Long Live Double Tape!

Happy Birthday, Double Tape! My beloved orangey office is turning 3 today!

And no, no fancy celebration and all that jazz. Just a simple birthday dinner of a very yummy “Birthday Mee” 🙂


*Wahh next year’s birthday must be really special…20-10-2010 maaa :D*

Mia (our beloved Big Boss) said that this is actually the first time they celebrate DT’s birthday, because one, none of them (I mean the early members of DT) remember when was DT really established on. Two, October 20 (2006) was actually the date Mia signed the paper that formed the company (PT Cakrawala Media Baru). It took them quite some time to came up with “Double Tape” (they even came up with Koran Kita-Kita and OUCH! Magazine beforehand), and eventually, when they came up with it, none of them remembered the date. Lol

Anyway, it’s not that important lah. The most important thing is DT has grown from a very small company consisted of 3 people (or was it 7?) to 16 people at the moment. Moreover, the company has developed soooo much within these 3 years, and I can safely say all of us can be proud with it.

Yes, you may never heard of us (we are not one of the Top Agencies just yet, but wait and see! ), but as small as we may be, we are actually BIG! 🙂

Yes, you may not find our company’s signboard outside the building we are residing now, but once you walked up to the third floor, you’ll enter a homey place with lots of cheeriness, smiles, laughter, fun, and everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a company 😀

Happy Birthday, Double Tape! Keep on improving, always keep the joyfulness you’ve always had, and hopefully you will be residing in a new building (DT’s self-owned, of course ;)) on your fifth birthday 🙂

Dear Nike Warehouse Sale Surabaya’s core team,

Finally! After a week of sleepless nights, sore feet (where our feet would have come off easily, especially on Tuesday before the sale began), late meals (and I mean late as in lunch at 6pm and dinner at 1am), and tiredness, we did it! NWS Surabaya ran smoothly without any major problem. 3/4 of the items amount were successfully sold!

Although there was only 4 of us, we managed to take care of almost everything (I said almost cos we had our sub-EO helping us). Bravo!

Thank you for all of your cooperation and hardworking. It was a success!! Glad to be working with you guys as a team.

Have a good rest, and see you guys at the office soon! (I’m at the office right now). Don’t feel like going back to work? Remember that Raya holiday is coming very VERY soon! ^o^


My PC in office is dead… -_______-

Yesterday, at around 5pm, suddenly my monitor went blank for a few seconds, then it turned back on. It happened again a few minutes afterward, then it became so intense that my monitor was starting to ‘dance’ (off-on-off-on in a split of seconds) and there was this “click clack click clack” sound. So I turned it off, waited for a few mins before turning it back on, and still, “click clack click clack” and then tadaaaaaa~ no visual at all wth!

So how? I couldn’t shut the PC down as well. So I pressed the reset button on the CPU, stupidly hoping the monitor would come back to life. It was no use.

After that, I had to pull out the power cable. Otherwise, how the hell am I gonna turn my PC off right? Then I tried to turn it on again, and……it couldn’t!! WTH!

So now my CPU also cannot on, monitor also no visual. How lehhhh? Now I’m using Indri’s laptop since she’s out for a meeting~

It could be either the power supply, power cable, or whatever it is…

Translating English to Indonesian is just plain gay!

One of my tasks currently is translating AMD booklets…

WTH! The language is so technical it’s so damn hard for me to translate it properly! And it sounds so gayyyyyy…..

Look at this:

Generally all you need to do is get the processor installed and then you can install the board into the casing. However, it’s a good idea to install the memory as well while you’re at it and improperly-installed memory can prevent a rig from starting up.

Becomes like this:

Secara umum, yang harus anda lakukan adalah meng-install prosesor, dan kemudian memasang papan induk di dalam casing. Tetapi, meng-install memori pada waktu yang bersamaan ketika anda memasang motherboard adalah ide yang baik, dan memori yang di-install tidak dengan semestinya akan mencegah…………………………..

WTH so stupid right? -_______________________________-

3 lines became 4 lines and it’s not even finished yet…..

…Or izzit just me who couldn’t translate it properly? -________________-


AMD Sempron (TM) Processors let you connect with leading-edge wireless compatibility and true multi-tasking (surf the web, check e-mail, and edit digital photos) on the go.

Best for customers who want…

Performance for everyday computing

I translated that into:

AMD Sempron memberi anda koneksi dengan kompatibiliti nirkabel dan kemampuan multi-taskingsurfing web, mengecek e-mail, dan mengedit foto digital). (

Terbaik untuk mereka yang menginginkan…

  • Performa untuk komputasi sehari-hari

And I have 20 pages to translate wtf!

Arghh screw it!

I hate translating English to Indonesian, anyway!!! Gahhhh!

Double Tape

Hello! It’s been almost a month (or has it been a month already??) since the last time I updated my blog. Lots of stories to be told. Wait and see! ^^

Anyway, today’s my first day of internship (yes, another internship) at an advertising agency cum free magazine publisher called “Double Tape”. A small agency but there seems to be loads of work here everyday. Lol.

My job today wasn’t so bad. I had to use Friendster and Facebook (Cool, right?) to check those comments sent by the magazine readers (which is High School students), and updated them into the database and so on. One problem is, you know those bimbo HS students (both girls and guys) who use some freaking-weird-not-funny names on their profile pages (applies to Friendster) like “I aM a GrEeN ChOcO lOvEr” or whatever it is with those BiG sMaLL cApS LiKe tHiS wHicH aNNoyS mY eYeS sO mUcH! and those oh-so-colorful background which made my eyes work extra hard to see (which in the end I just press CTRL+A. Kesian my eyes leh!)

But aside from that, I guess the job is pretty much easy. For now. Lol. I was told that I will try to work at the agency as well by next week or so.


I’ve started my internship at Frontier Marketing Consultant today.

The workplace is very near to my house. I just need to walk out of the housing complex, then cross the streets, walk into the shop-houses area, and there it is!

And I’m proud to be working there because Frontier is the best marketing consultant company in Jakarta 😀

I’m not kidding, ok? See for yourself. Hehehehehe 🙂

Anyway, I’m working in the education division. Wanted to be in either the Event Management or Multimedia division, but couldn’t as Education Division is the only place where the jobs can be cut-off. You get what I mean? It’s like…in Multimedia, it won’t take just 1 month to design a brochure etc right? and Event Management as well. How if I’m in the middle of doing an important work then I go and end my internship? They’ll kill me. LOL

So my job is to update the database they have. It’s not easy ok?!

Every month the company sent out around 2,500 training/seminar/workshop brochures to the potential clients, and for sure there will be a lot coming back to us. So I have to call those companies one by one, and ask the person there if the supposed-to-be-recipient is still working there or not, and updating the data.

And it’s not only 10 or 20 or 30. It’s 60+! Wait, almost 100 or more I think. LOL. So yea, telephone is my best friend in the office. So ke lian….