Happening December

It’s been almost a month since my last post. So… what has happened in between?

For a start, I’ve since resigned and taken up a new role. I tendered my resignation on the first week of November. Funny thing was that I received the new job offer on Toshi’s last day at work (it was a Friday) and I threw in my letter on the following Monday. It might be quite a shock for my bosses because, well, one of my colleague had just left and here I was, tendering my resignation technically right after that. I felt quite bad but I had to resign quickly. Why? Because my new company wanted me to start on the November 30th! My new boss definitely understood that I wouldn’t have had finished my one-month notice period by then, so they kindly pushed the starting date back to December 7th.

I’m still doing account management (my previous role was in project / account management) in a tech start-up (my former boss joked that I seem to love start-ups so much hahaha). The difference is, of course, in the product that the company builds and it’s an Australian company.

My last day of work was on the first Friday of December and I flew to the new company’s headquarter in Sydney in the wee hours of Monday. So technically I had no break whatsoever during the transition (the same thing happened to me before I joined Circus. My last day at eYeka was on a Friday and I started at Circus the following Monday).

So the next thing that happened, I was in Sydney for (almost) a week.

For work training, that is, but I did go out every evening after work. Hahaha! It didn’t help that I have a family friend who lives in Sydney and they were very excited to bring me out since it was my first time in the city. I shall write a separate post just for this. All I had to say is that, Sydney is wonderful! I truly enjoyed my time there, both the work and the leisure.

And the most exciting happening this month is definitely Christmas!!! My most favourite festive season ever! 😀 I will be writing my report on Christmas decoration at Orchard Road soon as well.

2015 has gone by in a flash and I am very thankful of everything that has happened. I believe 2016 will be an even more awesome year! 😀

I melted in a food court

Me: Hey, if you can choose to go back to one point of time in your past, say from primary school to university, which period would you want to return to?

Mr. Phlegmatic: *Thinking for a few seconds* Hmm… I don’t want to go back, because I’m afraid I wouldn’t have met you if I were to do so.

Me: *Stunned. Totally didn’t expect this answer* But if we are meant to be, we would have met anyway, wouldn’t we?

Mr. Phlegmatic: Not necessarily so, because I may have chosen a different path, and so did you. I may have decided to stay in Indonesia or worked somewhere else other than Singapore. You may perhaps have chosen to work in other country and not in Singapore. There are lots of possibilities, so no, I don’t want to go back.

Yes, I melted right there and then (at a food court, nonetheless. We were having dinner then.).

My 2013 in a nutshell

I know it’s very late for me to be posting this now, but nevermind! 😀

2013 was a year filled with lots of emotions and new experiences for me. I feel that I’ve grown significantly as a person, be it in terms of work or spiritually.

I was in Shanghai when the clock struck twelve on January 1, 2013. Didn’t go to any party or celebration whatsoever, but was chilling in the hotel room with heater on and lotsa snacks with my parents. Entertained by Chinese TV shows.

February was when I decided to attend cell group (AmoreDio) more regularly. It was when I realised the awesome people in the group who are now a big part of my life. Joining AmoreDio is also one of the best decisions I’ve ever made so far. My parents are glad now that I am being active in a religious/church community and I truly feels it helps my spirituality grows. A lot.

Nothing much happened in March, which may be the reason why I couldn’t remember much of this month.

Attending a close friend’s wedding is always fun, and that was the highlight of my April. I went to Perth to attend Cimir’s wedding. It was a very fun trip filled with so much laughter and yummy nomnoms!

May was the starting of my involvement in AmoreDio. It was my first church organisation and it changes my life. For the better, of course. Didn’t regret being involved in this organisation as it introduced me to lots of awesome people!

Can’t remember what happened in June. I guess there was nothing significant this month as well. Oh wait, I joined the Praise & Worship team this month. Yea, I think it was this month.

I think.

In July, I gathered my courage and did something I should have done long ago. It was not easy (at least for me) and I was filled up with stress and anxiety for a good week. But I felt relieved in the end.

August saw me being busy preparing for Indonesian Independence Day celebration at my church. The PW team sang a few Indonesian songs and the preparation was quite intense. The result was pretty good, if I could say so myself! 😀 Also went to see Asian Beat’s final with the team members.

My friends asked why am I always going to China for vacation and that question came up again in September as I went to Jiuzhaigou with my parents, a few relatives, and a bunch of mum’s secondary schoolmates. It was so much fun! The scenery was breathtakingly pretty! It was also the month when I scored a new job and tendered my resignation at the big Y.

I have left school long ago but October feels as if I’m coming back to one. The Bible Quiz at the beginning of the month found me reading pages after pages of Cathecism and Bible verses (which I don’t remember anymore now). The first week of October was also my last week of work at the big Y and I started my new role as a Circus penguin the following week. It was also the month when I went on an ‘official first date’ with Mr. Phlegmatic and we started a relationship 4 days after, which would be my biggest highlight of the year.

November is always a happy month as long as I can recall, as it’s the month of my birthday! HEHEHE… It was my first birthday where I had to head home early and being on standby for work until 2:30am the next day. This month was a pretty busy one as we were preparing for a seminar organised by Bishan and Toa Payoh’s cell groups. Was very, very thankful and happy with the successful end result! 😀

And we come to my favourite month of the year, December!!! I love, love this month! 😀 I had a fun Christmas Eve with Mr. Phlegmatic. Home-made dishes, 3D puzzle, movies, and lots of laughter. The next day was the KKIS Christmas Carnival and we found ourselves singing Christmas carols and there were fun games for our retreat fund raising as well. A day after Christmas, I flew back to Jakarta and visited Magelang and Solo during the 1 week I was there.

And that was my 2013 in a nutshell. Overall, it was a very good year and I’m sure 2014 will be even more awesome! 😀


There were no sugar-coated words nor extraordinary acts. There were only heartfelt words, said straight from the heart. Honest feelings towards each other that truly shows how two people who are pretty much different from one another could be in the same side of the heart. Yes, opposites do attract!

I know we are so different, and the journey with me may not be easy (I might not be the easiest girl to handle, I have to admit), but I hope you are willing to walk down this path together with me. 🙂

Oh, and thanks for not running away though you’ve seen me being myself. I was afraid I scared you off with my talkativeness and others. It is comfortable being around you because I don’t have to put on a mask. So yeah, thank you! ^^


Happy Belated New Year 2013!

In a blink of an eye and *poof!* it’s 2013! I feel last year went by pretty fast, with of course ups and downs along the way as usual.


So. two thousand thirteen! Unlike many people out there, I’ve never made any new year resolution (not that I remember of anyway). Why? Actually there’s no specific reason why. Maybe I’m just lazy :p

But this year I have two! Okay, actually I’ve just made the other one yesterday.

The first one is to learn Cantonese!

China-HongKong-language-Cantonese-183648Image taken from here

I’ve been wanting to learn this language for about 6 years, but has never gotten the chance to do so. I’ve even bought some books to helped me learn but to no avail. So I’ve decided that I should take some classes this year!

To me, Cantonese is a very interesting language. It may not be THAT useful in Singapore, but it will be very useful when I go to Hong Kong and talk to my Hongkie relatives and for me to watch TVB! Hahahaha. Because most of them speak only Cantonese and Mandarin, and the same for the elderly ones, aside from the fact that they speak Indonesian and Javanese too (they were from Indonesia originally before migrating back to China in 1950s – 1960s and then escaped to Hong Kong afterwards because life in China was just too hard .

Like they told me how their house has no flooring, only soil, and it would be freezing cold at night during winter, almost zero to very low salary, etc. Basically all those stuffs during Mao’s era. You get the idea. If you don’t, Mister Google is your best friend.

Okay, so the second resolution is to have a clearer complexion! I think my complexion is not bad, actually. In fact, a lot of people have told me how my skin is so good, etc. Which I don’t think it’s all true. I have a few ‘holes’ on the area near my nose as I used to extract whiteheads on my own (which I really, really, really regret now. For the sake of your skin, please don’t do that! Go to a professional beauty salon or use products like b.liv Off With Those Heads – I swear by it, by the way).

I purchased Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System two days ago from a seller on Qoo10 (previously called GMarket) and I received it the next day, in less than 24 hours! Awesome or what? The seller was very responsible (she texted me a few hours after I placed my order, telling me she has mailed out the brush) and Singpost service was also good lar. They were the one who delivered it to me anyway 😀


I bought it for S$41.90 + S$3 registered mail fee. It is reasonable considering the price in the US itself is $30. Used it for the first time last night and I felt my skin was cleansed better than usual. So let’s see how will it goes in the long run. Hopefully it will do some thingamagic on my skin 😀

I’ve always been a fan of Olay products and I’m actually using the Total Effects 7-in-1 moisturizer and the Renegerist Eye Lifting Serum.

The best thing about it is the price. Actually I’ve been wanting to buy Clarisonic Mia for some time, but it’s $119 for one (and even more expensive for the more advanced models) and I’ve never actually seen the product here in Singapore, so it has to be purchased online via Amazon/some other online shops and it’s mafan, but I would love to get one if a friend or I get to go to the US.

And the brush replacement is like $25 for one -__________-

So when I found out about this Olay one, I was very happy and immediately did some quick research on its effectiveness. Most of the testimonials I read are quite positive so I decided to give it a try.

A little bit off topic: I spent my Christmas and New Year traveling to the Hong Kong and roaming some parts of China, namely Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. It was very memorable and fun to say the least, with some snow as a surprise 😀

and of course holiday fats which I still haven’t successfully shed to this very day -_____________-

But it’s hard to resist yummy food leh. How? T______T