Bye-bye plastic bags

Starting from June 1st 2008, the China’s government has banned plastic bags in China, and prohibit the usage of thin plastic bags (forgotten how thick is the measurement), so we need to pay if we want to get plastic bags from the supermarkets, usually it range from RMB0.2-RMB0.4 (as far as I know), and the plastic bags are those recyclable ones.

So when I went to Carrefour last week (it’s been ages since the last time I shopped there), I brought my own tote to reduce the usage of plastic bags. Such a good girl, am I? Lol :p

But some places still use plastic bags, tho. Like in those bargain markets, for instance.
And the plastic bags they are using are those thin thin ones that has been banned, supposedly. Hahahaha…

And today, I went to the book store near my place and get myself two books πŸ™‚

No plastic bags. Instead, they wrapped them with a small paper and tied them with plastic rope. Talk about going back to the past πŸ˜‰

A belated wish

I know I’m so late for this, but…


or as how I usually say it “Peh Cun” (Hokkien)

or “Duan Wu Jie (η«―εˆθŠ‚)”

We’re supposed to eat Bakcang on that day, BUT sooo sadly, I couldn’t get to eat Indonesian bakcang T_____________T

So I had to be satisfied with China’s bakcang, which is not nice =(

Well, maybe those I’ve tried are the not really nice ones, so yea…

I’ve tried 2 types, the sweet and savory ones. And the bakcang here is smalllll…so small compare to Indo’s ones..

Ohhh how I missed the bakcang from Medan…with mushroom, mince pork, and egg yolk stuffed inside…

Someone please send those yummy yummy bakcangs to me here T_______________________T


Photos from the volley ball competition last April 3rd 2008.

And like what I’ve said previously, my class won!

….on the elimination round only, tho.


Camwhoring before start practicing…

Da, come back next month and bring me those delicious Thai instant noodles, ok? Hahaha :p


I was there as well. Find me! Lol xp


Still got time to camwhore before the game starts…

The red team

Lidong dong dong dong…:p

Nath my “mummy”. lol :p

Yuming, Me, Agnes, and Jane in front

And the game started…

The “enemy”

Go Yui!! She’s so strong I tell you. Don’t pray pray!

The 1st game ended with…

The 2nd game…

And we won!!

The winning team

From 5 year to annual?

People said that Jakarta is having an every-5-year-flood which means there will be a big flood happens every 5 year in Jakarta. So last year was the starter. 02-02-2007.

I assume the next big flood will happen on 02-02-2012.

But what has happened??

Friday, February 1st 2008…

Yea, Jakarta was given another shot of “milk chocolate” -_-

See the overloaded “river” *pointing upward* (River? hmm..I don’t think that’s the proper word for it. Lol. I guess I’d just stick to “kali”- indonesian term for a small “river”)

Luckily my housing area didn’t kena. Just a small area at the front entrance kena a bit.

Anyway, this year’s flood was worst as well! The airport highway had to be closed down due to the high-level of water there. It was around 1-1.5 m!! I watched on TV news that a lot of people need to get off from their cars and walk across the chocolate sea water to reach the airport…

*and they call it an International Airport…*

Speaking of flood, a few months back (last year), there was a big flood in Solo as well. One of my cousin brother’s house was attacked by the “choco milk” and it reached 2-2.5 m in height!!! Too bad I forgotten to take pictures of the water mark when I went there last week so I can show you guys. It was really high. Luckily his house was quite high, and it’s a 2-storey house, so they could stay at the 2nd floor while the flood was still there. But, there are some houses around them which aren’t as high as his, so yea, they were drowned inside the water. So kesian lar…

Hmm..when will the government take action for this? This every-5-year-flood is now becoming an annual event…

Oh my country…


So… I’m in winter + cny holiday now, and I’ve been here in my lovely hometown Jakarta for 2 weeks by now. Was just came back from celebrating CNY in Solo from 7th-10th of feb with my big family there and I can tell you it was awesome! Just like our family reunion *which so far has been held for 2 times*, it was (always) full of laughter, jokes, gags, FOOD (culinary trip), and photos. Hahaha..yeaa…I’m getting fatter T_T
Nahhh it’s ok, cos I shall not waste my short holiday and chances to satisfy my hunger for those yummy yummy food, rite? Lol :p

Anyway, will resize the photos tomorrow (considering i am not lazy :p) so I can upload them, ..but on the other hand, I’m also thinking of the bandwidth limit here..I think I will just post them when I am back in Beijing. I will be back there by 18th of Feb.

What have I been doing for the past 2 weeks here?
1. Eat
7. …
8. …

So pig…No wonder I’m getting fatter rite? -_-“
I shall start my diet tomorrow! Have to have to have to!!! I’ve gained 3 kgs since the time I reached Beijing until I came back here.. T_T

and no lar, I wasn’t only doing that for sure. I paid Bandung a visit last week, and Solo, Kaliurang, and Muntilan during the long weekend of CNY.

I miss my gendut…