Conversation with my boss

Not sure if I’ve shared about this before, but I was the first employee to be hired for my current company’s office in Singapore. So my direct boss (a VP) used to be all on his own for about a year and a half when he was transferred from our HQ in Australia till I came along. Since then, our team had grown to 4 and at the moment we are down to 2, again.

This means I’ve been the only constant person spending time at work with him and as a result, we sort of know each other’s habit and behaviour.

One of the tradition that he brought over from the HQ was Ramen Wednesday. There was this small Japanese restaurant / bar called Chaco Bar,down the road from the old office building,that serves ramen on Wednesdays and Fridays (I’ve just checked their website and it says Wed – Sat now, so maybe it has changed?). Since Fridays are reserved for team lunch, so they usually go on Wednesdays (though not everyone went for ramen).

My VP loves ramen, so it’s a given that he would want to bring the weekly tradition over when he was transferred to Singapore. So Ramen Wednesday was born.

At our first office space, we used to go to 2 different ramen restaurants, alternating on a weekly basis. When we moved to our current space, we usually went to the one in a shopping mall across the road, until we found our current favourite, Ramen Matsuri in North Canal Road. We practically go there every week (once in awhile we do go to the other one) to the point that the cashier (a lovely Japanese girl) has known us really well and has even memorised our order! Hahahahaha

She literally remembered what we would be ordering every week (the same variant for my boss every single time, while I would be changing my order once in awhile). We both love the mazesoba (dry ramen). When our previous colleague was still with us, he would be ordering the soup version. Both are really, really good.

So anyway, we couldn’t go for ramen today cos I was working from home and he was in an all-day event.

The first thing he said to me on Slack this morning:


Here’s a couple more conversations with my boss that I originally posted on Twitter:


1. On a Friday

Manager: Guess what?

A: … what?

M: It’s your turn today

A: Huh? Isn’t it your turn?

M: Tell me what you wanna say. I know what to get back at you with

A: Where did we go 2 weeks ago?

M: (without missing a beat) The Mexican place. I picked that

A: Ahhh dang you’re right

(We take turns picking a lunch place on Fridays – team lunch day – and we would usually argue on who would be the one. This was happening when we were a team of 3 and 4 too. Truly #FirstWorldProblem)


2. One afternoon:

Manager: I wanna get coffee. Do u want anything?

A: Hmm… I’ll go with you

M: Ha! The dark side! (Cos I rarely grab a drink outside). (after a few seconds) Actually… I wanna take advantage of this. Let’s sit down and have coffee there.

(We ended up sitting down and chatted for a good 20 mins; and I had soy matcha latte)


3. I’ve been packing lunches from home quite regularly recently and on one day that I didn’t:

Manager: Do you bring lunch today?

Me: Nope

Manager: Oh, congratulations! Was there any specific reason why or was it just guilt (of turning down his invite for lunch lately)?

Me: We just didn’t cook last night 💁🏻


4. He was on a call with someone one fine Friday morning and was pretty distressed about it: 

Me: So, since you are feeling rather stressed about it, you can pick lunch today.

Manager: No, it’s your turn today. Don’t you run away and sugarcoat it. What, are you in sales now?


5. On one regular morning:

Manager: How could I resize image and keep its ratio in Google Slides?

Me: Hold the Shift key and resize

Manager: You’re a genius. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


6. After coming back from lunch (him, not me)

Manager: I’ve had a deep thought during lunch, and I don’t wanna surprise you, but…. you’ll pick lunch (place) tomorrow.

Me: You had really deep thoughts while eating



First Date, Second Date

Lunch time conversation with the colleagues earlier while gobbling down some Thai dishes:

Toaster: Hey, do you guys know about this Thai restaurant in Dhoby Ghaut? It’s beside a school and they have really nice dishes and Thai milk tea!

Me: Ohh.. I know! The one at Sunshine Plaza, right?

Toaster: Ya ya, that one.

Ms. Peanut: Sunshine Plaza… (mind wandering off)

Me: Yea, it’s at the ground floor, besides a provision shop.

Ms. Peanut: Ahh… I know where it is. Because it was the place for my second date with Eugene! It’s a very small restaurant, right?

Me: Ya, very small and dimly lit.

Ms. Peanut: Can you imagine our second date in such a dodgy-looking place? Hahahahaha!

Me: Eh, my first lunch with Felix was at Amoy (a hawker centre) lor!


Ms. Peanut: You win liao!

Toaster: Are you going to have your wedding reception at Amoy too?

Me: Yea, with all the hawker foods!

Jokowi for President!!!

Yesterday was a joyous day for (most of) us Indonesians because Jokowi won the presidential election! 😀

Truly hope he will be able to bring some positive changes to Indonesia.

In the light of that, look at what went on my company’s WhatsApp group last night:










HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! How not to love them!!

Waterproof water bottle

We were talking of making detox water to drink in the office. Toaster is going to be buying the bottles for all of us. Then Ms. Peanut suddenly said,

The water bottle must be waterproof hor!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have yet to see water bottle that is waterproof!

Drug lord

We were talking about misaligned molars, then…

Toaster: I know what you were in your past life! I was a butterfly and a dentist!

Shainah: So what was I?

Toaster: You were a dracula.

Shainah: What? Drug lord??

Me: Huh?? Drug dealer??

Toaster: What are you guys saying?! I said “Dracula” lah!!


Insert Mag Here

So Toaster (who has got a new nickname: Toasted Hammie. SO CUTE RIGHT?!), Shairah (or whom Toaster affectionately call Shainah) and I went to a Korean restaurant nearby for lunch, continued by desserts at Sophie Bakery afterwards. Ms. Peanut couldn’t join us because she had a lunch meeting, so Toaster said to send her a picture of us enjoying the cake.

HEHEHEHEHE Which of course we did. Teasing people is what we do best.



By the way, these are the cakes. Cheesecake and chocolate cake. Fatdom here we come!


Eh the tiles look nice hor?





When we went back to the office, each one of us found this on our desks…


HAHAHAHAHA like so desperately wanted to be in the picture! 😀 Sorry Ms. Peanut, no cakes for you!   So… since she desperately wanted to have cakes with us, we fulfilled her wish…



What a bunch of awesome colleagues you have there, Ms. Peanut. See, we wished you were there with us!

Stripes Wednesday!

Toaster and I accidentally wore stripes to work today. What’s funnier is that our shirts have similar brand logos. Hahahaha

Like this:


LOLOL this Toaster ar… the Photo Booth’s timer was counting down like 3… 2… 1… Then when the shutter went off, she was like “HEY! Why it took 3 seconds?!”

When obviously she has known better. Hahahahahahahaha aiyo Toaster! But her expression is so funny here! Like half smiling half constipated. I didn’t know constipation is a wonderful feeling.


Yay proper picture! Too bad she didn’t wear black pants. Otherwise we’ll look even more similar.

And turns out Shairah was wearing stripes as well!




AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA couldn’t stop laughing at this picture!! We all look damn stupid! Some idiot chipmunks hahahahahahahaha

Btw, I’ve just put in 2 oreo cookies into Toaster’s mug of coffee. Now I think she’s plotting some plan to kill me… If I don’t update my blog in 3 days time, you know who to find…