6 months

“Half a year of warm love”
(Muchi, May 20, 2007)

love you, yunk.

a story…

the boy once said..

“I am no prince charming, nor am I rich or talented. I am but a simple boy who owns nothing, but a heart which keeps falling in love with you with each passing day.”

and the girl said that she is very lucky to have that simple boy who loves her with all his heart. She couldn’t ask for a better boy as she knows that she has already got someone who is willing to give his everything for her, someone who will always be there for her whenever she needs him, someone who loves her purely and deeply, someone who never ask so much from her.

but once the girl has a thought that many times she has made the boy sad and disappointed with her. she was heart broken to discovered it. then she tried her best to be a better person for him, and they live happily ever after…

You can do it!

So jia you dear! Work hard! Just 2 more weeks for you to freedom =D

And don’t be so stress, k? I know your work is piling up high, but I really kasian and tak tega to look at you so stress that your face has started to change…

See? I am always at your back supporting you!

Take photo with Boon Ah Pek

See his eyes…


M.A.C Barbie and Padang food…sluurrpptt

Arrrghhhh… I have to crossed out 1 item in my wish list…the M.A.C Barbie!! Hiksss…
Last Sunday after church I went to KLCC with Mochi and his mum *yea, she went to church together with us* to buy my Barbie and he also wanted to buy an Xbox 360 game.
The first thing he did when we arrived was dragging me to the M.A.C shop and went straight to the end of the shop where those pretty BarbieS are on.

Me : Should I buy this?
Him : Yes!!
Me : Sure?
Him : Sure! …*he said something but I couldn’t remember.lol*

So he took 1 of them from the shelf, and take another 3 to compare which 1 is nicer, and I hand it to one of the staffs.
Until when I was q-ing at the cashier to pay…

The M.A.C girl : Sorry miss, but to buy this barbie, you need to purchase M.A.C product for RM300 then you can buy the barbie for RM150, so total RM500.
Me : Eh??
The M.A.C girl : Yes, you need to purchase the product first then you can buy the barbie
Me : Ohh…It’s ok then. Thank You…

Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………………sad case…… T_T

So I had to crossed the pretty woman out of my wish list…and I still have the Tokidoki bag in it..hehehe..oh, and I’ve added 1 more item: a white Guess handbag I saw at Parkson. Lol…but I dun have the photo to show it here..hehehe…

Mochi also couldn’t find his game there. The shop doesn’t sell it. So at the end, none of us buy anything.

Eh wait, he bought slippers. Hahaha…finally you got new slippers to replace the current botak one, eh dear? lol

Now about the Spices and Food shooting~

After Spices shooting on Saturday, we did the Minang dishes shooting on Sunday at 7:30 pm *the plan was to start at 5:30*
and we finished at 5 am with 2 dishes left un-shooted because we couldn’t find a way on how to make those shiny reflections on rendang disappeared and we were a bit ran out of idea because we’re tired I guess. Lol

Ok lar, dunwan to talk so much. Let photos do the talking. Shooting those delicious dishes made us hungry~

The big red chilies…and that’s my hand, btw. Lol…

The colorful RED chilies on Achie’s TV *we used it to preview the shots we’ve taken*..ahauahauahuaa..see how the color changes..the RGB is so obvious. Lol

Me and Achie were hungry at midnight…Indomie goreng *Msian version* with Curry flavour was our choice to calm our growling tummy..hehehe

The Msian green chili. OMG, they are damn BIG! Scary…

The camera persons. Ee Jien the 1st cameraman, and Mata the 2nd camerawoman

Indonesian Avocados *imported from Padang*

Dried eel, anyone? They look like anemons, aren’t they?Mwahahahahaha..kinda disgusting if you hold them at a large amount. Lol

One of my fave photos! hehehe…Although the angle is not that nice, actually, cos I was rushing to take it, afraid Mata was tired *she was holding the cutting board*

The dishes we shoot! Hmmm..nyam2…

On the 2nd day, Ee Jien brought his LCD TV for the shots preview, so we didn’t see anymore RGB visuals like the chilies. Lol…*but the colorful chilies are kinda nice, anyway..haha*

We found KUTUs inside the ketumbar’s plastic bag! and it’s not only 1 or 2…HUNDREDS!! Eww!! But you can’t see them in this unclear pic… -_-

Mata trying to get the kutuS out of the ketumbar…

Can see them?

I wanna steal the dendeng but Achie caught me and smacked my hand with the spatula

For shooting purpose, the fried eels we bought has to be re-fried twice on the scene…Resulting in…

Gosong fried eels…and the nice taste has gone -_-

Dendeng, anyone?

or Ayam Pop?

The rendang that made us pusing

Feels like eating potato chips??

And we finally eat the dishes at 5am+..Wooo~ everyone was eating except Ee Jien. The director said he has lost his appetite. Lol.
Total: 7 dishes. Excluding 2 sambals (sambal merah+ sambal ijo), 1 portion of bumbu ayam goreng, and 1 portion of serundeng.

And I brought most of the dishes back home for Mochi and my housemates cause we couldn’t finished all by ourselves.

Finally, after done with the Sunday’s shooting, I went home at 6:30, slept at 7:30 and woke up at 2:30 pm. Hahahahaha…

A bible love quote…

Love is patient, love is kind
It does not envy
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered
It keeps no record of wrongs
It does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves
Love never fails
But where there are prophecies, they will cease;
Where there are tongues, they will be stilled;
Where there is knowledge, it will pass away…

1 Corinthian13:4-8