You are 66!

Today is 17 August, 2011.

Today, Indonesia celebrates its’ 66th birthday.

So, before the day ends, I’d just wanna say..


Hope there will be less corruption, much less crime, less natural disaster, less traffic jam, and less everything bad.

Though I am not a patriotic citizen (I am not really THAT nationalist), I still love you despite everything that have happened.

Hee, I’m missing all the Tujuhbelas-an fun!





p.s: I just came back from Pangalengan, South Bandung. No updates for now.

Again, Indonesia has lost 2 of its’ greatest artists…

This week has been a gloomy week for the Art & Entertainment Industry of Indonesia.

August 4th, 2009.
A street musician (seniman jalanan-red) who is currently at his success peak has left us all. Yes, he is Mbah Surip. Born as Ucup Ariyanto, he was quite a phenomenon in Indonesia for the last couple of months, I could say. With his hit song “Tak Gendong”, he has broken the record for a street musician who can hit an enormous amount of IDR 4.9 billion on Ring Back Tone (RBT). For those who wonder what is RBT, it’s the same with Caller Ringtones. You know, a part of a song you will hear when you call someone on their cell (of course the person needs to purchase the RBT first la).

The lyric of “Tak Gendong” is actually very very simple:

Tak gendong kemana-mana
Tak gendong kemana-mana
Enak donk, mantep donk
Daripada kamu naik pesawat kedinginan
Mending tak gendong to
Enak to, mantep to

Tak gendong kemana-mana
Tak gendong kemana-mana
Enak tau

Where are you going?
Ok, I am Ok
Where are you going?
Ok, my darling


Tak gendong kemana-mana
Tak gendong kemana-mana
Enak donk, mantep donk
Daripada kamu naik taxi kesasar
Mending tak gendong to
Enak to, mantep to
Ayo…Mau kemana

Where are you going?
Ok, I am Ok
Where are you going?
Ok, my darling


Tak gendong kemana-mana
Enak tau


*I won’t translate it to English..lazy*

Notice the “Ha…Ha…” parts there? It’s actually the way he laugh. Ok, I can’t show you how, but it definitely is….ermm..I dunno…weird? funny? Lol I guess it’s a combination of both :p

So, according to the media, he actually worked in oil drilling in the US, Canada, Jordania, Japan, Philippines, and Singapore. Not sure whether it’s true tho.

I’d say his death cause was his unhealthy lifestyle. Just imagine this. A 52 year old man (altho he had succesfully bluffed ALL the media by saying he was 60), drinks around 10-20 cups (!!!) of black coffee EVERY EFFING DAY, smokes AT LEAST 3 packs of ciggarette, and sleeps for around 3 hours everyday (cos his schedule was so packed with shows here and there) ! o.O

What do all those things lead to? A fatal heart disease…

6th August 2009.

Two days after the passing of Mbah Surip, I was brought into shock again this morning when my mum read the newspaper and went “HUH! W.S. Rendra passed away??!”

Picture taken from

W.S. Rendra… the Burung Merak (Peacock) of Indonesia has passed away last night…

One of the most famous and influential artist in Indonesia. Ok, maybe not an artist, but more of a poet and drama master.

Famous for fighting against injusticeness, W.S. Rendra often held events to “slap” the young generations and “wake them up” to realize and protect their own culture from degradation.

What was the cause of his death?

Coronary heart disease…

Ok la, this one is not like Mbah Surip’s case. Rendra had been in and out of several hospitals for the last few years before he finally breathe out his last final breath…

Anyway, this is one of his famous poetry:

Bersatulah Pelacur-pelacur Kota Jakarta

Pelacur-pelacur Kota Jakarta
Dari kelas tinggi dan kelas rendah
Telah diganyang
Telah haru-biru
Mereka kecut
Terhina dan tersipu-sipu

Sesalkan mana yang mesti kausesalkan
Tapi jangan kau lewat putus asa
Dan kaurelakan dirimu dibikin korban

Wahai pelacur-pelacur kota Jakarta
Sekarang bangkitlah
Sanggul kembali rambutmu
Karena setelah menyesal
Datanglah kini giliranmu
Bukan untuk membela diri melulu
Tapi untuk lancarkan serangan
Sesalkan mana yang mesti kau sesalkan
Tapi jangan kaurela dibikin korban

Katakan kepada mereka
Bagaimana kau dipanggil ke kantor menteri
Bagaimana ia bicara panjang lebar kepadamu
Tentang perjuangan nusa bangsa
Dan tiba-tiba tanpa ujung pangkal
Ia sebut kau inspirasi revolusi
Sambil ia buka kutangmu

Dan kau Dasima
Khabarkan pada rakyat
Bagaimana para pemimpin revolusi
Secara bergiliran memelukmu
Bicara tentang kemakmuran rakyat dan api revolusi
Sambil celananya basah
Dan tubuhnya lemas
Terkapai disampingmu
Ototnya keburu tak berdaya

Politisi dan pegawai tinggi
Adalah caluk yang rapi
Kongres-kongres dan konferensi
Tak pernah berjalan tanpa kalian
Kalian tak pernah bisa bilang ‘tidak’
Lantaran kelaparan yang menakutkan
Kemiskinan yang mengekang
Dan telah lama sia-sia cari kerja
Ijazah sekolah tanpa guna
Para kepala jawatan
Akan membuka kesempatan
Kalau kau membuka kesempatan
Kalau kau membuka paha
Sedang diluar pemerintahan
Perusahaan-perusahaan macet
Lapangan kerja tak ada
Revolusi para pemimpin
Adalah revolusi dewa-dewa
Mereka berjuang untuk syurga
Dan tidak untuk bumi
Revolusi dewa-dewa
Tak pernah menghasilkan
Lebih banyak lapangan kerja
Bagi rakyatnya
Kalian adalah sebahagian kaum penganggur yang mereka ciptakan
Sesalkan mana yang kau kausesalkan
Tapi jangan kau lewat putus asa
Dan kau rela dibikin korban
Pelacur-pelacur kota Jakarta
Berhentilah tersipu-sipu
Ketika kubaca di koran
Bagaimana badut-badut mengganyang kalian
Menuduh kalian sumber bencana negara
Aku jadi murka
Kalian adalah temanku
Ini tak bisa dibiarkan
Mulut-mulut badut
Mulut-mulut yang latah bahkan seks mereka politikkan

Membubarkan kalian
Tidak semudah membubarkan partai politik
Mereka harus beri kalian kerja
Mereka harus pulihkan darjat kalian
Mereka harus ikut memikul kesalahan

Saudari-saudariku. Bersatulah
Ambillah galah
Kibarkan kutang-kutangmu dihujungnya
Araklah keliling kota
Sebagai panji yang telah mereka nodai
Kinilah giliranmu menuntut
Katakanlah kepada mereka
Menganjurkan mengganyang pelacuran
Tanpa menganjurkan
Mengahwini para bekas pelacur
Adalah omong kosong

Pelacur-pelacur kota Jakarta
Jangan melulur keder pada lelaki
Dengan mudah
Kalian bisa telanjangi kaum palsu
Naikkan tarifmu dua kali
Dan mereka akan klabakan
Mogoklah satu bulan
Dan mereka akan puyeng
Lalu mereka akan berzina
Dengan isteri saudaranya.

Goodbye Mbah Surip…Goodbye W.S.Rendra…


Moral of the story?

Take a good care of your health!! Eat properly, sleep properly, don’t stay awake the whole night if not necessary, exercise, and….avoid stress!! 😉

*ok, while typing this post, the internet connection went down and so we are left internet-less -_____-


Feels like De Javu when JW Marriott Jakarta was blasted off on August 5, 2003, nearly 6 years ago…

And this morning, it happened again. This time, it wasn’t only JW Marriott, but also Ritz Carlton Kuningan which is located just across it.

Up to now (I mean when I write this), there have been 4 people died….

The blast happened around 7:40a, this morning near the Plaza Mutiara Restaurant at JW Marriott, then not long after that, another bomb blasted off near Ritz Carlton…


I heard it’s because one of the Presidential candidate (the vice president candidate) wants a re-election as he is not satisfied with the result (he is losing, obviously).

But that’s just MAYBE la. I’m not sure also. Police are investigating it now.

Sigh…Just in time la. So ngam…cos Manchester United is coming to Jakarta this coming Monday (July 20)…..Will they still come?

p.s: an English article about this from CNN and another one (Indonesian) about some victims whose bodies were shattered apart….

Update: 11:57 am – They found ANOTHER bomb at JW Marriott . Wtf!!

1-19 pm – I just received a picture from my mum through BBM (Blackberry Messenger) which she got from her friend:

FREAKING SCARY LA PLS! Sumore looks like he’s an old man…

President Election 2009…tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the President Election day…and I’ve taken some part in making it successful…

See see? I helped the committee filling in the invitation forms. LOL

No la, actually cos my dad was part of the committee, and the head of the committee was in Bali until last night, and the KPU (Komisi Pemilihan Umum – Election Committee) had just given the forms on Saturday night and yet they expect us to have them filled in by Sunday night so the people from RW could send them out the next morning! WTH!!! So short time oni? Cehhhh…

My mum and I did help him la, but for sure we couldn’t managed to finish 600 (yes, a freaking amount of six hundred!!!) forms in just 1 or 2 nights. We did the same thing last April for the Legislative Election but it was only like what…350 or so. So I asked my dad to give them some to the other committee member to help also la.

But anyway, I didn’t manage to help a lot as I was feeling sooo damn sleepy. Sowie, daddy! :p

And cos tomorrow is the election day, it’s gonna be a public holiday for us *jumping with glee*