Alcohol may protect the brain? Are you serious??

Hola, drinkers! Calling all the alcoholics out there! 😛
Here’s some good news about your favorite beverage. Yeap, the addictive A (for those who like it, of course)

All of these times, we have all heard of the addictive A as a major cause of accidents (who have never heard of drunk driving that led to accidents?). Heck, even lots (wait, I mean LOTS) of famous celebrities often got fined cos of drunk driving. Oh well, the life of the rich and famous and glamour *shakes head* (eh, I don’t refer to anyone here ok? Just talking about some real fact out there ;))

I’m not gonna talk more on the addictive A, so just read this by yourself. A good news if you are about to go drinking tonight and assuming you’re gonna drive home with a spinning head, tomato-red face, and zig-zag steps from the bar/club exit to your car *wink* 😛

Article taken from CNN Health

Alcohol may protect the brain during an accident

Sept 25, 2009
By Sean Kelley

Alcohol, a drug that is a major cause of accidents, may actually protect the brain from a life-threatening injury when an accident does occur, according to a study published this week in Archives of Surgery.

In the study of 38,000 patients with moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries who were admitted to U.S. hospitals between 2000 and 2005, 38 percent had alcohol in their blood. Such patients had a lower risk of dying of their injuries than those who hadn’t been drinking.

“This study really brings up more questions than it answers,” says coauthor Ali Salim, M.D., the program director of the General Surgery Residency Educational Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, in Los Angeles. “It’s a bad thing to say alcohol is good, especially since it’s responsible for so many of these injuries. But our study suggests there may be some survival advantage for people with elevated [blood alcohol] levels.” 15 ways to boost your memory in your 30s, 40s, and 50s

Each year, about 2 million people in the U.S. experience traumatic brain injuries, and 56,000 die and 80,000 are permanently impaired as a result. Alcohol plays a role in 40 percent of car fatal crashes, and half of the patients hospitalized for trauma are intoxicated at the time of injury.

The study may help experts develop therapies for traumatic brain injuries, but it has important limitations as well, Salim says.

Patients in the study who had been drinking were younger, had less severe injuries, and spent less time on a ventilator or in an intensive care unit than other patients. (Alcohol, however, still seemed to protect the brain after taking these factors into account.) Overall, 9.7 percent of people who hadn’t been drinking died after a brain injury, compared with 7.7 percent of those with alcohol in their blood. Do I have a drinking problem? 4 key questions to ask yourself

It’s not clear why alcohol might be helpful, although it could dampen the impact of catecholamines, hormones like adrenaline and dopamine that are released by the body after a traumatic injury, according to Salim. “We think [the blood alcohol] may attenuate that response,” he says.

Alcohol may also help lower the body’s core temperature, says David Hovda, Ph.D., a professor of neurosurgery at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the director of UCLA’s Brain Injury Research Center. Lower body temperatures are known to slow cell death and swelling caused by severe brain injuries. People with mental illness may self-medicate with drugs, alcohol

But alcohol’s beneficial effect may be severely limited, says Hovda, who was not involved with the study. He notes that the results of animal studies have been mixed. Some animal research suggests that low levels of alcohol protect the brain, but the effect is lost at higher levels; others have found that alcohol lowers survival.

In the new study, researchers did not look at the amount of alcohol in the patients’ blood, but they did find that alcohol was associated with a greater risk of complications, even as it seemed to lower mortality rates.

It’s not clear if alcohol could be helpful if given after an accident. “Giving patients [alcohol] after a traumatic brain injury is much different than having it on board during the traumatic brain injury,” Hovda says. The protective effect may only work when the injury occurs or may work later. “One would have to know the therapeutic time window and the dose.” How young is your brain?

Using alcohol as a therapy is unlikely, but understanding how it protects some people could help scientists develop new treatments for traumatic brain injuries, Salim says.

Soooo…B-52, Flaming Lamborghini, or Strawberry Margarita tonight? 😉

Super creamy and sweet and filling cupcakes

When I saw this banner in front of Cold Stone last month…

I knew I had to try it since I love cupcakes!

Looks yummy right right right?!

But too bad la they only have 3 flavors so far…

Cake Batter Deluxe

Double Chocolate Devotion

Sweet Cream

At IDR 20K per piece, it’s considered quite expensive for a cupcake. But oh well, since it’s Cold Stone, so it’s understandable. Lol

So I wanted to buy 3 lor (if want it to take away, need to buy minimum 3 pieces), one for each flavor…but then got a promotion: Buy 5 get 1 free. So being a kiasu I am, I bought 5 lor (Lol no la, just cos I thought I would love it)

Because the inside is ice cream, so apparently we need some dry ice to be put in the box. And while cupcakes are small, they don’t have a small box, instead it has to be a CAKE BOX….

And I mean a BIG CAKE BOX

See, see?

Lol looks like I’m bringing a birthday cake or something rather than cupcakes!

Excited, I took one out…

…Scoop the butter cream….Dig in…

The filling is 90% ice cream, with just a layer of cake on the bottom

And the cup itself is made from chocolate!!

Overall, it’s not up to my standard. Kinda disappointed with it tho. Lol. Cos the butter cream is a lot, plus the chocolate cup…I dunno, it just not my cup of tea…way too filling!

Appearance : 7/10
Flavor : 5/10
Price : 4/10 —> I’d rather buy the ice cream than the cupcakes.

A super tiny reunion with 3 people

After I almost forgotten about meeting up with Cynthia (sorry, babe :p), I finally met up with her and Nia last Saturday. Supposedly Isabel was there as well, but she couldn’t make it at the last minute 😦

So anyway, we went for a normal girls’ outing. Started with hearty meals and a long chit chat<3… (no picture)

…..Freshen up with Sour Sally…

….Fooling around….

I found this really funny yet stupid eyeglasses in the shape of bicycle, guitar, and a freaking GOLD skeleton head. SO BLING! But unfortunately forgotten to take pic 😦

….Satisfying the fantasy world in us…

Yea la I know I’m so late for this, but it has just started to play here in Indo not long ago T_T

It’s a good movie btw. Altho I fell asleep for a minute or more in the middle of the movie. LOL :p

If I have the power like Mortimer Folchart, I’d definitely read my Doraemon and Disney comics out loud so they will come out to life! 😀

….and topped off with some sushi!! 😀

I couldn’t help but laugh at the stupid gay sun and the even gayer Sumo-er! ROFL!

Apparently this was our first time dining at Sushi Groove (cos we knew that Sushi Tei was surely damn PACKED and we had to queue for we didn’t know how long and we didn’t wanna think about it.

They have this long table where customers can sit side by side (even tho they don’t know each other). Guess Sushi Grooves wants to create a friendship bond between the customers? o.O

The sushiS there were named in a groovy way (or so they say). Oh well, at least the names are not those normal ones like ‘Sake’, or ‘California Roll’ (ok, they do have California Roll as well) or whatever. Just look at the menu…You got ‘Rock & Roll’, ‘Flying Geisha Roll’, ‘Electric Eel Roll’, ‘Lil; Mermaid Roll’, ‘Hot Kiss Roll’, …

…’Ziggy Roll’, ‘Angry Mushroom Roll’, …

…’Krakatau Roll’…

Ok ok. Enough for the rolls! Lol.

Chouji Roll. Definitely a must-try! It’s kinda unique as the roll is being deep fried before being cut into pieces. The taste? Mozarella Chicken with a slight taste of chilli sauce.

Mayonnaise Dream Roll. It is baked! Wooo I like unique sushiS! Lol. Very very hot cos we ate it right after i was served! LOL our tongues were damn burned!

Bulgogi Roll! Wheee~ Tasted a bit hot as well cos of the chilli on top! But it’s niceeeee~

Yeap, we only ordered 3 types cos we were still kinda full from the lunch and so on.

I’m kinda agree with that!

I’ll definitely go back there some other time to try the other unique rolls! 😀

Ambience: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Price: 8/10 (quit reasonable. Cheaper than Sushi Tei)

A simple outing yet we (ok, at least I) had so much fun :))

Looking forward for our next reunion, girls! Hopefully with more people 😉

And when will we arrange our Primary School reunion again? 😀

p.s: Bali and Medan post will be postponed for now. Lazy to sort the photos :p


is one of my favorite bread!

Ok, honestly, I am such a sucker for bread >.<

*Confirmed by my mum. She said I’ve been having a huge amount of love for bread since I was small. LOL*

So the brownish bread above is called Roti Gambang, made from flour and brown sugar and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Sounds so simple right? But the taste is just soooo nice I could hardly tahan my appetite everytime I saw it.

The texture is chewy with a hinf od brown sugar. Good thing is, it’s not too sweet so it suits me so!!

I loooove it so much since I was in Primary School. Too bad, nowadays it’s kinda hard to find it cos usually those who sell it are the traditional bread man…Ehmm..something like this:

(Photo tukang roti gerobak)

One of those bakeries are Tan Ek Tjoan and Lauw Bakery, but they are rarely seen in Jakarta today :((

When I was small, I used to see lots of the bread-selling-cart around my living area….

And it’s been a few years since the last time I eat a roti gambang. Surprisingly, when my parents went to Bogor with their friends for a night out at a villa, they stopped by a Tan Ek Tjoan bakery there!! Wooo!! And definitely my dad bought me a roti gambang as my parents know how much I love it!!! :D:D:D:D:D

I was out when they reached home, and when I came home, I gladly found a piece of that brownish bread in the cake box!!!


I held it in my hands, break it apart, touch and feel it, take a bite, and….

…Ahhhhhh heavenly……

Couldn’t bear to gobble it down at once, I bite it slowly and enjoying every single bit of the roti…….yummmm~

Sigh…if only the oven at home is usable (rosak d. Have tried to fix it twice but still no use), I would make lots of rotiS and cakeS regularly cos I love them 😦

I’m addicted!!!!

The term “addiction” is used in many contexts to describe an obsession, compulsion, or excessive psychological dependence, such as: drug addiction (e.g. alcoholism), video game addiction, crime, money, work addiction, compulsive overeating, problem gambling, computer addiction, nicotine addiction, pornography addiction, plastic surgery addiction, etc.

That (pointing upwards) was what Wikipedia says.

Erm…don’t worry, I’m not addicted to any kind of drugs or gambling or work (omg!) or plastic surgery or whatsoever.

I am addicted to this cute little girl who never fails to satisfy me every time I thirst for her….

She always gives me the best of her. Her smooth body with her “things” that taste sweet and sour at times, and when I taste her, I could feel the cool sensation inside me….

Ahhhh……the joy Sally brings me….

Yes, people, her name is Sally. The little girl who have made me gone crazy over and never fail to cheer me up. The first time I laid my eyes on her, it was then that I deeply fell in love with her….

Everyone, meet Sally!

Isn’t she cute?

LOL ok ok, I sound like some pervert lesbian pedophile here >.<. The Sally I’ve been talking about all the way is actually a frozen yogurt brand that has just opened for a year in Indonesia. In fact, it’s the first of its’ kind here in Indo.

Tell me if you don’t feel like eating fro-yo now! There’s seriously something wrong with you! *LOL wth I force people to love fro-yo just like how I am*

I can finish the large cup all by myself! Hahaha yes, I love fro-yo that much!!

Actually my first love with fro-yo was with New Zealand Natural

It was like….around 9-10 years back that I started to LOVE fro-yo (the popular nickname for frozen yogurt). I love it that much that most of the time I went to the mall, I had to buy 1 of it! :D:D

And last year, Sally came downtown! Surprisingly, although it looks like some imported brand from The US or something, the owner is actually an Indonesian!! Yes, a 27 year old guy named Donny Pramono!

Anyway, since the first time Sally makes an appearance in Jakarta, there seems to be a fro-yo craze among the Jakartarians (cos Sour Sally is only available at Jakarta at the moment)!

I guess that’s why J.Co tried to expand their business into fro-yo as well, and there it is: J. Cool!

It’s yummy also, but the texture is slightly different than Sour Sally. A little bit sweeter I could say. Suitable for those who likes yogurt but doesn’t really like sour.

And then there’s another one called Heavenly Blush

I haven’t got the chance to try this, but I’ve heard from some friends that it’s tasty as well, even tastier than Sour Sally!

p.s: I’m supposed to post some pictures of Sour Sally and J.Cool’s outlets actually, but I don’t have it with me right now. Will post it with a proper fro-yo review for each brand next time 😉

Til then, let me enjoy my cupS of fro-yo..yummmm


Yes, it’s true! I have found ANOTHER love of my life!! (I’m sorry Muchi dear, you gotta share a spot in my heart for him) *wipes tears of joy*

Say hello to……jeng jeng jenggg~


LOL this thing is so so so so sooooo addictive!! Dammit!! You are ruining my diet, you great sweet round creature! Oh, I got it from Stroopy btw.

Ok la, it’s rather expensive at IDR 34K for a packet (8 pieces), but I can’t help it. It’s soooo nice!!

For those who have never heard of Stroopwafel before, it’s a Dutch snack (English translation: syrup waffle). It’s basically 2 pieces of thin waffles with syrup-like filling between them (caramel syrup). The taste isn’t so sweet so I likeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Ohhhh….anyone going to Holland? Please get me loads and loads of this heavenly stuff! Cos I’m sure it’s cheap there. Hehehehehe…

I guess I can join the Association of Stroopwafel Addicts already…

Those who play Parker Brother’s Monopoly (I love it! Anyone wants to get me the Disney version? T_T) will surely recognize this cute face. Hahahahaha. Although he’s old and has mustache, but he looks so damn cute (and no, I don’t have any weird obsession or fetish of old men). I saw this in front of Petra toy store in Mal Kelapa Gading (MKG) today. Apparently, they were promoting the Indonesian version of PB’s Monopoly.

So there was a story related to this cute old man…

I was actually looking for the iPhone stand in the atrium of MKG 2 (there are 4 MKGs: MKG 1,2, 3, and 5 –>they skipped 4…You know, Chinese). At the end, Mum and I were like…”where’s the iPhone thingy?”

Then as we walked upstairs and saw the banner, Mum was looking down and said “Ey, it’s down there!”

And the ‘down there’ refers to…….in front of Petra toy store…..


Mum: “Guess you were too fascinated by the Monopoly man and you didn’t realize that it was just there”


Finally I could get my hands on this book and call it my own! :D:D:D

Ok la, it has existed for a few years already, but I just got mine today, at 50% discount! 😀

I’ve been wanting to buy it since a loooong time already (cos I got the 1st book a long time before), buthen the price tag made me a bit reluctant to buy…at IDR 400k+, it was a lot of money for me.

Now that I’ve earned money myself, it’s ok la. Lol :p

Some more it was on 50% discount!! It became IDR 250,000!!!

My outfit of the day~

and yes, I know my legs look weird..they are abnormally shaped.

Ok, last picture of the day

I’ve seen this kind of promotion twice, both for the same tour agency (but it was a woman). He was just standing there, still. Couldn’t help but thinking “How does it feel to have your whole body painted in gold? Some more the hair oso kena painted pulak”

Mommy’s Birthday!!!

1st of November marks the 54th birthday of my beloved mum!! 😀

We had dinner in this old-style restaurant in Juanda area with Cintan and her parents (she’s now becoming the only child as well as her sis and bro are away in Perth and Bandung. Lol)

This restaurant has been around for soooooo long. Even mum said that (she thinks) the last time she visited this restaurant was before I was born! 22 years ago wei!

The food was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!

Each and every dish is FREAKINGLY GOOD!!!!

For starter, we had soup. Cintan and I chose the corn&crab soup while the rest chose asparagus&crab’s

The soup is quite special because when you order corn&crab soup in other restaurants, you will find that the crab meat has already been torn into small pieces, but this one….

OMG damn big I tell you! The meat is so tenderrrrr and juicyyyyyy I like!! :D:D

Moving on to main dishes…

Tahu Tausi with Salted Fish

The sauce is so nice and the salted fish is so crunchy! A right combination! 😀

Cintan and I especially looooveeeeeee this next dish:


The taste isn’t like those mayo prawn you find in other Chinese restaurants. This one is oh-my-god-sooooooo-damn-good I couldn’t stop munching on them.

Butter-Fried Pigeons!

All of us loooooooveeeeeeeeee the sauce!! super delicious! We even pour it onto rice and eat them just like that. Yes, it IS that good!

Omg I really wanna go back to the restaurant at this very time! >..<

I think this is pak choi. Forgotten. Lol

The veggie also damn nice! 😀

Gerapu fish

Also nice!

And a birthday dinner wouldn’t be complete without…

Birthday Mee~!

Yummm yummm…

Dammit! I’m really salivating now >.<


I keep on saying that but I don’t care cos they’re so nice can die!

But but but….

when the bill came out….

…Rp 1,459,150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O…M…G! I was seriously s.p.e.e.c.h.l.e.s.s …………………………


Mum : Hahahaha nevermind la. If it isn’t my birthday I also won’t eat here.

The fact is, the prices here has always been oh-so-expensive (quoting Mum).


But then again, it’s very worth it la ^o^

And then innocent me didn’t realize that my voice volume was quite high…

Me : Gileeee nasi 3 mangkok Rp 29,700! Amit-amit dahhhh! *while starring at the bill*
(Rp 29,700 for 3 bowls of rice?! Crazy ar?! o_O)

Cintan’s mum : Hus! Jangan kenceng2! *while laughing*
(Hush! Don’t la say that out loud!)

Bwahahahahahahahaha…all of us were laughing after that! Because there were 3 waiters standing behind our table. LOLLL don’t care la. Hahahahaha

After a very satisfying dinner, we went to get some dessert…


Located not far from Sanur Restaurant, this is one of my favorite ice cream shops in Jakarta. Just like Sanur, this ice cream shop has also been around for sooooo long. Since 1932. Since the Dutch was still ruling in Indonesia. It has been a favorite for a lot of Jakarta-ers until today. I myself haven’t visited this shop for quite long already. Maybe around 3 years? Hmm…

Crowded on weekends…

My favorite! Nougat flavor! with lotsa nuts :D:D

The other flavors are strong in milk taste…

Ok, so we’re done with dinner and dessert. But we still didn’t wanna go home yet. Lol. Wanted to go karaoke at first, but all of the places we called were FULLY BOOKED!!

Can la if we want to wait….but it’ll be until either 11.30, 1am, or even worse, 2 am….

Forget about KTV then! So we hopped on for a movie instead! 😀

Weeeheeeeeee~ The Other Boleyn Girl!!

It’s really good! I love the story line, and particularly I loveeeee the settings and costumes!! I am always into those classic stuffs.

And about the story….well, watch it for yourself! Although it ended tragically, but still I recommend it! 🙂

Very Berry nice!!

Nice dinner, nice dessert, and nice movie.

We watched it at 11:45 pm, and ended at 1:30 am…

Shall we go KTV after that? :p

LOL we want la, but the parents were tired already so we went home.


On the Sunday (2nd Nov), my biao jie came with her hubby and 2 little ghost of her. Lol

Ryan couldn’t resist the delicious strawberry birthday cake…

LOL omg he’s so cute laaaaa!!! :D:D

Ok la, I wanna end this post now.

Happy Birthday Mummy!! I LOVE YOU!!! 😀


Sanur Restaurant

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda III No. 31-J
Tel : (6221) 3808262, 3808263, 3843155, 3454203
Jakarta Pusat (Central Jakarta)

Ragusa Es Italia

Jl. Veteran 1 no. 10
Central Jakarta