My PC in office is dead… -_______-

Yesterday, at around 5pm, suddenly my monitor went blank for a few seconds, then it turned back on. It happened again a few minutes afterward, then it became so intense that my monitor was starting to ‘dance’ (off-on-off-on in a split of seconds) and there was this “click clack click clack” sound. So I turned it off, waited for a few mins before turning it back on, and still, “click clack click clack” and then tadaaaaaa~ no visual at all wth!

So how? I couldn’t shut the PC down as well. So I pressed the reset button on the CPU, stupidly hoping the monitor would come back to life. It was no use.

After that, I had to pull out the power cable. Otherwise, how the hell am I gonna turn my PC off right? Then I tried to turn it on again, and……it couldn’t!! WTH!

So now my CPU also cannot on, monitor also no visual. How lehhhh? Now I’m using Indri’s laptop since she’s out for a meeting~

It could be either the power supply, power cable, or whatever it is…


I’m back! and MU canceled their trip to Indo

Landed on Jakarta at 7pm last night.
Had a great long weekend in Kay Elle.

Man Utd canceled their trip to Indo.
Means they didn’t compete with Indonesia National Football Team lor.
Means organizer had to refund the ticket money lor.
Means those people who had won the tickets (VIP and first class wei!) from the Nike-MU-Jersey lucky draw (my company organized the launching and sales. lol :p) were disappointed lor.

And whose fault is that?

Of course the stupid terrorist la! Wtf!


Feels like De Javu when JW Marriott Jakarta was blasted off on August 5, 2003, nearly 6 years ago…

And this morning, it happened again. This time, it wasn’t only JW Marriott, but also Ritz Carlton Kuningan which is located just across it.

Up to now (I mean when I write this), there have been 4 people died….

The blast happened around 7:40a, this morning near the Plaza Mutiara Restaurant at JW Marriott, then not long after that, another bomb blasted off near Ritz Carlton…


I heard it’s because one of the Presidential candidate (the vice president candidate) wants a re-election as he is not satisfied with the result (he is losing, obviously).

But that’s just MAYBE la. I’m not sure also. Police are investigating it now.

Sigh…Just in time la. So ngam…cos Manchester United is coming to Jakarta this coming Monday (July 20)…..Will they still come?

p.s: an English article about this from CNN and another one (Indonesian) about some victims whose bodies were shattered apart….

Update: 11:57 am – They found ANOTHER bomb at JW Marriott . Wtf!!

1-19 pm – I just received a picture from my mum through BBM (Blackberry Messenger) which she got from her friend:

FREAKING SCARY LA PLS! Sumore looks like he’s an old man…

Another injustice? Sigh…


Wajah perempuan itu terlihat sendu. Matanya sembab. Baju hitam yang dipadu dengan jilbab warna senada kian mempertegas kemurungan hatinya. Wajahnya tak mampu menahan kesedihan dan kerinduan kepada anak yang masih disusuinya, suami, dan keluarga. Prita Mulyasari, 32 tahun, sudah 20 hari mendekam di Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Wanita Tagerang akibat gugatan dari pihak Rumah Sakit Omni Internasional Alam Sutra, Tangerang, tempat dulu ia dirawat.

Prita menjadi tahanan yang dititipkan oleh Kejaksaan Negeri tangerang karena disangka mencemarkan nama baik rumah sakit melalui Internet. Ia dijerat dengan Pasal 27 ayat 3 Undang-Undang Nomor 11 Tahun 2008 tentang Informasi dan Transaksi Elektronik dengan hukuman maksimal enam tahun penjara atau denda maksimal Rp 1 miliar Ia menjadi orang kedua yang dijerat undang-undang itu setelah Narliswandi Piliang, seorang jumalis media on line.

Akibat pengurungan itu, berat badannya langsung melorot. “Selama di sini, berat ba-danku turun 5 kilogram,” ujar karyawati di bagian call center di sebuah bank swasta ini. Selama di tahanan, Prita banyak mengisi waktu dengan mempelajari keterampilan. Di ruang jenguk Lapas Wanita Tangerang yang sempit dan panas, ibu dua anak ini menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan Tempo. Berikut kutipannya

Bagaimana kondisi Anda saat ini?

Alhamdulillah sehat dan baik-baik saja.

Bagaimana .perasaan Anda selama kasus ini bergulir?

(Sambil menangis dan menutup wajahnya sebentar) Saya tidak menyangka jika akan begini jadinya. Saat ini yang saya pikirkan adalah anak-anak saya. (Menangis lagi)

Anda tahu mengapa dipenjara?

Sungguh saya tidak tahu, semua terjadi begitu mendadak dan cepat. Tiba-tiba saya sudah di dalam penjara ini.

Apakah Anda merasa bersalah dan telah menyebarkan nama baik rumah sakit seperti yang dituduhkan?

Saya merasa tidak bersalah. Saya tidak me-nyebarkan surat itu. Saya hanya mengirim ke beberapa teman melalui e-mail pribadi. Mengapa kasus ini bergulir ke pengadilan? Karena saya merasa tidak bersalah dan tidak mencemarkan nama rumah sakit itu.

Berapa orang teman yang Anda kirimi -mail itu?

10 orang, saya pikir itu hanya keluhan dan curhat antarteman.

Apakah menurut Anda, ada yang sengaja menekan dan menginginkan Anda dipenjara? Kalau iya, apa tujuannya?

Saya tidak tahu.

Bagaimana dengan anak-anak Anda selama ditinggal?

(Kembali menangis) Saya sangat merindukan mereka. Mereka masih sangat kecil dan tidak tahu apa-apa.

Pernah bertemu dengan mereka selama ditahan?

Tidak pernah. Saya sengaja tidak menyuruh mereka ketemu saya. Ini demi kebaikan dan mental mereka.

Bagaimana cara Anda berkomunikasi dengan anak-anak?

Menggunakan wartel di penjara. Itu rutin kami lakukan. Mereka selalu bertanya, “kapan bunda pulang?” (sambil menangis)

Bagaimana dengan pekerjaan Anda?

Sampai sekarang saya tidak tahu status saya di perusahaan. Biar suami saya yang mengurus. ]

My question: do you think this is fair?

The Situ Gintung Tragedy

What has my country been doing to suffer from natural disaster AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN? I guess I can never say AGAIN too many times as it has happened too often already.


You know, reading about natural disasters on local newspapers always broke my heart, be it small or huge. Oh well, who doesn’t anyway? Unless you are one heartless cold-blooded creature, then you should have been grieved to see such news.

Friday after midnight, 27th March 2009.

It was 2am, such a time when people are peacefully sleeping, or watching TV, or chit-chatting with the family or neighbors or whoever they are. That was what the residents in Situ Gintung was doing normally.

But that Friday, everything has changed and it won’t be the same again. After the heavy rain on 26-27 March, the dam level has risen, apparently because the gate leading to the spillway was too small.

As a result….

Picture taken from Kompas

Pictures taken from Kompas


Haiz…read here for further information. I am lazy to type.

So anyway, last night there was this special show about the Situ Gintung tragedy. I could see most of the audiences (including some Indonesian famous stars) were tearing (or at least they looked like they wanted to cry) during the show. Basically the presenter was interviewing a 4 or 5 victims of the tragedy. They lost a lot of their loved ones. One of them, named Iwan, even lost 7 (Yes, SEVEN. QI. CHAT.TUJUH) family members of his: his wife, daughter, parents, and 3 younger brothers (or sisters, I’m not clear about that). But he was so brave he didn’t shed a tear while talking (but his eyes were red already, tho).

So heart breaking, okayyyyy? T_T

Anyway, Situ Gintung used to be a recreation area for Jakartarians who wished to rest their eyes from the pollution and all the shits of Jakarta. There, they could play banana boat, or wen for a simple outbound, or riding an ATV or playing tennis, or….

Photo taken by Agus G. Riyana, taken from Panoramio

Yes, that was how Situ Gintung used to be…

Forget it. The place is just a memory now…

Just now I checked the online news and they said the death toll has reached three digits!!

See the video below:

And who the hell should be blamed for this?

I’ll leave it up to you for the answer 😉