Happy Saturday!

Wanted to visit the Trick Eye Museum that has just opened earlier this month at Resorts World Sentosa. When we reached there though, the tickets for the day were already sold out!! -______- And there was a friggin’ long queue outside. Turns out people needed to queue to get in. Think they were just limiting the number of people inside so it wouldn’t be too crowded. There was a signboard saying how long do you have to wait in line before you could go in.

It says 360 minutes.

Yea, 6 hours.


Then there was this man who asked us whether we wanted to buy his tickets. Apparently he has bought it but couldn’t wait for 360 minutes as he has a small kid and it would be way too long for them to wait. But we also didn’t want to wait for 6 hours obviously!

And the sun was scorching hot! So we quickly find a sheltered area and bought McDonald’s sunday cones.


Since when did they change the cone to green, ah? Never knew that!

And the price at the RWS outlet was like 1.5 times more expensive than the other McDonald’s outlets. It was S$1.40 whereas normally it is only S$0.80!

Oh well, touristy place.

Look at this cousin of mine:


Too green! You can’t see it but his backpack is green as well (like his polo shirt)!! If we lost him in a night club, we just need to look down and search for the neon trainers.

He used to own a neon green phone case too. Luckily it has gone to the trash can, otherwise he would have totally been a green man.

So anyway, we went back to VivoCity and watched “How to Train Your Dragon 2”! It was really good! Toothless is soooo adorable! 😀

The cousins went home afterwards while the mister and I attended the sunset mass at St. Peter and Paul church. During the homily, the Reverend said the church is gonna held the last mass this week (or next week) before it’s closed for a full-year renovation. It really needs a good restoration though. Just look at these:




Not sure how much they need to cover the renovation cost but I hope it will be more than enough!



The mister and I both happen to be wearing our new tops from Uniqlo. Hehehe. His is Uniqlo X LINE while mine is Uniqlo X Moomin. This Moomin seems to be pretty popular in Japan. I only knew about it not long ago when the news about the Moomin café providing a huge Moomin soft toy for single diners went viral. Basically if you are a single diner at the café, they will put this huge Moomin soft toy on the seat in front of you so you won’t feel lonely. Hahahaha Japanese and their quirks! But I find it quite cute actually. Would love to try it if I ever go to Japan alone next time. HEHEHE.

Anyway, look at the mister’s forced smile. He loves to do that I don’t know why. Hahahaha silly boy!



One more! Hehehehe… This time he smiled normally. 😀 You can’t see it, but there’s a Cony besides Sally there in an idiotic expression (puckering her lips looking like she’s longing to be kissed by Brown hahaha).



Look at these cute Moomins!!!!!! So cute I cannot! I actually love dumb-looking animals / soft toys hahahaha.

Ok, random pictures time!!


The mister and my personalised EZ-Link cards! There was a NETS Exchange roadshow at the office last week and besides changing your current EZ-Link card with a new NETS FlashPay card for free, you could have a personalised one by just paying S$2. The above designs were of course created by the mister. He made these before using LEGO blocks to create these. Yep, he actually used Illustrator to estimate how many blocks needed to create the Tako and Whaly to ensure it’s enough!

I’m really impressed. Really.

Was craving for sashimi the other day and went to Sugisawa.


Ahhh… The good ol’ tori katsu bento. S$16 for all these. Very value for money, IMO.



Toaster went back to Manila and of course I had to ask her to bring back some polvoron and dried mangorind (Mango Tamarind) HEHEHEHEHE. This whole box is not just for me lah. It’s for the whole office. Didn’t know Goldilocks have the Ube flavoured one. It’s yum! Thank kew Toaster!!!

Friday’s post-lunch muffin. Got this at “Bake Of” at Amoy St. Food Centre. They call it “Volcano”. Guess it’s an active one after all…



Then we went to IKEA after work and bought this Japanese milk soft serve at Fish Market Sakuraya at Anchorpoint (just across the Swedish furniture shop). =9


Went for a Saturdate with the mister today. It’s been awhile since we actually go out on a date. Hahahaha lately we prefer to stay at home and watch movies or just lazing around basically. You know, age factor.

Actually the first reason why we went out was to buy some sunflower seed for my dad. After which, we went to one of our favourite stores, Swee Lee! Hahaha never get bored of going to music stores. He wanted to get an amplifier for his bass but unfortunately the one he’s been eyeing on is out of stock. So we killed time by browsing for books at Basheer, then we went for sunset mass since we had time anyway.

Initial dinner plan was at Crossings cafe, however, it was closed for a private event 😦 So we were thinking of where to go til the mister decided on Baja Fresh Mexican Grill.

20140426_134910 copy

Bowl-faced boy HEHEHEHE. This was during lunch at Wong Kok. He loves gulping down the entire bowl of soup whenever he had one. Face also looks like a bowl already.


20140426_165446 copy

20140426_165500 copy

Sunset mass at St. Joseph’s church! No aircon and they were using fans. Both of us fell asleep during homily cos the wind was so nice it made us sleepy wtf.



IMG_20140426_184751 copy

Dinner! Quesadillas and Taco =9


20140426_205249_Richtone(HDR) copy

Desserts at Nana’s Green Tea! Love it cos they are not too sweet 😀


Then this boy suddenly got some clever idea and mixed both desserts into one -______________-

Him: It’s for both of us to share, right? Then just mix lah!

Me: -__________- O… kay…. 

20140426_205901 copy


And it became like this… Like some green tea soup. Hahahaha

20140426_205926_Richtone(HDR) copy

Friday Food Fare

What do you do on a Friday?

Eat good food for lunch!



Aiya a bit blur 😦

But that’s not all! After a yummy Japanese delicacy in my tummy (eh it rhymes!), Toshi and I went to Vanilla Bar & Café for some sweet fix. We had their signature Vanilla Dirt Cake AND Matcha Azuki ice cream:


The cake is so cute can?! Taste is pretty good to. It’s like a mixture of soft cheese cake and vanilla ice cream, topped with cookie crumbs.

A few spoonfuls of these and Toshi said, “Amelia, what are we doing?!”


I’m turning into a whaley.


Life has been so, so good to me lately! 😀

Although, it has been quite devastating to know about the missing MH370! 😦 I have no relation whatsoever to anyone on board, but it’s heartbreaking to read the news updates about this everyday and find out more theories on the missing jet, more analysis which leads to nothing so far.

On a happier note, IT FINALLY RAIN IN SINGAPORE!!!!! *dance* Like seriously, the past 2 months have been SO dry, SO hot, and SO humid. The kind of weather that makes me angry (this is why I prefer to travel in autumn or winter)! But it has been raining very often the past few days, which is awesome lar!! 😀

I have some random thoughts in mind, so the paragraphs may be irrelevant to each other. Let me be a jumping jack today yea!

It’s been eons since I last went for a retreat/recollection, so I was quite excited when we went for recollection 2 weeks ago in Batam! It was only for a night, but it was pretty fun. Was in the PW team and the practice sessions beforehand were almost always very fun and full of laughter! Was quite tiring but we had fun nevertheless. Some of us took leave the next day (Monday) so it was fine. Hehehehehe


Sunset at Nongsa Point Resort, Batam! I’ve always loved sunset and sunrise. Ok, more like I enjoy the golden hours because photos taken at these specific time will always look nicer with a golden glow. Hehehehe

Last Saturday, I went for dinner with Mr. Phlegmatic and 3 other friends. An innocent dinner plan at Upper Thomson Rd. turned monstrous when we decided to had dimsum + roasted pork, then off to Salted Caramel to had waffle + ice cream (I was badly craving for waffle!), AND THEN off to The Prata House to gobbled down Chicken Masala Fried Rice, Cheese Egg Prata, and Plain Paper Prata. All within the span of 2 hours! And the 3 restaurants are located just a few steps next to each other! Hahahahaha feeling guilty but happy afterwards. Nevermind, we don’t indulge ourselves like this on a weekly basis, so that’s acceptable right?


Pistachio, Matcha, and Nutella ice cream on top of a warm and crunchy yet fluffy waffle ❤

Not enough with pigging out on Saturday night, Mr. Phlegmatic, Andy, and I turned into 3 little fat pigs on Sunday night. We cooked something… nice.


Eh don’t judge a food by its appearance, kay? It tastes good actually!

What’s inside:

Noodle, 2 cans of pork belly, cheese pork balls (this Andy threw in half the packet then said, “Hmm.. but 1 person will only get 3 balls.”, then proceed to threw in the whole packet into the pan -____-), capsicum, tomatoes, garlic, and topped with spicy crispy seaweed (again, Andy opened the packet of Tao Kae Noi, unaware that the seaweed came in strip form. So the photo looked totally not appetizing initially cos it looked all black from the seaweed. HAHAHA! We had to tear the seaweed strips to make it look more presentable).

Ok lar, to be fair, we used Korean ramen and the powder seasoning that came with it, but still! 😀

Then each of us had a can of cold Heineken to wash it all down. Goodness, there goes my diet!

Did we feel guilty? YES.

Will we do it again? ABSOLUTELY.


And I have already planned to go on a diet the following Monday. However, I totally forgot that our new colleague was starting her job on Monday!

My company usually go for a nice lunch when a new penguin comes on-board. This time, we had…


… Butter. Chicken. Pasta.

(from Anglo Indian Cafe & Bar, by the way)

The epitome of lunch coma on a Monday.

I’m turning into a real whaley soon enough.

Of being grateful.

I have been feeling ecstatic lately! I think it’s because so many good things are happening to me in the past couple of weeks, both big and small. 🙂

And I also think attitude plays a part in this. Not meaning to boast or anything, but I have been trying to always feel positive lately and I think the law of attraction really works here. You know, positive thoughts bring about positive results. I couldn’t agree more! I feel that when you are being grateful and thankful of what you have, it could actually makes your day better. Tested and proven by yours truly! Heehee…

One of the things that make me happy this week (Even though it’s only Thursday – aside from yummy Vietnamese dinner and a new phone case. See, simple things make me happy. Eh, it’s not always material things, ok? Even small non-material things make me happy too ^^):

Milky Way Berries and Cream_1

Milky Way Berries and Cream_2

Milky Way Berries and Cream!!! First time seeing this flavour and it was sold for only $1 at Guardian so I had to grab one. Hehe.. YUM! 😀

On another note, flying off to Jakarta in 5.5 hours (just to sleep – literally, as I’ll be staying overnight at Amaris hotel at the airport) before jetting off to Chengdu tomorrow morning. I know right, sounds so troublesome. But gotta do it coz we got the promo SQ flight tickets that require me to fly from Jakarta. Parents are not picking me up from the airport because it’s gonna be so mafan as I’ll be reaching Jakarta in the evening and my house is quite far from the airport. Oh well, not a big deal. I CAN SMELL HOLIDAY!!! So excited to see panda 😀

When it’s raining outside, grab a hot McGriddles for breakfast.

Sausage McGriddles with Egg

It was raining meow and woof woof this morning. Totally didn’t feel like walking out of the condo.

So stopped by McD on the way to work and indulge myself in a hot McGriddles. It was hot and freshly-made that I actually had to be real quick in snapping this pic cos my hand was burning from holding it.

One of my fave items from their breakfast menu. Very filling though. It’s almost noon and I have yet to feel the slightest hunger pangs.

And after such a satisfying breakfast, I felt more empowered to brave the rain with my trusty pink ella ella (sounds so dramatic) *insert brave heroic face *then rain water splashed onto the face and ruin it.



Random things lately via iPhone and Instagram

Yup. I’ve finally gotten myself an iPhone 4S (in white) and so far I’m loving it a lot! Gonna sell my iPod Touch and go back to the good old pink iPod Nano.

So today’s post will be filled with pictures taken by my iPhone. They are in their original state fresh out of the iPhone and some have been beautified with Instagram (the squarish ones). The quality of iPhone 4s’ camera is very good for a smartphone. I love the HDR function on it. The differences on some pictures are really obvious. I’ll show some examples later on.

There will be 60 pictures in this post. Let’s start!

PAUL in Ngee Ann City! I kinda felt deja vu when I first saw it because I just came back from Paris that time and I went to Paul there.