Goodbye Dayre

For those who don’t know, Dayre is a microblogging app which is quite popular in Singapore and Malaysia, although there are quite a bit of users from other parts of the world too.

When the news came 2 weeks ago that it was about to be closed down on the 28th of Feb, panic ensued and Dayre users were looking for alternatives, such as WeBlogIt, Steller or WordPress and efforts were made to keep the beloved app and, most importantly, community, alive.

SG Budget Babe (Dawn) was one user who really went all out to get investors to look at it and, hopefully, buy Dayre out and keep it alive. I totally applaud her efforts!

Today is the 21st of February, and there’s no signs of a successful buyout yet so far. It seems like majority of Dayre users have sort of succumbed to the faith that Dayre will no longer be around. Even the notifications have stopped working awhile ago!

Yesterday though, an anonymous user came in like a knight in a shining armour, bearing the good news on how to export Dayre posts to WordPress. Well, Dayre did send out an email to all of its users that they will be helping us to export all our posts:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.29.24 PM

Hopefully they will keep up their words and everyone will get to download their posts by 28th February.

In the meantime, I am currently waiting to export my posts to WP through a plugin that the anonymous user has created.


I left it at that and went on to do my work. Around 15 minutes later, I came back and saw this:

Whattttt? From 7k+ to 10k+? Hahahahahahaha. It’s down to 9,000-ish now as I’m typing.

I’ve set up a new WP site just to export these posts because apparently notifications will be triggered to your site followers when the posts were ready, so no, that’s not something I wanna do as it will definitely disturb my followers (not that I have many to begin with, but still!).

So once it’s all done, I’m gonna go through all of the posts to see which ones are worthy to be ported over to this site and which ones can stay behind. Cheers!


3:55pm – I’ve finally managed to get into the queue to export my posts! After 3 failed attempts. Dayreans have really fast fingers 😀


Really appreciate this person’s effort in doing this for the community!

Time for a new pair of glasses!

Haven’t been writing much lately because I’ve been quite busy with work and other stuff in general. I really feel this year is passing by really, really quickly! I thought Chinese New Year was just awhile ago?

So it’s about 3 months to our D-day and preparation have been going rather well, if I may say so. We’ll only be having our holy matrimony here in Singapore (no reception whatsoever), so the preparation is rather minimal. We’ll be DYI-ing our bridal car decoration, bouquet, boutonnieres and some signages to be put up on the reception table. All of these are just for Singapore though. I can’t be bothered to DYI anything for the reception in Jakarta since I won’t have time.

On a slightly random note, I’ve finally made a new pair of glasses yesterday! I’ve been wearing my current pair for slightly more than 4 years and it’s time to send it to retirement. Some scratches can be seen on the lenses, and the frame is pretty much worn out already.

Here’s the state of my current pair:


Ermm sorry it may look a little gross. Not sure why the plastic turns this way -_- Perhaps due to all the sweat and sebum over the years?


The coating is peeling off…



Not sure if you can see the scratches on the lens there, but yea, it’s really time for a change hahaha.

Initially I was thinking to make a pair at Owndays, but after some research and store visits, I wasn’t really confident with the quality it offers, especially the lens, because that is very important to me. I did a bit more research on a more traditional optical shop and decided to give Mimeo a try after reading some good reviews about it.

So I made a visit to the shop yesterday and made a new pair with a very light and flexible frame, along with Kodak blue lenses. Can’t wait to pick it up next week!

I can haz Whaley on my phone now

I asked Daisoman to help me adapt my blog banner design to phone wallpaper (I just love it that much cos it’s super cute!) and this is the result:

Locked screen: Whaley is asleep at night (see that snot bubble?) with his nightcap!



Home screen: It’s day time and Whaley is awake and ready to play!


Hahahahaha soooo cute I’m gonna stare at my phone all day now :p

Morning Verbal Diarrhea

Lately I’ve been feeling a little down at times. While I’m partly blaming PMS (one of the most convenient excuses a girl can make!), I think partly it’s because some things seem to not be going smoothly and they are a little rough.

As easy as it is to allow myself wallowing in self pity, I tried my best not to do so and instead, thinking of how much I have and how much blessing I’ve been receiving every day really helps in switching my negative mindset to positive.

During cell group 2 weeks ago, a friend said something that stuck with me and it actually popped up in my head a few times lately. He said,

When I feel really stressed up with work, I think of how stressed up I was when I had just graduated with no job for a few months. I’ve never experienced stress in such intensity before and it was really bad. Therefore, whenever I think of that, I will feel grateful because the stress I’m feeling is because I have a job, not because I don’t have one.

It made me think and reflect back on when I was unemployed for a few months during my first year in Singapore. It was indeed really stressful to wake up every morning desperately applying for countless of jobs, having no income yet renting a room does not come for free. Damn stress ok! Some more need to eat instant noodles everyday, no wonder my hair became wavy HAHAHA no la kidding.

Definitely not a life episode I would want to repeat ever again. I think I lost about 4 kg of weight over that period of time o.O that’s one of the silver linings I guess :p (I have the tendency to lose weight when I am under a lot of pressure even though I eat like a pig at ungodly hours of the night)

Anyway, I could go on more about that part of my life but today’s post is not about that!

I’ve been listening to True Worshippers a lot lately. They help to lift my spirits up whenever I’m feeling low and this particular song really appeals to me lately:

Who sees my brokenness and carries me when I am frail and weak
Jesus it is You
Who tells the storm to rest when I am overwhelmed and cannot speak
Jesus it is You

So true!! This part of the lyrics is one that is easy to relate to. Sometimes I may forget about it when things went awry but Jesus is always there to support me whenever I’m frail and week ^^

Ahhh ok feeling better after a little bit of verbal diarrhea! Time to get back to work and tick off everything on my checklist today!

Dumb T-Rexth

Another month has just left and June is here! Wait, what? I thought Chinese New Year has just passed not long ago?!

Life’s been going on as per usual, with quite a number of activities in between. This weekend, I’ll be going for a baby shower on Saturday noon, followed by cycling late afternoon. Sunday afternoon is reserved for Mag & Eugene’s housewarming! So excited, looking forward to this weekend! 😀

I was RSVP-ing for a friend’s wedding this November earlier and I realized that I will be attending 2 weddings in November and Daisoman will be attending 3! All on 3 consecutive weeks! November is like a really good month for wedding after all, I guess.

On a completely different topic,

Was at Great World City after church earlier and we went to Motherworks just for fun. Actually it was more like I wanted to go in lah hahahahaha cos I love baby stuff and the real reason was that I wanted to take a look at hand puppets hahahahahaha I love hand puppets and making small play with them! 😀

Then we saw this dumb-looking T-rex plushie…

DAMN CUTE!! Hahahahahaha

Daisoman and I immediately thought of the T-rexth meme:

Made with Square InstaPic


He then started to move it as if it was dancing (both of us like to do that to stuffed toys), so I whipped out my phone and start recording…

 HAHAHAHAHA I was trying hard not to laugh!!

The unfortunate fate of Mama Lemon

This true event happened a couple of weeks ago.

I happily bought a bottle of Mama Lemon so we could wash our utensils and bottles properly in the office (the current temporary office has no kitchen sink) rather than using handwash liquid.

That morning, I was happily carrying a bowl to be washed in the ladies, along with the new, pretty orange-coloured sponge and Mama Lemon. I put her (yes, she is a female obviously) on the window sill and turned on the water tap.

Mama Lemon 2

A second later, Mama Lemon decided that the world was too cruel and hence she jumped off the window sill.

It was as if the world was moving at a slow motion. I watched her falling down to the ground, slowly but surely. A few seconds later, I heard the sound. The sound confirming she has ended her life. She spilled out her content onto the ground, spreading far and wide.

Mama Lemon 1


I looked out of the window, staring helplessly at the ground 10 meters below, wanted to just run downstairs and rescue her with whatever she had left.

But I decided not to. So I left her spilling to death. I haven’t even had the chance to use ONE drop of her…

My colleagues, however, offered no sympathy and laughed as loud as they could when I told them about the sad news. Such is life…

A few days after, I realised some kind soul had pick her up and put her at a higher place…

Mama Lemon 4

Oh well, at least she is in a better place now.

Mama Lemon 3

Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of the year again! Jack O’Lantern, trick or treats, and costumes. Not that I participate in any of that, but just thought Halloween can actually be fun with lots of different activities (personally I would love to try making this melted crayon pumpkin! Isn’t it just cool or what?!)

Since we are entering November, I thought I might as well do some reflection of what has happened over the past 10 months. 2014 is indeed flying by like nobody’s business!

So let’s see… what have we got…

Life has been very good generally! Have formally introduced Mr. Phlegmatic to my parents and vice versa during Chinese New Year. It feels great when both parents approve our relationship (not that they were ever against it in the first place) 😀

Speaking of the mister, love life has been really awesome too! We have just hit our 1st year milestone and looking forward for many many more to come. Life was great and it has been even better with this man around. Totally grateful for having him in my life.

Spiritual-wise, it’s been a pretty busy year with the community and will continue to be so until our annual retreat in February. I’m enjoying it though! 🙂

Work wise, it’s been very busy and yet very fulfilling. There were just so many things to do most of the time, but it’s a good challenge and I keep on learning something new every day. Oh, I’ve also hit the 1st year milestone with the company early this month! 😀 And… have just being offered a promotion today!! Feeling very happy and grateful to have a wonderful boss and team who keep on encouraging me to do even better every time.

Ok, that should be the end of my reflection hahahahaha so short!

So this morning, at work, when Shainah stepped into the office, I let out a gasp and immediately stood up because…


Hahahahahahaha! The Grady twins are all grown up now! I was holding a knife and Shainah was holding a… scissors. Hahahaha cos there were no more knives in the office.

Our outfits were totally unplanned by the way! 😀


Went to Funan after work to accompany the mister exchanging a Minecraft tee he got from Andy (which he said is a farewell gift as Andy is moving out of the house to a new place tomorrow. Why so sweet!). The store is selling a whole lot of Minecraft merchandises and I found Om Nom (from ‘Cut the Rope’ game). He looks dumb as always, which I like. Hehehehe…

Oh, btw I like one of the Om Nom plushies, the one where he has a sad expression of missing out on the candy.

Om Nom

The one on the right!! Hahahaha looks so sad and yet so adorable!


Had dinner at Bishamon. I had the Original Miso Ramen which is so good and the mister had the Kaarage something Ramen which the soup was so salty!

Decided to walk home through Clarke Quay to see the patrons dressing up and saw this…


HAHAHAHAHA this Mario Bros riding on dunno what. Looks like a steel dinosaur or something hahahahaha!


There was also a Halloween celebration for the children at my condo (as how it is every year) and found this when I reached the lobby… I think it was some sweets with peanut or something. Thumbs up for the effort of whoever made this though!