Friday the 27th

Flying home tonight for our engagement tomorrow! Pretty excited about it and we’re gonna go to a wedding expo as well (there happens to be one this weekend) to see if we can score some good deals on wedding stuff hehehe.

This week has been somber for Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew is now lying in state at the Parliament House (since Wednesday) and the queue for members of the public to pay their respects is soooooo long! At the peak of it, the waiting time to enter the Parliament House was 9 hours! But I admire those who stand under the hot blaring sun for hours to give their respects. Initially the time slot for the public was 10am – 8pm from Wednesday to this Saturday. However, looking at the number of people who queued for it, the organizer decided to open it up for 24 hours til Saturday 8pm. Even then, I heard the waiting time was up to 7 hours last night.

Mr. Geeky went along with his bosses and colleagues yesterday. They reached the starting point at 2:30pm and reached Parliament House at 5:40pm!

On another note, I’m moving to a new place next month! Found a room with a good deal near to my old place 😀



It’s been 2 days since Lee Kuan Yew’s passing on 23 March 2015, 3:18am.

As an Indonesian living in Singapore, I can honestly say I feel the sadness. I don’t know him personally. I’ve never met him in person. I’m not familiar with his political activities. However, I know that he has given everything he could to bring Singapore to the state it is today.

Under his guidance and leadership, he turned Singapore from a fishing town to a first-world country. From education to safety to transportation to rapid development to being Asia’s financial hub, I believe it’s all largely due to his blood, sweat and tears.

If not for him, I may not be able to enjoy a good life here in the little red dot. I could take public transport at anytime of day without feeling scared, I have the chance to work at one of the cleanest cities ever and many other things that I may not be able to list down one by one.


So thank you Mr. Lee! For building Singapore and leaving your legacy for its people. Many may not always think positively of you, but well, there is no such thing as a perfect politician, isn’t it? No matter what, I’ll always believe that what you have done deserved more praises than flaming. 🙂

Renewing passport at the Indonesian Embassy of Singapore

Went to renew my passport at the Indonesian Embassy this morning and boy, the experience was pleasantly good! Totally unexpected (in a good way)! So here’s what happened:

1) 8:10 – Arrived at the embassy (The counter opens at 9 so we had to wait outside the security guardhouse). There were already 5 people waiting by then!

2) 8:50 – More people have arrived by this time and a staff was explaining about some house rules. One of the things he said was “you can’t stay longer than 30 minutes. We will ask you to leave, unless you have a business inside.”. I was wondering to myself, “Not longer than 30 mins? Means… the application process is fast??” #skeptical.

3) 9:00 – They finally let us in. Exchanged an ID with a pass, walked into the main building and took a queue number.


4) 09:07 – For some reason, queue number 2, 3, and 4 did not come forward to the counter, so yay! My turn!

5) 09:12 – Handed my documents over and made payment at the cashier (S$35 for normal 48-pages passport), then sat down and waited to be called for photo and fingerprints taking.

6) 09:15 – Went into the “Biometric and Interview” room for photo and fingerprints taking. There was no interview involved, so I don’t know why they even bother to state that. The whole thing was very fast. Chop chop done! (Oh yea, Indonesian passport is now biometric!)

7) 09:20 – Done! Got my receipt stamped with the date of collection (this Tuesday). Application process only takes 3 working days!

Honestly, I’m impressed! If only everything in Indonesia was done this way! So efficient and it does not waste people’s time! I was prepared to spend at least 1-1.5 hours there (Mr. Phlegmatic told me it took him quite a long time when he was renewing his passport at the embassy last time). So I guess there has been a lot of improvement! 😀

Just for the record, here are the documents needed for passport application (new or renewal):

1) Application form (filled in with black ink ONLY)

2) A copy of your Singapore identity card (NRIC / Employment Pass / S Pass / Dependant Pass / etc.)

3) A copy of your old passport (first and last pages)

4) A copy of your birth certificate (in Bahasa Indonesia)

5) A copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable – in either Bahasa Indonesia or English)

At the boarding gate

Blogging from gate E 24 Terminal 2 of Changi Airport. Hahahaha i sound so suaku.

This is gonna be a pointless entry as I am doing this just for the sake of blogging from Changi… And while waiting for my delayed flight as well (it’s just been announced a few seconds ago -_-).

Anyway, my pre-departure meal:


My favourite lu rou fan (鹵肉飯) from Ruyi at Terminal 1. You know you love a dish so much when you are willing to walk from one terminal to the other (ok lar, to be fair I took the sky train) just to have it 75 mins before your flight takes off. Hahaha! So far this is one of the best lu rou fan I’ve ever tasted in Singapore. Would love to find makan places that serve nice ones!

Then it’s Burger King’s vanilla cone for dessert as I was craving for something sweet:


For some reason, the amount of ice cream was a lot more than usual o.O

Huffff dunno how long will this delay be for. I hope we could take off soon. Feeling kinda sleepy…


Another weekend that went by too fast!

Went to Timbre @ The Arts House on Friday with a bunch of PW team members and Central cell group. Was there to enjoy goodfella’s performance. Anyway, it has been raining a lot (and I mean a LOT) lately to the point that flash floods happened on Thursday (it was raining almost the whole day). So the weather was perfect in the beginning when we first arrived. However, halfway into their first session, it started drizzling, and slowly but surely it escalated into a pretty heavy drizzle.

So no choice lor, had to take out our brollies (we were sitting at the non-sheltered area). It was pretty funny because only a few of us had brollies and the wind was kinda strong at one point of time. So you could imagine: a bunch of people sitting on high chairs, singing along to the band, holding colourful brollies (and spinning and waving them along to the music), laughing and making loud noises. I think we were possibly the noisiest table that night. Thankfully they hadn’t thrown us into Singapore River yet.


Photo courtesy of Andy

Saturday and Sunday were packed from morning to evening with jamming session, paired cell group, mass, etc., and this morning I didn’t feel like waking up. My eyes were soooo heavy so I kept on snoozing my alarm til I finally managed to get my arse up at 8. Hahahaha! It didn’t help that the weather was so good!! *hugs bolster tightly*

Rant starts.

Today was not started off well. Someone was testing my patience early in the morning with some stupid request and how he thinks legal issue is something easy that you can solve just by flipping your hand, and how he threatens to think of this issue as some racial discrimination. Hello? There are other things you can join in that has no limitation. Do you think we haven’t done our legal audit yet? Pfft!! Breathe in, breathe out.. Ohmmmmmmmmm~

And now there’s something wrong with the system. I can’t do my work and I have a lot on my plate today. And tomorrow. And the day after. And possibly the day after that too T________T

Ok, rant ends.

Don’t know what to do at VivoCity

Edit: Didn’t realize my watermark was so big in these photos -_- Added them using Overgram in my phone and it looks so big here…

Blogging from my iPhone while sitting down at the atrium of VivoCity now because am actually waiting for the PW team to come and watch the Asian Beat final 2013 together later at 6:30. I’ve been here since 3 and kinda dunno what to do. Hahahaha. Feeling hungry but too lazy to walk and find some food. Feeling a bit tired too.

Went out of the house at 10 to helped Donny gor2 with his house moving, but in the end decided to just meet up with the cousinz for lunch at Nex because he says everything has been put in his new room. So ok lor, lunch and accompanied him to buy some stuff for his new room. Went to his place afterwards and helped to arrange the furnitures a bit then left for VivoCity.

Saw this in the train a few days ago:


Hahahahaha!! ‘Home run’ becomes 紅不讓.

I blogged about the Elephant Parade almost 2 years ago. Apparently TANGS are still selling the cute statues til today. Saw this one earlier on today:


Immediately thought of Mother Monster a.k.a Lady Gaga when I first saw it hahahaha! And it’s called ‘Born to Rock’ or something like that. Can’t recall.

Okay, dunno what else to blog about. I shall continue to sit in sleepiness and hunger til someone comes. Lol sounds so desperate.

I miss you, weekend!

I can’t wait for weekend to come! The past week has been pretty busy up to yesterday (even the weekend flew by just like that. It was as if they came by just to say Hi!). I have been having good night sleep for 4 days in a row but always woke up feeling sleepy. Hahaha! I guess I’m still indebted to my bed! Sorry darling, I’ll try to make it up to you this Friday/Saturday night, okay?

Dania was here on Monday til Wednesday, so as usual, excessive calorie intake alert! Hahahaha! My tummy capacity was pushed to the brim with dinner at Soup Restaurant followed by Mac & cheese at Pique Nique and fruit juice afterwards on the first night, and No Signboard Seafood dinner followed by tea and dessert (cake + macarons) at TWG on the second night. I think my calorie intake these past 2 days is more than my usual intake per week (exaggerate a bit lah hor?). But never mind, diet always starts tomorrow. And it’s only once every few months. Hehehehe. 😀

On another note, life’s been good lately with some unexpected (good) things popping up here and there, and it’s those small things that made me happy 🙂

By now, I think I have learned even more on how to be grateful with what you have. I realize I’m very lucky, indeed! A good place to stay (complete with a really nice and cool aunt and a naughty yet cute dog), a job, food on my table, awesome family, crazy friends, and activities to keep me occupied. I can’t remember when was the last time I’m as busy as now. Haha! 天主謝謝您 for providing me with what I need and surprising me with some things along the way. I truly believe You have set the time for everything that happens to me, and for that, I couldn’t be more thankful. 🙂

Anyway, random pictures!


Pink sky! This was taken a couple of weeks ago when I was at the bus stop on my way home from work. Rarely see pink sky here and my iPhone didn’t really capture the true colour. It was more beautiful in real life.




Was at Bishan last Saturday midnight (ok, technically it was wee hour of Sunday) for friends’ birthday surprise. When I was waiting for NR1 bus (a few friends were there accompanying me too!) at the bus stop opposite Bishan North Shopping Mall, suddenly there was this super loud sound of crushed metal. It definitely made us awake (were were feeling sleepy at that point of time. It was like 1:30am). Apparently a car (on the left lane) crashed onto the metal barrier to the point that it went over to the next lane AND the driver did not stop and continued to drive facing the opposite traffic with metal bars latched onto the bottom of his car. He was very lucky there was no car on the next lane. Otherwise, he would have been sent straight up there -_____-

Dunno whether he was drunk or sleepy. One of us managed to note down the plate number though. Not sure whether it’s gonna be useful or not. We’ll see.

Oh well, this is one thing that you don’t see everyday. Apparently it was the second case this month! I think the first one happened not far from there.



JVC Marshmallow

My second Ultimate Ears 100 have finally given up after about 2 years (it’s worth the money for an entry level in-ears). So I needed a new pair and ended up with this JVC Marshmallow HA-FX30-A. This is my first time using in-ears with foam earpieces instead of silicone. They fit nicely in my ears, pretty soft and comfortable. Wanted the pink one but the store didn’t carry it, so blue it is! Super like the royal blue colour. 😀




After-dinner tea and dessert on Tuesday. Dania chose the cake. It was Napoleon something I dunno. I had Earl Grey Fortune & Chocolate and 1837 Black Tea & Blackcurrant macarons. I assure you the dinner coma afterwards was quite intense.