I miss you, weekend!

I can’t wait for weekend to come! The past week has been pretty busy up to yesterday (even the weekend flew by just like that. It was as if they came by just to say Hi!). I have been having good night sleep for 4 days in a row but always woke up feeling sleepy. Hahaha! I guess I’m still indebted to my bed! Sorry darling, I’ll try to make it up to you this Friday/Saturday night, okay?

Dania was here on Monday til Wednesday, so as usual, excessive calorie intake alert! Hahahaha! My tummy capacity was pushed to the brim with dinner at Soup Restaurant followed by Mac & cheese at Pique Nique and fruit juice afterwards on the first night, and No Signboard Seafood dinner followed by tea and dessert (cake + macarons) at TWG on the second night. I think my calorie intake these past 2 days is more than my usual intake per week (exaggerate a bit lah hor?). But never mind, diet always starts tomorrow. And it’s only once every few months. Hehehehe. πŸ˜€

On another note, life’s been good lately with some unexpected (good) things popping up here and there, and it’s those small things that made me happy πŸ™‚

By now, I think I have learned even more on how to be grateful with what you have. I realize I’m very lucky, indeed! A good place to stay (complete with a really nice and cool aunt and a naughty yet cute dog), a job, food on my table, awesome family, crazy friends, and activities to keep me occupied. I can’t remember when was the last time I’m as busy as now. Haha! 倩主謝謝您 for providing me with what I need and surprising me with some things along the way. I truly believe You have set the time for everything that happens to me, and for that, I couldn’t be more thankful. πŸ™‚

Anyway, random pictures!


Pink sky! This was taken a couple of weeks ago when I was at the bus stop on my way home from work. Rarely see pink sky here and my iPhone didn’t really capture the true colour. It was more beautiful in real life.




Was at Bishan last Saturday midnight (ok, technically it was wee hour of Sunday) for friends’ birthday surprise. When I was waiting for NR1 bus (a few friends were there accompanying me too!) at the bus stop opposite Bishan North Shopping Mall, suddenly there was this super loud sound of crushed metal. It definitely made us awake (were were feeling sleepy at that point of time. It was like 1:30am). Apparently a car (on the left lane) crashed onto the metal barrier to the point that it went over to the next lane AND the driver did not stop and continued to drive facing the opposite traffic with metal bars latched onto the bottom of his car. He was very lucky there was no car on the next lane. Otherwise, he would have been sent straight up there -_____-

Dunno whether he was drunk or sleepy. One of us managed to note down the plate number though. Not sure whether it’s gonna be useful or not. We’ll see.

Oh well, this is one thing that you don’t see everyday. Apparently it was the second case this month! I think the first one happened not far from there.



JVC Marshmallow

My second Ultimate Ears 100 have finally given up after about 2 years (it’s worth the money for an entry level in-ears). So I needed a new pair and ended up with this JVC Marshmallow HA-FX30-A. This is my first time using in-ears with foam earpieces instead of silicone. They fit nicely in my ears, pretty soft and comfortable. Wanted the pink one but the store didn’t carry it, so blue it is! Super like the royal blue colour. πŸ˜€




After-dinner tea and dessert on Tuesday. Dania chose the cake. It was Napoleon something I dunno. I had Earl Grey Fortune & Chocolate and 1837 Black Tea & Blackcurrant macarons. I assure you the dinner coma afterwards was quite intense.



Looks like something you see on Tumblr?

I think so too.


[Picture taken in Western Australia, somewhere during the hours-long journey to the countryside – April 2013]


Screen shot 2013-08-12 at PM 01.03.04


According to Merriam-Webster, it means the quality or state of being alone or remote from the society.

I believe everyone needs his/her moment of solitude once in awhile. You will be lying if you say you don’t, especially in today’s world where things move at incredibly fast pace and where ‘stress’ is a term you can easily find in daily conversations.

I do enjoy being alone once in awhile to just put my mind to rest, to just do some activities that don’t require my brain to work hard, to just close my eyes and enjoy some soft music (Emi Fujita and instrumental are my best friends in times like this :D)

When I had the chance to visit Perth in April this year, I finally understand why people enjoy living in this land down under. I visited Adelaide back in 1997 when I was 11 and I have seen how laid back they could be, but I was very young then so I guess I hadn’t really grasped the concept of it and it didn’t affect me so much. This time, I really felt it.

Stores close at 5 pm (the only ones open until 9pm near my friend’s house where I stay -in the suburb- are supermarkets). But wait, they do have late night shopping days too. Usually it’s Thursday in suburbs and Friday in town. When I asked Cimir how late is the “late night” during these days, she said “9pm”.

-________________- –> and this was my reaction. LOL! We are so used to late night shopping in Asia until midnight or even more.

Anyway, looking at the pictures below is giving me some serene and peaceful feelings (and I’m listening to Emi Fujita as I’m typing) in this hectic Monday. Erghh Monday after a long weekend is always extra blue.






Photos taken in Western Australia.

Extrovert? Nah… Not Really

A lot of people see me as an extrovert. I guess it’s because they always see me looking happy most of the time? Not sure, that’s just my own idea. (Oh, and I read that Scorpions are supposed to be extrovert – random, I know).

I have friends who have actually asked me, “Do you ever feel sad? Cos you always look so happy and cheerful everytime I see you.”

Yes, of course I do feel sad. I am just a human afterall and I have emotions. Lol!

Most of the time, I don’t think people actually know (whenever) I am having a problem because I would not show my negative emotions in front of them (unless on rare occassions where I couldn’t hold it in anymore, such as when I am damn pissed off) and just put a happy face forward for all to see.

Okay, here’s a disclaimer: I may still talk about problems I had at work, etc. but not my personal problems. It means I am burying my feelings inside. I know this may not be good in the long term because it’s gonna be like a burden to yourself and it may kill you. That’s kinda true. Often times I would just keep everything inside. I believe my ego / pride / whatever has something to do with this. I smiled and laughed as if nothing happened, but felt terrible deep inside. I always thought that I shouldn’t let others feel my burden and just let me deal it on my own. Which is kinda stupid if you ask me now because sharing your problems with others may actually help. A different point of view will always be useful one way or another.

Frankly speaking, I have experienced how bad it was for me. I lost my appetite, my stomach was continuously aching from the stress, and I couldn’t really sleep well.

When I had a break up a few years ago, Jess actually asked me, “Why are you not crying? Are you not feeling sad over this?”. Hahahaha! Truth is, I did cry, quite a lot, but it was under the blanket at night (with her in the room playing on her laptop). I guess I managed to keep the volume so low that she did not realise it. Hahahaha! And the next day she asked me that question and when I told her I was going to go to the bank (alone) afterwards,

“Do you want me to accompany you? I’m afraid you’re gonna commit suicide later on. You know, cos of feeling depressed after a break up.”. LOL! Such a sweet roommate I had, huh? πŸ˜‰ – and no, she didn’t go with me in the end. I laughed and told her I was gonna be ok. πŸ˜€

Anyway, back to the topic. Actually I realise I am able to share my feelings more openly lately. I guess it’s because whatever happened to me in the past has enabled me to be willing to open up more now. Which is good, I guess?

You know this quote that says, “The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain“? (which is everywhere on Tumblr, by the way).

Now I feel it’s quite true although I don’t exactly have the prettiest smile/eyes nor the kindest heart.

Heh, but I guess being able to put on a mask is still pretty useful at times. It’s good for avoiding people from asking what happened to/what is wrong with you especially if you don’t feel like talking about it (at least for the time being).

And actually I don’t know why I’m writing all of these. It’s just something that popped out of my head all of a sudden.

Five to Twelve

I actually thought today is August 12! -_____- When I arrived at the office, the first thing I did was to flip my agenda open to August 12…. And feeling happy that I have zero task written there. Then I proceed to wrote down the things I needed to get done today.

Until the weekly call this afternoon where a colleague reminded me that it’s only August 5th! LOL! Half of my brain is shutting down for the long weekend!

Speaking of which, long weekend is coming in 2 more days! Wheeeee ~ πŸ˜€

I was hiding from the authorities

Super weird dream last night!

So it was year 20xx (dunno la, all I know is it was all so high tech like in The Jetsons). Singapore’s MRT system has been upgraded extensively and they have just opened this new line where the train cabins look so sleek, complete with glass roof! Another thing is that it was still located underground BUT it was now located side by side with normal car lanes AND a part of the ground was taken out so people on the road above could actually tilt their heads down and look at the traffic and trains below! Damn cool. Hahahaha! (But need to be careful la, otherwise they will fall down and get crushed by the trains/vehicles)

It was around 3am in the morning and I was walking around the area (I have no idea why I was so bo liao walking around at 3am all by myself). Then I saw the train was still operating (maybe it operates round the clock!) and the traffic was still pretty busy. So I stopped, took out my iPhone, and prepared the camera app to snapped pic of the busy traffic below (seriously, I take pictures of everything, even in my sleep -_-). And I wanted to use flash coz it was dark.

The moment I pressed the shutter, a couple of cars started banging onto the wall and to other cars -__- Apparently my super bright flash shocked them and made them lose control over their vehicles -___________-

And then I was so panic I was like “Shoot! what have I done?!”. Then I quickly deleted the picture because authorities are able to track who takes picture of what at what time. So I thought if they could track my picture, they would arrest me >.<

Then I quickly went home and spend the next couple of months hiding in fear because I was really afraid they would tracked me down and sue me for distracting drivers with flash and causing multiple accidents. Then I woke up with my heart beating fast and still thought it was real -__-

Then I went back to sleep and my dream continued… still about me living in constant fear and praying every day asking God to protect me and please don’t let the authorities find my deleted picture. -_________________-

And I couldn’t sleep in peace after that. Somehow the thought of being arrested lingers until I truly woke up in the morning -________-