooo huge here! Really looks like jambu.

After dinner, we went to Andersen’s of Denmark for some ice cream. They were having this almond ice cream bar, and the mister being an almond fanatic obviously had to give it a try.

So we got one of it…


… and 2 scoops of ice cream… in a waffle bowl…


Greedy boy with hands full of ice cream! Tsk.

It was a chocolate, nuts (we had 3 kinds of nuts all in all – almond, hazelnut, and macadamia from 3 different ice cream flavours), and ice cream galore. It got pretty bad later on cos it was so sweet and it was just too much. We swore to stay away from ice cream and chocolate for at least the next few days.


Walked through the Esplanade and saw this pretty art installation! There was a mini dance ‘class’ going on behind it, conducted in conjunction with the da:ns festival that’s currently going on and they were using Kim Jong Kook’s song (the mister actually recognised it. Hahaha). It was pretty fun to watch though :D.


It’s been a great 365 days with you, darling! Thanks for standing by my side and making me very happy 😀

Here’s to many more years ahead! 😀

Jokowi for President!!!

Yesterday was a joyous day for (most of) us Indonesians because Jokowi won the presidential election! 😀

Truly hope he will be able to bring some positive changes to Indonesia.

In the light of that, look at what went on my company’s WhatsApp group last night:










HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! How not to love them!!

Whaly on the banner!

Edit: so apparently this is my 500th post! 😀

So I casually asked the mister last night whether he could help me draw a cute whaly when he is free sometime cos I wanted to update my blog banner.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.48.31 PM

Little did I know, he did it today.

And he did not just draw the whaly.

He created the whole banner!!!!

OMG! Totally didn’t expect that!!!! I was just expecting a cute, fat whaly for my banner!! T______T

This is definitely way nicer than what I initially thought of making!

Thank youuuuu, darling!!!

I can haz cute header now!!! 😀

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 4.16.38 PM


Happy Saturday!

Wanted to visit the Trick Eye Museum that has just opened earlier this month at Resorts World Sentosa. When we reached there though, the tickets for the day were already sold out!! -______- And there was a friggin’ long queue outside. Turns out people needed to queue to get in. Think they were just limiting the number of people inside so it wouldn’t be too crowded. There was a signboard saying how long do you have to wait in line before you could go in.

It says 360 minutes.

Yea, 6 hours.


Then there was this man who asked us whether we wanted to buy his tickets. Apparently he has bought it but couldn’t wait for 360 minutes as he has a small kid and it would be way too long for them to wait. But we also didn’t want to wait for 6 hours obviously!

And the sun was scorching hot! So we quickly find a sheltered area and bought McDonald’s sunday cones.


Since when did they change the cone to green, ah? Never knew that!

And the price at the RWS outlet was like 1.5 times more expensive than the other McDonald’s outlets. It was S$1.40 whereas normally it is only S$0.80!

Oh well, touristy place.

Look at this cousin of mine:


Too green! You can’t see it but his backpack is green as well (like his polo shirt)!! If we lost him in a night club, we just need to look down and search for the neon trainers.

He used to own a neon green phone case too. Luckily it has gone to the trash can, otherwise he would have totally been a green man.

So anyway, we went back to VivoCity and watched “How to Train Your Dragon 2”! It was really good! Toothless is soooo adorable! 😀

The cousins went home afterwards while the mister and I attended the sunset mass at St. Peter and Paul church. During the homily, the Reverend said the church is gonna held the last mass this week (or next week) before it’s closed for a full-year renovation. It really needs a good restoration though. Just look at these:




Not sure how much they need to cover the renovation cost but I hope it will be more than enough!



The mister and I both happen to be wearing our new tops from Uniqlo. Hehehe. His is Uniqlo X LINE while mine is Uniqlo X Moomin. This Moomin seems to be pretty popular in Japan. I only knew about it not long ago when the news about the Moomin café providing a huge Moomin soft toy for single diners went viral. Basically if you are a single diner at the café, they will put this huge Moomin soft toy on the seat in front of you so you won’t feel lonely. Hahahaha Japanese and their quirks! But I find it quite cute actually. Would love to try it if I ever go to Japan alone next time. HEHEHE.

Anyway, look at the mister’s forced smile. He loves to do that I don’t know why. Hahahaha silly boy!



One more! Hehehehe… This time he smiled normally. 😀 You can’t see it, but there’s a Cony besides Sally there in an idiotic expression (puckering her lips looking like she’s longing to be kissed by Brown hahaha).



Look at these cute Moomins!!!!!! So cute I cannot! I actually love dumb-looking animals / soft toys hahahaha.

Ok, random pictures time!!


The mister and my personalised EZ-Link cards! There was a NETS Exchange roadshow at the office last week and besides changing your current EZ-Link card with a new NETS FlashPay card for free, you could have a personalised one by just paying S$2. The above designs were of course created by the mister. He made these before using LEGO blocks to create these. Yep, he actually used Illustrator to estimate how many blocks needed to create the Tako and Whaly to ensure it’s enough!

I’m really impressed. Really.

Was craving for sashimi the other day and went to Sugisawa.


Ahhh… The good ol’ tori katsu bento. S$16 for all these. Very value for money, IMO.



Toaster went back to Manila and of course I had to ask her to bring back some polvoron and dried mangorind (Mango Tamarind) HEHEHEHEHE. This whole box is not just for me lah. It’s for the whole office. Didn’t know Goldilocks have the Ube flavoured one. It’s yum! Thank kew Toaster!!!

Friday’s post-lunch muffin. Got this at “Bake Of” at Amoy St. Food Centre. They call it “Volcano”. Guess it’s an active one after all…



Then we went to IKEA after work and bought this Japanese milk soft serve at Fish Market Sakuraya at Anchorpoint (just across the Swedish furniture shop). =9