Peanut of Siam

So our new colleague (ok, not so new. She’s been with us for 2 weeks as of now) has a beautiful name, Maneesiam, which means Jewel of Siam (yes, she’s a Thai). Nice right?

On our usual Monday meeting, which happened to be her first day of work as well, boss asked her, “So what’s the meaning of your name?”

She: “Manee” means jewel in Thai. So it means jewel of Siam

All of us: Ahhh… such a nice name! 

Then all of a sudden, Toshi (our Filipino colleague) jumped in, with her straight face and all…

Toshi: “Mani” in Tagalog means “peanuts”

And with that, all of us burst into laughter. Boss laughed until he tear up, Avtar laughed and couldn’t get his head up from the desk, and I just couldn’t stop laughing! Hahahahahahahahaha

Toshi: I didn’t expect you guys to laugh…

LOL Toaster, Y U so cute?!

Teh C Siew Dai


Found this on my desk when I walked into the office this morning. Such a pleasant surprise and I really appreciate her for being so thoughtful! Thanks, Jun! 😀

It made my Friday even better than it already is! Counting my blessing every day and can’t help but feeling so lucky for everything that I have ^^

On another note, weekend is almost here!!! Nothing much is gonna happen this week so it’s time to relax before gearing up for another busy week ahead! I foresee next week to be pretty cramped, but that’s alright! *folds sleeves*

/signing off.

Saying goodbye to 3 years.

Starting a new job tomorrow! I’m excited yet a little worried at the same time, simply because it’s been awhile (3 years, to be exact) since I last dealt with clients directly. So back to the battlefield it is! Gotta toughen up myself again! *ahem*


My workstation for the past 3 years (ok, not really. I moved my location 4 times in 3 years and this was the last one). It was taken a year ago (I just realised it too!! Look at the calendar – October 2012). Of course some things have changed since then, like for example my iMac wallpaper. Hahahaha! The latest one was The Simpson’s family in bright yellow background and of course the desktop has since been much less cluttered (I once had my desktop fully filled with icons from top to bottom, left to right -________-). The diary has changed too.


Last lunch with some of the team on Friday! At Diandin Leluk at Golden Mile Complex. The food was good!! And the star of the day was the Mango Sticky Rice:


Peiling claimed it as the best Mango Sticky Rice. Hahaha! She was not wrong though. It tasted goooood. =9


Last photo with some of the Singapore team 😦 A few others were traveling so I couldn’t say goodbye to them personally. My god my face looks so round here. O.O

Joel (after seeing the above photo on my camera): Ohh it looks like they were real bamboo trees. It’s like we’re at the Botanic Garden.

Hahahaha! Chao dar bamboo trees ar?



Farewell gift! They know me so well T__________T

Thank you, guys!! It’s really been a pleasure working with you all for the past 3 years. Now it’s time for me to move on to my next adventure. Will be dropping by once in awhile since the new office is pretty nearby too 😀

Sometimes all we need is little joys in everyday life

One thing I love from this job is the feeling of satisfaction I get from helping community members to solve their problems, assisting them and make sure they are happy.

This may sounds cheesy, but I do feel happy for those who win our call for entries. Take today, for example. We’ve finally gotten our winners for a call for entries by an international major beverage brand. I was feeling very sleepy that time, but once I’ve heard the news, it feels like there was some sort of electricity jolted inside of me, waking me up. I was literally feeling very very happy and excited. Yes, I know I’m not the winner. I’m not the one winning that $XX,XXX amount of money, but I do feel like I am winning too!
And when the winner responded to my email, it was such a joy to see their reaction. A mixture of shock, happy, and couldn’t believe their eyes.
One of them told me that he was feeling so buzzed right now that he might not be able to sleep tonight, simply cos he couldn’t believe that he won and he was so excited about it. 🙂
Yes, just an email and it could really brighten up my day. I’m easy to pleased huh? :p
Another example is this email that I received a couple of days ago. I’ve received several similar emails before, but let’s just take this one as an example.
Basically this community member was telling me how he felt so down when two of his entries got rejected, and also due to an uploading problem which failed him a couple of times.
What I did was nothing really special (IMO) and it was just a normal thing to do. But he was saying that (Ok, this may sounds cheesy again, and I don’t mean to boast myself up or anything in any way) I was like a guardian angel came to the rescue, and make sure everything was alright and his hard work wouldn’t go to waste.
It was quite a lengthy email, and I can really feel his sincerity in it. You know how some people sounds so nice in the email but they were actually insincere? So yeah, it was heart warming to see such an email in your inbox in the midst of your hectic day. 🙂
All in all, what I wanted to say was that this job is kind of like my dream job. I get to interact with lots and lots of community members from diverse background. Sure, there are some who make me feel like throwing my slippers right at their faces, but most of them are generally very nice, and I simply love the interactions between us. I love the way they feel happy and excited knowing they have won something, I love the feeling of engaging them to unleash their creativity and potential, and I simply love the “Thank you”s I get from them 🙂
It’s the little things in life that count… I always try my best to be grateful and to always look at the bright side of life. These little joys is what make me go through and always want to do the best…

Of working in advertising agency

A lot of people think that working in advertising agency is cool, is fun, is……*fill in the blanks*

Which is kinda true, at times.

Today, let me tell you the how working in an agency is like, specifically, in Account Service department.

First of all, agency is a really really tough environment. It is NOT as glamorous as you might think it would be. But one thing, it is fun. Really. Although it’s hard and tiring, it’s fun, and I don’t know why, but from 3 agencies I’ve had worked with previously, I always find the people interesting and really fun to be with, which is good, as you need fun people and environment to release the work stress.

Secondly, working hour. Yes, agencies do have official working hour like other companies. Usually it will be 8-9 hours per day. But, believe me, it won’t happen. Wait, it does happened, once in awhile. Most of the time, you will be working around the clock, sometimes until wee hours in the morning.

I’m not saying that everyone who works in an agency will have to work around the clock. There’s exception for those in Administration or Finance departments, and sometimes Marketing. But for Account Service and Creative team? Forget it. I literally had almost no social life when I was still working in agencies.

Client Servicing team is the punching bag in an agency. You got scolded from North East South West Up Down. Superior, Creatives, Clients,….you could get scolded/shouted at by them. Maybe mostly are from clients. Most clients are nasty, if you asked me. I’m not saying that there are no nice clients out there. There are! And I’ve experienced a few of them. But some are just plain nasty. How nasty you asked? Well, sometimes they expect too much from us and pay peanuts, did way too many revisions, couldn’t make up their mind, and what pisses me off at times is when they keep on rushing us for artworks and they keep on saying “It’s urgent! It’s urgent!” and after we had rushed the artworks and finally sent them, they took their sweet time to give approval, and on some rare occasions, they keep it on hold.

And I thought you said it’s urgent?

Some people think Accounts team’s work is nice. We got to meet lots of different people from both small and big companies. Well, what I can say is if you’ve never worked in an advertising agency before, you will never know how it feels like.

But please don’t be afraid of working at agencies just because I’m saying this, alright? This is just my personal views and opinions. Of course there are advantages of working in an agency, such as: you got to network with lots of people which will be useful in the future, you learned how to deliver excellent service for client, how to keep on smiling (or putting a fake smile) although you are hella pissed off (including when you are talking on the phone), how to think and solve problems quickly, how to deal and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and levels, etc. These are just some of them, which can be applied to any job in any industries out there.

There were times I regretted of studying Mass Comm, there were times I felt like creating a voodoo doll of my client, there were times I threw out the F words cos of depression, there were times I felt happy from the satisfaction of completing a project and saw the smile or big grin on client’s face.

Good and bad, working in agencies played a role in shaping me to who I am today, until I (and my last Account Manager) realized that I am just not that suitable to work in an advertising agency 🙂

It’s time to move to the next step and hopefully I will be able to land on something I’m really good at soon 🙂

My last day at the opis

So I’ve finally resign from the company. There were a few reasons why, but I guess I’d better keep it to myself 😉
Anyway, these are the photos from my last day there.
Laydees and gentlemen, THIS:
is the AE’s area!
LOL! I got various comments when I post this pic on FB.
“Scary sia!”
“Why is there someone hunching at the corner?…”
“Still manage to catch a glimpse of nice lappies =)”
“So cool! Can’t see the table anymore!”
LOL I guess it’s kinda …erm…cool yet scary at the same time? Super messy wei!
The table on the front right side was mine. Nehh, the one with a blue bottle and a magazine on the MacBook. The table in front of mine was not occupied. Errm.. can be said that it was our “everything also put there” table :p
After work, we all went for my farewell dinner at Newton Circus *nonit to go so far from opis*
But not everyone can make it tho, only the ladies 🙂
Munching on yummy yummy chicken wings~

Gillian, the drink so shiok izzit? Lol!
Thanks for the nice dinner, ladies!! ^^
Gonna miss all of you!!

Last one!!

Just came back from Jogja yesterday for Nike Warehouse Sale (again). It was a sudden decision tho. At first, I didn’t have to go as I have another project which the dateline is…TOMORROW! /die.

So yea, after an exhausting 4 days at Jogja (altho it was MUCH MUCH better than our first and second NWS. Lol), here I am back at opis, sitting down with the designer to finish the ongoing project. Die la still so much to do. Lol…

Will update quite slow.