Random Photos on an Off Day

I’ve been keeping this post in the draft for more than a month already -______-

Ok, just gonna post random pics today! It’s an off day for me cause the company gives us a day off to replace the Singapore National Holiday that falls on August 9.

Saw these bread at Paragon Market Place…


Hahahahahahahaha! Pretty clever, I would say. They have the bible scriptures written on the packaging some more!



Would love to try it one day. Not cheap though. S$13.xx a loaf!



Went to have Monster Curry for dinner with the mister last Saturday. We ordered the combo for the first time and it was huge! We feel the plate was bigger than the non-combo meals? Went there twice in less than a week. Hehehehe



My dinner the other day.. Nemo Brioche from Paul! Hahaha so cute la this bread. But the greedy mister just had to steal it from me. Look at that, he could suck the whole fish in. #poorfishy



The mister had his wisdom tooth extracted last week and this was the photo he sent me after he reached home. Poor boy! So I added the cute frog (Leonard from LINE) to make him feel better. Hahahahaha :p



Our COO flew in from Bangalore for 2 days and he brought 2 boxes of these Indian sweets. Sugar high early in the morning yo! But too sweet for my liking.



Went to Five & Dime for dinner last week and tried their Milo Panacota for the first time. OMG so good! The mister and I went silent the moment we had our first bites and we licked the plate clean! All the way to the last bit of Milo powder. Hahahahaha!



Shainah brought Toaster’s Yoda and Mario back to life! Thanks Shainananah, you saved my life.



Tried manju for the first time! There was a food fair at Takashimaya and there was this Japanese stall selling authentic Japanese snacks (even the seller was Japanese). It was yum, albeit quite pricey at S$2 a piece.



Also tried dango! It was yummy as well =9



The S$3.5 million roasted pork from Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint. The char siew was especially good even though I ate it a few hours after it was bought. It was really juicy and succulent. The mister and a couple of our friends went for it on a Sunday morning but I couldn’t make it since I had a Confirmation class to attend, so he dabao-ed for me, with extra char siew! 😀



Was at a Sony Store yesterday and was trying out a camera on display. The mister was standing and checking his phone in front of a couple of photographs and it looked quite nice. But as I was pressing the shutter, he moved and thus resulted in this. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA damn cacat lor! Still laughing as I am looking at this picture again!




So I was talking to the mister on LINE about registering for the upcoming presidential election next month…

Him: My name is registered. What’s your passport number?

Me: Axxxxxxxxx

Him: Your name is not in!

Me: Oh, I had just registered a couple of minutes ago actually. I think my name was not in the list cos I’ve just renewed my passport

Him: Oo.. haha I see. The list is a PDF so it’s offline

Me: Yea, I saw it too just now. How many Pelix Susanto are there?

(I, and some of our friends, like to call him Pelix instead of Felix)

Him: Pelix? Felix you mean?

Me: I call you Pelix ma. Hahahahaha

Him: Cos my name in my NPWP card (Nomor Penduduk Wajib Pajak – Taxation Identification Number for Indonesians) was written as “Pelix” last time

Me: Really???

Him: Yup


How come??

Him: Then they asked me to change it

Me: Wahahahahahahahahahahaha

Him: The worst one was when I went to a salon last time. The staff was asking for my name… Then I replied. She didn’t seem to get it, then I repeated for another 3 times and she finally wrote it on the paper. Then I glanced at it…

She wrote my name as “Polip” (“Polyp” in Indonesian)

(I replied him 3 minutes later…)



Couldn’t reply you right away just now cos I was laughing!!

Him: Hahahahahahaha

Me: Polip Susanto!


I feel that my level of patience gets thinner as I grow older. I used to be very patient up to just a few years ago. Nowadays, I get grouchy or angry at things quite easily. Dunno why!! I don’t like it though 😦

Maybe the world is testing my patience. Or maybe it’s the stupid hormones. Or maybe it’s just me getting less patient altogether.

Or maybe because lately I’ve been experiencing and hearing more and more stories that almost tipped my boiling point.

Or maybe because I’ve learned to not taking in shit that comes my way. A few years ago, some said that I was being too nice and therefore some people tried to step on my head. Maybe I’ve just learned a lot in the past couple of years that I gotta stand up for myself and if someone throws shit at me, I’m gonna try to throw it back at their faces instead.

Gotta start building up my patience again! Haven’t been feeling as cheerful as I used to lately haiz… Thankfully Mr. Phlegmatic is more patient than I do and he calms me down whenever I’m feeling grouchy and cheer me up when I’m feeling blue. 😀

(Or maybe this is just growing old)



Living Abroad

Recently I’ve seen this post from Thought Catalog making its round on social media and it inspires me to write my own ’10 things’ about living abroad. Some of them may be similar or even the same as the ones mentioned in the article, but here goes:

I’ve been living abroad for 8 years now, starting from 3 years in Malaysia for university, 1 year in China for language school, (coming back to Jakarta for 1.5 year afterwards), and close to 4 years in Singapore at the moment.

To me, living abroad have given me invaluable experiences which I will never get from living in my hometown alone.


1. Being independent
One of the first things most people will think when they first found out that you are living abroad is you are independent. I won’t say it’s necessarily true for everyone, but I do think of it that way. When you are far away from home, from your family, friends, and loved ones, you have no choice but to buckle and toughen up! This is especially true if you have no friends or relatives in the new country you are going to. Being alone in the sea of strangers can be quite intimidating sometimes, but there’s some fun to it! 😀

You’ll also need to do everything on your own, including house chores. Ha! Not everyone is used to do cleaning up back home, but when you are abroad, you gotta do it! Otherwise, good luck with all those dust and mites at the corners of your room.


2. Freedom
Yeap, I won’t deny that living abroad gives me the freedom I need. I love Singapore for its safety and super convenient public transportation, unlike Jakarta where I can’t go anywhere without a car or hailing a cab. This really helps when I’m out and about.

That’s just one kind of freedom though. The more important point here is that, having the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want it is very liberating, and it helps to shape you as an individual because although you have the freedom, you have to bear the responsibilities that come with it. You have to make decisions on your own to justify what you are doing.


3. Growth
From my observation, people who have lived abroad tend to be mature a little bit quicker than those who don’t. Maybe because they are somehow ‘forced’ to grow up. Please note: I’m not underestimating those who have not lived abroad before. This is just my own observation.

I guess it relates back to #1 – Being independent. As you learn to be independent, you grow.


4. Lonely
Not everyday is a bed of roses. I admit there were times I felt kinda lonely as if I have no one. There was a period of time where I was surrounded by friends and colleagues and yet, I felt so alone. But I gotta put a disclaimer here: I haven’t felt lonely for the past 11 months. All thanks to AmoreDio! 🙂

But being alone sometimes allows you to think of things you wouldn’t otherwise. It gives you time to reflect on things and sometimes, being alone do help to put your mind to rest and just… relax.


5. Excitement
Of course! Living abroad is exciting (okay, maybe the excitement may wear off after a couple of years or so, depending on the individual), with everything going on around you, new things, new places to discover, and just… new everything!

Yes, it IS exciting. One thing to keep the excitement alive is to regularly find something new to do. For me, it’s finding a new place to dine at, a new bakery or patisserie, or just simply finding something interesting in places I’ve visit hundreds of times. 😀


6. Financial planning
Tell me about it! When you are living on your own, moreover when you are abroad, financial planning becomes something crucial that you gotta do. From managing your daily expenses to savings/investment, everything has to be calculated properly. On my first few months in Malaysia, I jot down every expenses I’ve made and I tracked how much I spent each month (okay, it was more like my mum asked me to do it. Lol). I don’t do it anymore though (too lazy!), but I sure know how it’s like surviving with just 2 digits in your bank account when your pay day is 2 weeks away.


7. Farewells and goodbyes
One of the things I dreaded the most is farewell. I enjoy making new friends but I dreaded it so much when it’s time for us to part ways. This was especially true when I was about to leave Beijing. I still remember it quite vividly. A few weeks prior to my departure, I had to say goodbyes to my close friends there and it was not a pretty sight filled with tears. On the morning of my departure (and a few other friends as well), a big bunch of friends sent us off at the school front yard and it was not a happy thing to do 😦 To this moment, I am still missing each and every one of my ex-classmates and have only managed to met up with a few of them. Looking forward to the day we could have a reunion in Beijing or somewhere!


8. Awesome stories to tell your kids and grandchildren
“You know kids, there was once I went for a Japanese all-you-can-eat with my friends and one of the Japs in the group ordered this thing called yamaimo…”

“What does it look like, grandma?”

“Well, if you’ve ever looked at your own phlegm, that’s exactly how it looks like.”


9. Realising that holidays with family that you rather took for granted before are precious moments you really look forward to
Because you don’t see them everyday anymore now.


10. Making international friends
This, I’d say, is one of the most awesome perks of living abroad!! Never in my life have I thought of having friends from Reunion Island, Italy, Japan, Thailand, etc.! And thanks to social media, our distance is nearer than ever 😀

Be happy!

Like they said, happiness is a state of mind. It is something you have a complete control over, so fill your mind with happy, positive thoughts and get rid of the negative ones!


Being happy is a choice. It is something I have chosen to be, and I hope you will choose to be one too!

This fluffy bottom seriously makes me giggle. Y U so cute?! Oh, it’s my wrist rest by the way.