The Huge Explosion!

Sunday, 18th January 2009.
21:15 pm

I was happily chatting on MSN with Mochi until I heard my windows shaking so hard it feels like they were going to shattered into pieces, literally. I thought it was a thunder. I looked out of my window and saw the sky was as clear as diamond.

My mum suddenly rushed to my room and asked what had happened since she also feels that the reading room’s door (she was there busy with her laptop as well) was gonna came off -_-

Then daddy came out from his bedroom . He also felt that the door was like gonna came off or something. Then he told us that it was just thunder, a BIG thunder.

But then we also heard what sounded like explosion sounds. 3 times *Duarrr!!* . Mum opened the door to the balcony, looked down and there were some people outside. She looked to the left and to her horror, the sky was in a bright red color! o.O

By that time we knew that one of the Pertamina’s (The National Petroleum Company of Indonesia) oil tank in the Depo in Plumpand was exploded!

The fire was DAMN HUGE AND HIGH!! An eyewitness said on the TV news that the height could reached 100m or more!


All of us went outside and saw the flaming red dragon. Fyi, the distance between my housing complex and the Pertamina’s oil depo is around 1 – 1.5 km away! It’s freaking near la, especially my house! We could see the fire from there, although it wasn’t that clear cos there are trees blocking our views.

See this:

Yea I know, the red color is just beautiful right? But it ain’t that pretty when you know where did it come from. Lol

Ok la, so we packed our important stuffs, you know, those important papers, passports, some clothes, laptops *LOL yeah, our laptops*, etc.

Then my dad and I went to a neighbour’s house to see the fire from a better view. Their house is 3-storey, and we went up to the rooftop, and we could see the fire getting bigger…

Yea, I was on the phone when daddy took this pic. Minutes after the explosion happened, our house phones were ringing non stop, and so did our cells. Thanks to my friends who were concerned about me ^_^

And yes, I know I look ugly here -____-“

Anyway, this was how it looked like from the rooftop:

I couldn’t get a really nice shot since I don’t have a tele. I want a tele lens!!! Anyone kind enough to buy for me? 😀

After awhile, we went back home as Mum was home alone with our house maid.

So what did we do at home while feeling worry-worry-calm? Lol

Watch news on TV lor!

Metro TV’s Breaking News was our devoted companion last nite. We turned it on non stop until wee hours in the morning.

My parents finally dozed off around 2am while I was still reading Reader Digest with TV on (I took an extra bed and slept on parents’ room too, btw, so it would be easier if something happened). I finally could manage to get some sleep around 3am (I was so worried the fire would spread laaa). But it wasn’t a beauty sleep. I kept on getting awake and see if there’s any update on the news la or went to the balcony and see the fire or took out my camera battery from the charger la,…

A phone call woke us up at 5am. It was Mum’s driver. He called to inform that he couldn’t come in today due to flood.

Okayyyy…Flood again -________-

Then we went out to the balcony….

Woahh…very thick smoke!

Sorry for the a-little-bit-blur pic. I was still half awake when I took it. Lol

So around 6:30 am we get into the car and drive out to see the conditions outside since a few of Mum’s friends called and told her they’re not going to work cos their houses were flooded.

Okay, shophouses in front of our housing complex is dry!



Lol…Ohh Kelapa Gadinggggggg…..My lovely placeeeeeeeee…….Once it rains heavily, you will be flooded everywhereeeeeeee……………………

But I still love you very berry much tho! You have everything we need. Hahahaha 😀

Anyway, this is a very common sight you’ll see when there’s heavy rain and flood in Jakarta:

People parking their cars on the higher ground to avoid them from the water. Lol. Sorry, maybe you can’t really see it here. Should have taken it from higher angle but I couldn’t do so since I was in the moving car.


I lost my beloved iPod in the angkot (a kind of public transport in Indonesia – a small van, sometimes even created from a seven-seater, of course not those luxury type one la)this afternoon when I was otw to work T__________T
Some damn pick pocket stole it!!!
Yea it’s kinda my fault also for putting it after using it in the public transport car, and some more my bag is the kind of zipless-tote-bag. So yea…

But still laaaa, so damn sad wei!!!!! ='(((((((((((

I cried over it, you know!

You may think “omg, losing iPod only. why need to cry?”

Eh, I tell you, my iPod is my life! It’s one of my staple things to bring every time I go out.


At first I just had the tears at the corner of my eyes. But when Mochi called after I sms-ed and told him what had happened, I cried. Not those kind of crying out loud la, I was just shed a few tears for like a minute or so. It would be a real shame if I cried as I was in the shopping mall that time (I was looking for crepe paper in the bookshops before I went to work- my biao jie’s order)

I’m saddddddddd T__________________________________________T

I don’t know whether Dad will get me a new one. PROBABLY..just PROBABLY la, I can use my mom’s iPod. See later how lor…

To my iPod stealer, hope you get gatal2 for the seven generations to come. Enjoy!!

Sichuan earthquake 2008

So all of us should know by now about the massive earthquake in Sichuan right? If you don’t know, please go google now!

With the magnitude power of 7.9 Ritcher Scale, the after-effect it brought is really…I don’t know how to put it in words…saddening? scary?…


…It’s far worst than that…

I was in Huang Shan (my summer holiday trip with the school) when the earthquake happened. I didn’t know anything about it until mum sms-ed me at night telling me about it, and asking whether Beijing feel the effect, and whether my school building is standing still (-_-“).

I was like..OMG. 7.9 RS!! It’s like so big, ok!

The next day, smses were started to come from some friends and relatives asking whether I’m ok.

And I feel super duper triple quadruple lucky!!!!!

You know why??

Every year my school organizes a trip to Jiu Zhai Gou for the students. Jiu Zhai Gou is one beautiful place in SICHUAN province.

But this year, for the very first time, they canceled the Jiu Zhai Gou trip!

At first me and friends were like…” Jiu Zhai Gou this year :(“

But now…

“OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!!! We’re so very lucky we didn’t go to Jiu Zhai Gou!!!!”

At first we heard from one of the teachers that there will be no trip to Jiu Zhai Gou this year because there is a place there (my guess is a mountain area) that make the teachers’ heart skipped a bit when they passed it by bus because the road is so narrow and there is a deep deep cliff on the side….

(“My heart is here already!”)

The teacher said that while putting her hand under her chin.

Means it’s so scary la.

So they canceled the trip.

But, on the next day after I received the sms from mum I heard one of the teachers that went with us said that the school cancel this year’s trip to Jiu Zhai Gou because there have been some signs of the earthquake or what I’m not sure.

The worst thing is the parents with 1 child only.

It’s around 14:28 China time when the earthquake happened, so there were kids in school. And they were buried inside the school building’s that had been collapsed…

So you can try to imagine how do they feel when they were waiting for the rescuers to found the children….and to found out their children are not breathing anymore…

I read the earthquake news and I feel like crying…

Thank God we are all safe now. Imagine if I went to Jiu Zhai Gou and was on the cable car when the disaster happened…

I wouldn’t be here and blog…

Anyway, regarding the earthquake, my school made a donation box for the students to put money in. The money will be send to Sichuan to help the victims. We also wrote messages on 2 big paperboards.

Hopefully Sichuan will recover soon…

*Deep condolence to the victims*


My stripy note book is gone!! Huhuhu…
Where did I last put it? Oh noo….there are some important stuffs inside it, including the Gobo Production’s expenses which I haven’t finished calculate T_T

I’ve asked Ee Jien whether I left it in his house, but he said no. I’ve asked Achie, and the answer is idem…I’ve searched throughout my room, but still haven’t found it…

Where are youuuu?? *sob sob*

Nightmare in Virginia

Until now, the news about the Virginia Tech massacre [April 16th 2007] is still on. Well, it’s still a ht topic until today. At least that’s what I read in They said it was the deadliest shooting spree in US history. Gosh!

Thinking bout it, it’s damn scary to have such a disaster in a university. Really scary, especially when you were there, watching the crazy murderer shooting his bullets to anyone regardless of who they are. Watching your fellow classmates falling one by one in front of your very eyes…Blood splatting everywhere…and Cho Seung-Hui giving his psycho grin to you [that’s just my imagination. forget it]

Imagine if I was there and I saw the whole massacring process…32 people killed in that bloody incident…

I bet I will have a deep trauma for the rest of my life…

Deep condolences for the victims, including a 31 year old Indonesian post-graduate student who’s currently studying in VT.


Ok, so there was a fire just now in the unit just beside mine!
At first, Juan and I heard somebody screaming [stupid me thought it was a cat shrieking cos it sounds like one..hahaha], then we were talking in the kitchen and heard people screaming continuously. We thought there was a fight outside. So we opened the laundry-room-door slowly [afraid if there was really a fight, something may flew towards us..hehe], and then I smell smokes, and she saw flame! Then she said “Kebakaran, Mel!”, and yeahh the flame was big!
Then we quickly took our cellphones and woke Angel up. She was sleeping at that time and she locked the door! We were like panic and bang on her door until she came out [in shock, of course] We rushed downstairs and not long after that, the people who are staying in my block also rushing downstairs. wew~ I heard a person said the fire was because of the gas..maybe the gas was leaking or sumthing. We were just afraid if there’s going to be any explosion. Fortunately, there wasn’t 🙂 I saw some people were able to brought some “un-necessary” things such as laptops. The funny thing was, there was this friend of mine. When we met at the stairs he told us that he was doing his assignment, then he dissapeared. Later on, we saw him walking out of the block with a backpack!muahahaha…he brought his assignment along… Slowly, those people who brought camera along started to taking pics. I took some pics with my cellphone oso… *sorry for the unclear pics..well, nokia 6680 is only supported with 1,3mp camera…*

~the crowd outside my block~

~another not-so-clear- pic~

Fortunately nobody was injured *from what I see lar*. pheww…
Ouw, and the firemen came also, but I guess they were late since the securities and some people help to fought the fire. So, mo yung yaaa..hehehehe

When we went back home, we found this…

~the gas from neighbor’s~ *ga penting si..iseng masukin aja..hehe*

Okie, guys…I wanna get some sleep now. I have class in 6 hours from now -_-