Haze haze go away

Since haze is in trend now, I shall write a post to commemorate it as well.


So! The whole haze thingy started last week. I think around Friday or so and it has been getting worse gradually and consistently. The worse was yesterday and today (so far).

This is not the first time I’m experiencing this kinda hazy situation though. The first one was back in 2005 when I was still in Malaysia. I remember looking out of my room window and all I can see is white. Really, like totally white. I couldn’t even see the parking lot, couldn’t even see the lake that’s just across our apartment building.

So this should be my 3rd or 4th experience.

What’s worse is there’s been no rain for the past week. So the weather is so humid, so hot, and the air is so smokey. I think I can actually make smoked salmon easily.

And I hate it coz it makes my hair so smelly like I just went to a BBQ!!! >=(





Yesterday the PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) ranged from 70-ish in the morning to 100-ish in the afternoon. Then at about 8pm it became 190. And then at 9pm, it became 290 (100 – 200 is considered unhealthy, 200 – 300 is hazardous)! WTH right?

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at PM 01.52.14

But it hadn’t stop yet. At 10pm, it became a hazardous 321!

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at PM 01.52.23

So ok lor, went to sleep with a bit of smoke smell, then when I woke up, the first thing I saw was this:


Sorry ar, picture a bit dirty coz it was taken through the window glass. Hahaha.

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at PM 01.52.42

The official statement from NEA (National Environment Agency) said the PSI was 122 but it didn’t feel like it! I feel it was more than that because the haze was thicker than last night.

Anyway, eventhough it’s hazy but we still have to be stylish *vainpot mode: on*. So my OOTD is “Haze Ninja”.


Aiyerr… why is my hair so messy -_-

This is the area near my office (Tanjong Pagar) at 9:13am:


No filter needed! It looks like it’s been touched up on Instagram. It does look surreal, actually. The sun was covered by the haze and the whole thing just seems like some apocalypse going on.

Then at noon it turned to the worse….

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at PM 01.52.53

And at 1 pm… Deng deng denggggg…..Screen shot 2013-06-20 at PM 01.53.01

Woooo! All time high! That’s it! We are doomeddddddd *insert dramatic sfx*

And because of all these, surgical masks are out of stock (OOS) in amost every pharmacy/shop. I went to Unity at Fair Price at lunch hour only to found out they are OOS. Then proceed to Medic Drugstore at Tanjong Pagar Plaza and this was what greeted me:


Need to queue -________-

And the queue didn’t stop there…



And they didn’t have the normal surgical mask (like the one I wore on the photo above) on stock! So we had to reserve our orders and we can collect it later on. What they had on stock was the 3M N95 mask. I heard this N95 is better than the normal surgical mask coz it filters 95% of airborne particulates, but nevermind lah. Normal surgical mask will do, too. Aunt Lia doesn’t want the thick one anyway.

1 box of N95 (20 pcs) costs S$75 while a box of the normal surgical mask costs S$13. Ah well, maybe you got money you got quality.

I hope it’s gonna rain soon. Like, really heavy rain to shoo the haze away!


35˚C? Siao ar! And you see how it predicted no rain for the week? 😦

Arrggghhh why is it so hotttttttttttttt

Ok, this heat thingy is starting to get on my nerves. So there’s a problem with the aircond in my room. The wind blowing out of it is omgsoveryWARM!! :(((((

But then, owner’s aircond is also having the same problem. So I guess it’s time for maintenance. BUT, the guy who always do the aircond maintenance is back in his hometown in Saigon now. So we’ll have to wait for awhile before he can come and fix them T_______T

I’m getting tired of sweating every day IN the room, and having my freshly-washed hair damped of sweat..haizz T________

Angel and her 24-hour in Singapore

Last Friday afternoon, suddenly I got a message from Angel our Tante Kos, saying that she is coming to Singapore that evening. It was a sudden decision tho. Something regarding the rejection of her Special Pass application.
Haiz stupid LUCT lah, why never help student wan?! Only want money but never help! Cish!!
She wanted to stay at my place just for that ONE night. So I asked my house owner lah. At first she was like, “Ok, but only for tonight”. Then I asked her again if my friend (girl) can stay at my place for 4 days next week. Then she said “Nope. Sorry”. So I reply her “But you got mentioned in the contract that my girl friends and mum can stay at my place for max. 1 week”
Then you know what did she say?
“I got the right to decide who can stay at my house. This is your last month of stay, so please cooperate, or else I’ll take immediate action”.
WTH right?!
Fine! Haiz this kind of people!
So I asked Angel to asked Juan whether she can stay at her place. Luckily Juan’s owner is okay with that. Phew~
Anyway, let’s move on to the happy things. On the Saturday, we met up at Orchard *Yayyy! Housemates’ reunion ^.^* for coffee then went to Changi to accompany Angel buy ticket to go back to Jakarta *long story. She had to let her SIN-KL ticket hangus just like that because her father asked her to just go back to JKT*
Ohhhh, and another disgusting thing: the JB Immigration staff sucks!!!! There was this particular one who gave his number to Angel and asked her to call him when she was in Singapore because he said he will asked his boss about her passport and entry permit *Because Angel now has a freaking red chop that stated her Special Pass application is rejected, she is actually forbidden to enter Malaysia*.
And you know what, that stinky man actually got a motif behind!! He even dare to ask her to stay at his house when she is going back to KL because by the time she reached JB it would have been too late. WTH right?! And he even said something like this:
“Actually you cannot enter Malaysia because you kena rejected already. But if go through my boss, can lah.”
Can you smell something fishy there?
Ya lo! Indirectly he asked her to “service” his boss! WTF!!!
Ah anyway, long story la. Lazy to type it all here. Hehehe :p
Back to Changi~
Luckily she still managed to get an Air Asia ticket at a reasonable price, S$117 for one way!
So that’s a short story of Angel’s visit to Singapore. Only for 24 hours! Lol!
Hopefully she can settle everything in Jkt so she can go back to KL without any more problem.

Of Wound and Stitches

Yes, yours truly had an accident today 😦

She slipped on the bus steps and the wound was big and deep it needed to be stitched 😦

Story behind:

I was about to board the bus from across my house to the MRT station, as usual la, going to work. Then somehow I slipped on the bus steps as I went in and my right leg bumped the steps. At first I thought it was just those normal bump where the result would be those blue-ish bump. So I sat down, and a minute later I saw a small red circle of blood from on my right feet. I was still thinking that it was just a small cut and bleed a little. Unfortunately, I forgotten to bring tissue today and so I need to dig up my wallet for receipt and use it to wipe the blood temporarily.

Then I rushed to 7-11 at Bishan station to buy tissue and wiped the blood which now started to flow like nobody’s business it wets my shoe.

I still boarded the MRT, and after I’ve reached my destination, I sat down for a while and realized that the blood was still flowing happily. In horror, I rushed to the 7-11 there to buy bandages. I went to the toilet, pull up my pants only to see a wound that is quite big in diameter and deep. I thought to myself “Sh*t!! This is serious! And there was this young woman who came up to me and asked “Are you okay? I saw you bleeding just now” and I could see that she was really worried. All I can do was smile and say “I’m okay, it’s okay”. She took out a plaster and offered me, but I kindly refused and told her that I had to go to the hospital instead.

Went to the taxi stand, I asked the man that had been standing there if I could take the taxi first as I needed to go to hospital for first aid. Thank God for a good man J

Waited for a few minutes, and finally got a cab, and rushed to KK hospital which is just nearby my opis. I told the cab driver to dropped me off at the emergency room but he dropped me at the children’s emergency ward -_- (note that KK is a Women and Children Hospital). So I asked a staff there to lead me the way to the Women’s emergency ward.

As I sat down in front of the nurse, I pull up my pants, and she looked at my wound in horror “OMG it’s so deep, it may need stitches”. The moment she said that, I swear I was afraid like hell!! I think she saw it on my face then she said “Need to see first la”. So one of the kind nurses there helped me to stop the bleeding and put bandage on it, and she advised me to go to Tan Tock Seng Hospital (which is nearby as well) instead because they will be able to give me a proper medication for this. Not that they can’t do it there, it’s just that they don’t have the specialist for that since they are a Women (specializing in obgyn and I forgot another one) Children’s Hospital.

I decided to go to the opis for a while to tell Jessie that I might need to take an MC today. When she saw my jeans was soaked in blood, she told me to go to Tan Tock Seng that very second and lend me some cash as well since I only had $2 in my wallet. Gillian looked at me and rushed me to go quickly. Lol.

Luckily I managed to get a cab fast enough. Soon I reached the hospital and went to the Emergency ward straight away. Waited for awhile, paid $85 (flat rate for everyone who came into the Emergency ward), then one of the nurse there finally called me and asked me several questions regarding what happened and all those standard questions they asked you when you are going for a check up la basically.

She sent me for X-ray to see whether I hit my bones. Luckily there was nothing J

So I waited again for the consultation, and that’s when Jessie called and asked where I was. Apparently she was already at Tan Tock Seng wanted to accompany me! JJJ

And she needs to wear a blue paper bracelet. I told her that she looked more like the patient than I do. Lol.

So anyway, the doctor told me that I would need stitches! A couple drop of tears roll down on my eyes automatically. I was afraid la! Cos the thought of being stitched is just…I don’t know…scary la wei! >.<

But I have no other option lo. So not long after that I was admitted to the Operating Theatre and there were 6 (yes, six) NUS Medical students who will be my audience during the stitching process. Lol it was kinda funny actually. I told them and the nurse that I was scared and they said that it will end fast, don’t worry. “We’re here to give you moral support”, one of them said that. Hahaha.

So the nurse gave me a Tetanus jab to prevent infection and the doc explained bla bla bla to the students.

Finally the stitching was about to begin It was fast. 15 minutes. Maybe it could be faster since the doctor was stitching and explaining to the med students.

The anesthetic stings a little but there was no big deal about it. After that, my wound area was totally numb and I didn’t feel anything accept a slight cold feeling from the alcohol she used when she was cleaning my wound, and a feeling that my skin was being tighten.

And it’s done!

“You have a smiley face now”, said the doc. LOL

Cos the stitching was curving like a smile. Hehehe…

I got 4 stitches in total, and the thread was in blue color (blue-black)! Cool huh?

When the med students were about to leave, they said goodbye and one of them gave me some alcohol wipes, “There’s blood on your shoe. Use this to wipe it”

So nice! Thanks!!

After that was took the medicine (for pain and gastric [?]) and lunch with Jessie and went home. Phewww~ what a Friday la. I think today is not my lucky day. I realized I couldn’t find my black Swatch and Elmo necklace, and now my leg 😦

But nevertheless, Thank you soooo much Jessie for accompanying me! *hugs* JJJ

Hopefully this will be my first and LAST stitches ever la.

*Wah so long ar the post just for this? Hehehehe…*

The earth is shaking!

Suddenly felt like the ground I was stepping on was moving..the whole office was shaking!

Earthquake! 7.3 Ritcher Scale! Happened around 2:55 pm earlier on for more or less 1 minute I guess, followed with an aftershock of 5.1 Ritcher scale 20 mins after that. The epicenter was in Tasikmalaya, West Java.

Phew luckily everything’s okay now. Hope there won’t be another tsunami *CHOI!!!*

And it’s a good thing that my office is located on the 3rd floor of the building (and it only has 3 levels, btw)