Haze haze go away

Since haze is in trend now, I shall write a post to commemorate it as well.


So! The whole haze thingy started last week. I think around Friday or so and it has been getting worse gradually and consistently. The worse was yesterday and today (so far).

This is not the first time I’m experiencing this kinda hazy situation though. The first one was back in 2005 when I was still in Malaysia. I remember looking out of my room window and all I can see is white. Really, like totally white. I couldn’t even see the parking lot, couldn’t even see the lake that’s just across our apartment building.

So this should be my 3rd or 4th experience.

What’s worse is there’s been no rain for the past week. So the weather is so humid, so hot, and the air is so smokey. I think I can actually make smoked salmon easily.

And I hate it coz it makes my hair so smelly like I just went to a BBQ!!! >=(





Yesterday the PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) ranged from 70-ish in the morning to 100-ish in the afternoon. Then at about 8pm it became 190. And then at 9pm, it became 290 (100 – 200 is considered unhealthy, 200 – 300 is hazardous)! WTH right?

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at PM 01.52.14

But it hadn’t stop yet. At 10pm, it became a hazardous 321!

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at PM 01.52.23

So ok lor, went to sleep with a bit of smoke smell, then when I woke up, the first thing I saw was this:


Sorry ar, picture a bit dirty coz it was taken through the window glass. Hahaha.

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at PM 01.52.42

The official statement from NEA (National Environment Agency) said the PSI was 122 but it didn’t feel like it! I feel it was more than that because the haze was thicker than last night.

Anyway, eventhough it’s hazy but we still have to be stylish *vainpot mode: on*. So my OOTD is “Haze Ninja”.


Aiyerr… why is my hair so messy -_-

This is the area near my office (Tanjong Pagar) at 9:13am:


No filter needed! It looks like it’s been touched up on Instagram. It does look surreal, actually. The sun was covered by the haze and the whole thing just seems like some apocalypse going on.

Then at noon it turned to the worse….

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at PM 01.52.53

And at 1 pm… Deng deng denggggg…..Screen shot 2013-06-20 at PM 01.53.01

Woooo! All time high! That’s it! We are doomeddddddd *insert dramatic sfx*

And because of all these, surgical masks are out of stock (OOS) in amost every pharmacy/shop. I went to Unity at Fair Price at lunch hour only to found out they are OOS. Then proceed to Medic Drugstore at Tanjong Pagar Plaza and this was what greeted me:


Need to queue -________-

And the queue didn’t stop there…



And they didn’t have the normal surgical mask (like the one I wore on the photo above) on stock! So we had to reserve our orders and we can collect it later on. What they had on stock was the 3M N95 mask. I heard this N95 is better than the normal surgical mask coz it filters 95% of airborne particulates, but nevermind lah. Normal surgical mask will do, too. Aunt Lia doesn’t want the thick one anyway.

1 box of N95 (20 pcs) costs S$75 while a box of the normal surgical mask costs S$13. Ah well, maybe you got money you got quality.

I hope it’s gonna rain soon. Like, really heavy rain to shoo the haze away!


35˚C? Siao ar! And you see how it predicted no rain for the week? 😦


Koala Visa Application

So I went to the Australian High Commission yesterday to submit my application for Australian Tourist Visa. I’ve heard Australian visa is one of the hardest to get and the application process is quite complicated.

And I guess it’s true. The form is about 7-8 pages long. I’ve never filled in that much information for a visa application, not even for Schengen! Okay, maybe USA is an exception although I couldn’t remember how long the form was (I went there in 1997 and maybe it has changed now). Anyway I am just assuming because, you know, it’s difficult to obtain a US visa, so I assume the form is long or even longer than Aussie’s.


I reached the place at 08:35 and there was already a queue at the entrance (to take visitor’s pass). The sun was glaring without mercy and I was baked in no time. Thankfully there were only 4-5 people in front of me so it was still tolerable.

Then I had to surrender my iPhone (they don’t allow camera, camera phone, and laptop).

Okay so then I proceeded to enter the main building, went up to level 2, and took a queue number.

309. And they were serving queue number 301 that time. So okay lor, 8 people only.

So I waited and waited and finally it was my turn. I happily submitted my application form and all necessary documents. Oh, I didn’t have to leave my passport there because I have Singapore NRIC. Aussie doesn’t stick visa label on passports anymore since August 2012 anyway.

Then the lady told me to make a copy of ALL stamped pages in my passport. I didn’t know about this! It was not stated in the checklist they provided!

So okay lor, I went to the photocopy machine at the back of the area and noticed that there was no one manning it. It uses coins to operate AND we have to provide exact change because the machine doesn’t return coins. The fee was S$0.30 per page (A4). So if I put in a S$1 coin, I wouldn’t get any change though I could make 3 copies with it.

To my horror, I opened my wallet and saw a few pathetic coins summing up to S$1.60. Means I could only make 3 copies whereas I had to copy half of my passport! The only cash (other than those pathetic little coins) I had was a S$10 note.

There was a coin exchange machine besides the photocopier actually. It USED to accept $2, $5, and $10 notes, but as luck would have it, it doesn’t accept $10 notes anymore -_______-

I walked back to the lady at the counter and asked whether I could exchange my $10 note to smaller change. She said she doesn’t have small change and that I should ask the public for it.


Okay, fine. So I actually asked a lady whether I could exchange my note, but she didn’t have small change either. So she dig out whatever coins she had and she gave me a total of 80 cents. Then another lady sitting in front of her suddenly turned back and gave me 3 $1 coins! How nice of them! I wanted to gave her my $10 note actually but she insisted that I should just took up the coins. Thank you so much, ladies!! 😀

But that still wasn’t enough. I still need some more coins! So I went to another caucasian lady and asked whether she has small change for my $10 note, and yay! I managed to exchanged it with 5 $2 notes!

I desperately tried to insert a $2 note to the coin exchange machine but to no avail. It kept on spitting it out again. My note was not fake leh 😦

Hahahaha but anyway I have no idea why it happened. I called a staff and she said the machine is really sensitive, indeed. So then she went back into her office to search for coins (it took her quite a couple of minutes actually) and came back with a handful of coins for me. I gave her a $2 note as an exchange. YAY! Now it’s enough! So much for photocopying, huh? 😀

Now all I have to do is wait and pray that my koala visa application will be approved. 😀

An apple on my head

Why are air tickets to Australia so expensive?! Add about S$200-300 more and I can fly to Europe already (considering the tickets are on sale). Pfftt!

I was hesitating whether or not to go to Perth in April for Cimir’s wedding. Wanted to go but I was thinking I’ve spent quite an amount of money in the past 3 months (Oct-Dec) due to 2 holidays and Christmas season. But I also feel like going! How ar? Maybe I go rob a bank first or find a rich old man and take his money and use it to buy tickets to Aussie and to shop. Okay, I think the second one is more feasible.


Cintan and Yank2 have bought the tickets (Jetstar) when it was on sale and 2 return tickets + baggage cost less than S$1,000! Siao ar so cheap!

When I was browsing around for tickets yesterday, the cheapest one was about S$500+ excluding baggage! Might as well go for Qantas. S$6xx including baggage and meals and all.

So I may just wait for some miracle sale to go on now so I can go *pray*

Anyway, some pictures from my phone recently:


Pac-man Havaianas!!! Damn cute, right? Was tempted to get a pair but I couldn’t justify paying S$50 for a pair of slippers.
Ipanema’s price is reasonable, but not this.


Found this cute and dumb-looking Dinosaur coin bank at Fair Price Finest at Scotts Square when Dania was here earlier last week. Hahahaha! Fun fact: my Mom (and Dad, sometimes) used to call me Amy when I was in primary school (sometimes, not all the time) and whenever she went overseas, she always bought me some souvenirs with “Amy” on them. I guess it was because somehow it wasn’t easy to find souvenirs with “Amelia” on it. Maybe my name is not so popular. Hahaha.


Ergh…I hate iPhone’s front camera 😦


Comfort food at its best!! Mac & cheese with dori fish, broccoli, and fish roe!! Purrrfect for a rainy day. Add a bit of chilli sauce (Indonesian brands one! Can’t use neither Singaporean nor Malaysian brand. Too sweet. It’s not chilli sauce. It’s tomato sauce with a hint of chilli! At least it is for me) makes it even better =9


You know how Newton sat under an apple tree when an apple (duh!) fell on his head and he thought of the Universal Law of Gravitation? It happened to me too. I think I’m gonna be a genius now. Beware!

*dry laugh* sorry ar very lame.

Twenty Six

So yesterday was my birthday! Happy birthday to me! *like damn loner like that wtf*

The day was great! No rain at all. Only veeerrryy slightly drizzling in the morning, but after that, sunshine throughout the day! It’s funny considering that it’s been pouring cats and dogs every single day for the past few weeks. Means…. God must have loved me very much ya? 😀

My first present was from Aunt Lia (of course lah. We’re staying at the same house. hahaha). It’s a very nice card with one of the cutest pressies I’ve ever received:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it.

Background: Both of us have bought tickets for J.Lo’s “Dance Again” concert in Dec. I was about to pay her back that day (we purchased it using her credit card) but she made it as my birthday present instead. We haven’t taken the tix from the agent yet, so she wrote it on a paper. Hahahahahaha!

So THANK YOU, Aunt Lia and Aunt Iing! 😀

My day started with breakfast with Sher at a coffee shop near our office. After we came back to office, she messaged me on Skype after awhile:

Sorry if it’s not funny to you. Our ‘haha point’ are very low and both of us are easily amused. So yea. Only this madam will actually put a present IN the toilet LOL!! For the record, she was sitting upstairs and I was downstairs, hence the saying “I heard u opening the door.” (there’s a door leading to the toilet from my work area). Hahahahahaha!

But I forgot to take a pic of the present on the rack! T___T So this is my best effort photoshopping it to illustrate it:

Lazy to photoshop it on the mirror side. Ahahahahahaha!! More or less is like that.

The grey kitty actually refers to the Littered with Books’ (the book shop 23 steps away from our office where she got my present from) logo.

So what’s inside?

The answer is a very nice canvas tote! 😀

Love the paw prints on the sides. It adds the unique touch to it and being a person who loves books and meaows, this is purrrrfecto!

Eh now that I think of it, it actually covers my interests at once: bag, book, cat! THANK YOU, Madam Tay!! 😀

Then the birthday cake cutting tradition at the office! Chocolate cake from Barcook bakery this time!! It’s yummy and so chocolatey! Thanks for choosing it, Wilson! And lucky for Sher as she wasn’t in the office that time. She won’t eat this one lah. This woman hates chocolate. Hahahaha!

And after office hour, it’s cousins’ dinner time!! 😀

I chose Sugisawa, a small Japanese restaurant at Riverside View (Robertson Quay). I’ve been there once and I like the freshness and juiciness of their sashimi and sushi. The sushi are like those in Japan, with a little rice and big topping, unlike most of the sushi restaurants in Asia (that I know of) where the amount of rice compete with the size of the topping (= both are of the same size).

So food was good (except for the Tori Karaage – Not crispy and too oily), however, service sucks max! I shall spare the story for another day as I want this to be a happy post.

My Ebi Fry Bento. So huge! o.O Definitely couldn’t finish this. I’ve heard about how big the bentos here are, but I didn’t know it would be THAT big.

The yummy Sashimi platter. Okay, only 3 of us ate it (Mee, Steph jie-jie, and myself).

Thennnn it was cake time!! This time it’s a raspberry cake from Paris Baguette! Mannnn it’s been long since I last had anything from Paris Baguette. I used to buy their bread and cakes quite often when I was in Beijing.

Yea I know, the message is so -__________- For non bahasa speaker, it says “Happy Birthday, Grandma!’ -____________- no idea why that nickname kinda stick with me T___________T *pinch Mee and Na*

Anywayyyy, the cake is nice! Not too sweet and coupled with the sourness of raspberries, it tastes just right! =9

Unfortunately we were already too full by then, so most of us couldn’t finish our slices of cakes.

Group photos!!

*I hate my hair in this picture! *

Donny kor-kor actually asked a Japanese man who was obviously rushing to helped us with the picture. Coz all of the waiters/tresses look so busy, he stopped him when he was about to walked into the restaurant (we were at the outdoor seating area). He was in a rush, holding his jacket and briefcase and all. Quite funny to see his expression when he asked him to help us. Hahahahahaha! Arigato, uncle!

Gift from the cousinz! Ok lah, actually they asked me which model of hair dryer do I want, the night before my birthday. Hahahaha!! A week before, Steph jie-jie asked me what do I want for my birthday. I told her I wanted a Chanel 2.55 lambskin black. So she said, “Okay, we’ll get you the catalog. The real item will come later, ok?”. LOL!

So the night before (19th Nov), Murni jie called me and asked what is the hair dryer brand with ion thingy that I mentioned last time (I did mention once when we were in HKG. Cos I was eyeing the above model and was thinking to buy if it’s much cheaper there. Turns out it’s only like SGD 28 cheaper, so I didn’t get it). So I mentioned Panasonic. Then she asked me back, “so which one do you want?”. Hahahahahaha! 😀

THANK YOU, cousinz!! :* 😀

Now I can haz silky smooth hair everyday~

Just a picture of the gifts I received (minus the J.Lo’s “ticket”. Hahahahaha) 😀

And so, that marks the end of my 26th birthday! Happiness throughout the day. Thanks to everyone who called, texted, Whatsapp-ed, BBM-ed, tweeted, and wished me both in person and on Facebook! All of you made my day!! 😀 😀

Random things lately via iPhone and Instagram

Yup. I’ve finally gotten myself an iPhone 4S (in white) and so far I’m loving it a lot! Gonna sell my iPod Touch and go back to the good old pink iPod Nano.

So today’s post will be filled with pictures taken by my iPhone. They are in their original state fresh out of the iPhone and some have been beautified with Instagram (the squarish ones). The quality of iPhone 4s’ camera is very good for a smartphone. I love the HDR function on it. The differences on some pictures are really obvious. I’ll show some examples later on.

There will be 60 pictures in this post. Let’s start!

PAUL in Ngee Ann City! I kinda felt deja vu when I first saw it because I just came back from Paris that time and I went to Paul there.

Recent Happenings

Some interesting things I did/happened/happening in my life recently:

#1. My 25th Birthday

I’m a quarter of century old now! And my birthday was quite memorable as it fell on 20-11-2011! Aha yes! The date where LOTS of people are getting married (My parents received 5 wedding invitations on the 19th November itself, and a few more on the 20th). And it was so ngam because…well, the date was nice, and I turned 25. An age which can be said like one of the milestones in life, no?

I flew back to Jakarta for my birthday and Mochi joined me as well! 😀
We had a fun time eating and eating and eating!! *More pics on this once I’ve got them from my mom and dad’s cameras*

And I got to meet up with my best girls for makan session!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Presents-wise, not much. The best one was from my parents for paying my ticket to Shanghai in October 2011 (damn! I haven’t blogged about this as well).

#2. Staying at Royal Plaza on Scotts for two nights.

With Dania. Okay, it’s actually one of her regular visits to SG, and as what we usually do, I stayed over at her hotel for 2 nights. This time was at Royal Plaza on Scotts (normally she would stay at Meritus Mandarin). It was my second time staying there.

The Xmas deco at Royal Plaza this year is so cute!! With Jollyland as the theme, I love the whole deco and idea! Basically I just like those kind of deco with sweets and colourful things all over:

And breakfast at McDonald’s Shaw Centre. Our first time there:

#3. Christmas deco at Orchard Rd.

I’ve always loved the Christmas deco at Orchard Rd. The bright lights, pretty Christmas trees, the joyful feeling, and not forgetting the Christmas Sale! December really is one of my favourite months!

Look at these pretty lights and trees! Don’t you feel happy just by looking at them? (Well, at least I do).

The one in front of Shaw Centre

Paragon’s!! I love the toy horses! 

Braun Buffel 😀

Tiffany & Co’s! Not sure whether they make it an annual thing to set up Christmas trees at Orchard Rd., but they did it last year as well.

This year’s theme was more to metallic matte. Last year’s was more shiny and blu-ish.

Oohhh I love these giant snow globes in front of ION!! 

Especially this one! Heehee..don’t you just love the cute snowman? XD

ION did something unique this year. They created a Christmas tree with an observation deck 10m above the ground. Free to go up there, but I haven’t got the chance to go until now.

Macarons Christmas tree at Canele! Such a sweet tree.
Taken from a bus, hence the dirty spots on the top right -_-
Takashimaya’s Teddy Bear Christmas Tree. They did this last year as well, with different coloured bears.

#4. Some random things happening in Singapore:

– Twilight Car. HAHAHAHAHA Please don’t ruin the Volvo…

– Cute giant Maybelline Volum Express mascara:

Elephant Parade!

Elephant Parade is the world’s largest open air art exhibition of decorated elephant statues that seeks to attract public awareness and support for Asian elephant conservation. So for the time being, you will find a lot of nicely decorated elephant statues all around Orchard and the surrounding.

These are some of my favourites:

The Angry Bird that everyone loves!

Paul Frank!!

They actually made the gems in 3D. Dunno what kind of material did they use. 

Constellation! (or at least that’s how I look at it :p)

– 2 for 3 Sour Sally!

Being Sour Sally fans, Cynthia and I were delighted when we found out about their 2-for-3 promo yesterday. We were so full after our dinner at Botak Jones and we just wanted to have a cup each (Medium size, of course!) but we decided to get the 2-for-3 promo. Basically we need to buy 1 Medium and 1 Small sizes in order to be eligible for the free 3rd cup. They actually allows you to choose either the Small or Medium cup for the free one (but no toppings)! So the plain white yoghurt with no topping s was our free cup. We regret our decision after awhile coz damn we were so full! But happy =9

So those were some happenings in my life recently. Most probably gonna write about my Taiwan (Gosh! It’s been almost a year!) and Shanghai trips 😉