8 Months To Go & Wedding Shoes

It’s now end of January, which means it’s slightly more than 7 months to our big day and…. a lot have yet to be settled!

Let’s recap what have I settled on so far:

  1. Venue (inc. food, entertainment, photo booth and decoration)
  2. Make Up Artists for both holy matrimony and reception
  3. Wedding bouquet and boutonniere for holy matrimony (DIY! hehehe)
  4. Bridal car for the reception
  5. Wedding shoes
  6. Wedding bands
  7. Photographer + Videographer
  8. Choir for holy matrimony

Ermm…. that’s all I think. We still have quite a lot to settle hahaha! I’ll need to settle on my wedding dress when I am going home for CNY next week, and something that’s equally important… CONTACT LENS! I’m not gonna be a blind bride throughout the reception nor look geeky in my black-rimmed glasses while I’m all lady-like in my dress (I hope).

I have yet to muster up the courage to try on contacts because it’s just scary!! Actually I did try it a couple of years ago when I was back in Jakarta for holiday. Acuvue was having a roadshow in a shopping mall near where I stay and I decided to give it a try. I think I took like 10 minutes trying to insert the lens into my eyes. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and I carried on shopping without any difficulty and it actually felt pretty comfortable!

However, I had major difficulty removing them out of my eyes!! I went back to Acuvue to get some direction on how to take it out. I tried and tried for a good 20 minutes before I finally gave up and asked one of the staff to remove them out for me -________-

The thing is, every time my hand was coming close to my eye, it gave a natural reaction of blinking AND it doesn’t help that I couldn’t seem to pick out the lens properly -___-

So yea, I HAVE to do it this time, for real. Because I did try not wearing glasses during the last 2 times I became a bridesmaid and I had a terrible headache at the end of the day.

The idea of removing contact lenses seriously freaks me out! I’m actually considering to get a SoftSert applicator (or a similar one from another brand), but not sure if it will actually help. I think it will, otherwise what’s the purpose of it, right? Oh man, this is just a small issue but I’m actually super worried about it! Everyone who wears contacts have always told me that removing it is easy peasy, but inserting it is harder. Not for me, unfortunately.


This is a Lobob applicator, one that I’m considering of buying (I already have it in my Amazon cart hahahaha). Not sure why but the SoftSert website doesn’t seem to exist anymore?

Anyway, let’s move on to happier things!

I’ve actually gotten my wedding shoe last year, which is Melissa Queen II in white / gold:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.13.37 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.12.44 PM

I actually wanted the Vivianne Westwood Anglomania series:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.18.55 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.15.56 PM

but I couldn’t find it.

Til one day (just a few weeks ago, actually) I was randomly browsing for Melissa shoes on Amazon and…

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.19.30 PM

😀 My eyes grew big from excitement! Not Vivianne Westwood but it’s equally pretty! So I quickly placed an order and it arrived a week after.

Processed with VSCO

It’s really very cute hahahaha

Oh, the reason why I bought flats instead of heels is that I can’t really stand (pun unintended) wearing heels. Most of the time I will be limping, feeling like throwing the shoes as far as I can (cos my toes and balls of feet will be very painful). To date, there are only a few pairs of heels I’ve ever owned that were very comfortable for long period of wearing.

And I am all for comfort > style, so I want a pair that will allow me to walk around comfortably on my big day, especially when I am mingling around with my guests 😀

Now that I’ve got the heart shoes, the Melissa Queen will be used as part of my sang jit gift.

(A lil trivia: do you know sang jit is the Hokkien for 送日頭 (Sòng rì tóu). The full term is actually sang jit-thau, and it is abbreviated as sang jit. It is how most Indonesian chinese called the bethrotal ritual, despite of their dialect background.)


Happening December

It’s been almost a month since my last post. So… what has happened in between?

For a start, I’ve since resigned and taken up a new role. I tendered my resignation on the first week of November. Funny thing was that I received the new job offer on Toshi’s last day at work (it was a Friday) and I threw in my letter on the following Monday. It might be quite a shock for my bosses because, well, one of my colleague had just left and here I was, tendering my resignation technically right after that. I felt quite bad but I had to resign quickly. Why? Because my new company wanted me to start on the November 30th! My new boss definitely understood that I wouldn’t have had finished my one-month notice period by then, so they kindly pushed the starting date back to December 7th.

I’m still doing account management (my previous role was in project / account management) in a tech start-up (my former boss joked that I seem to love start-ups so much hahaha). The difference is, of course, in the product that the company builds and it’s an Australian company.

My last day of work was on the first Friday of December and I flew to the new company’s headquarter in Sydney in the wee hours of Monday. So technically I had no break whatsoever during the transition (the same thing happened to me before I joined Circus. My last day at eYeka was on a Friday and I started at Circus the following Monday).

So the next thing that happened, I was in Sydney for (almost) a week.

For work training, that is, but I did go out every evening after work. Hahaha! It didn’t help that I have a family friend who lives in Sydney and they were very excited to bring me out since it was my first time in the city. I shall write a separate post just for this. All I had to say is that, Sydney is wonderful! I truly enjoyed my time there, both the work and the leisure.

And the most exciting happening this month is definitely Christmas!!! My most favourite festive season ever! 😀 I will be writing my report on Christmas decoration at Orchard Road soon as well.

2015 has gone by in a flash and I am very thankful of everything that has happened. I believe 2016 will be an even more awesome year! 😀

I can haz Whaley on my phone now

I asked Daisoman to help me adapt my blog banner design to phone wallpaper (I just love it that much cos it’s super cute!) and this is the result:

Locked screen: Whaley is asleep at night (see that snot bubble?) with his nightcap!



Home screen: It’s day time and Whaley is awake and ready to play!


Hahahahaha soooo cute I’m gonna stare at my phone all day now :p

Koala visa approval + Daisoman’s EP

Haven’t got to pen this down…

So I was checking out Daisoman’s EP application status on Monday (Nov 25) just out of curiosity since it’s been almost 3 weeks and the last status we saw was “Pending input from vetting agency”. The boss of his new company had already given MOM a call so we were hoping that the application would be expedited rather quickly.

Lo and behold, my eyes went big when I saw the status: APPROVED.

YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I was so so so happy I called him right away. Wanted to prank him a little and told him in a somber voice as if it was declined but I guess I just couldn’t contain my happiness. Praise the Lord! 😀

And about 15 minutes after, an email came into my inbox.

It’s my Australian visa grant letter! Wow wee! Approved in just 3 working days!! 😀

Double happiness and celebration for us hahahaha (ok la the celebration is more for Daisoman since his is way more important!).

So now he’s just waiting for the official offer letter to be sent to him while for me, I’m serving my last 2 weeks of work in my current work place!

The 3rd Koala Visa Application

Went to VFS this morning to submit my Australian visa application. Can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I last applied for one! I honestly felt my Perth trip was not too long ago, but in fact it’s been more than 2 years! (My very first Australian visa was done when I was 11 years old)

So what’s different now? For a start, they no longer accept application at the Australian High Commission. They now do it at a dedicated visa centre called VFS where they partner with the embassy for visa application, and their service covers a variety of country, e.g. Australia, NZ, UK, Russia, etc.

My previous submission took quite a long time (almost 2 hours if I remember correctly), but that was mainly due to me needing to make a copy of ALL stamped pages in my passport (more detailed story in the hyperlink above). So this time I remembered to make a copy of all stamped pages in my passport, and I also submitted my previous Australian visa AND my old passport with all the stamped pages to show more travel history (cos my current passport is only a year old and it’s not really full yet… excuse to travel more? Hehehehe).

I arrived at the centre at 8:30 this morning, had a security guard checking me and my bag’s content, took a queue number and went inside.

I only had to sit for about 2 minutes before my number was called. They have quite a number of counter so that really helps with the crowd control.

Another thing that’s different now is that I had to give them my passport as well for biometric registration (previously it was not needed). So after submitting the documents and paying the fee (S$148 visa fee + S$42 processing fee = S$190), I waited for about 10 minutes before my number was called to one of the biometric registration rooms.

Once I was inside, it was the standard stuff: verification of personal detail, fingerprints recording, and photo taking. All in all, it only took about 3 minutes and the staff handed me 2 receipts: one for the biometric registration and the other one for the visa application itself.

And I was done! I checked the time and I only spent a total of 26 minutes there! So efficient, I like it!

I applied for business visa this time, so the processing time should be within 5 working days. I hope it goes through smoothly and I can fly off early next month!

Oh, this application actually happened because… I accepted a new job offer from an Australian start-up! So yea, I’ve tendered my resignation at Circus and my last day would be in 2 weeks time.

Morning Verbal Diarrhea

Lately I’ve been feeling a little down at times. While I’m partly blaming PMS (one of the most convenient excuses a girl can make!), I think partly it’s because some things seem to not be going smoothly and they are a little rough.

As easy as it is to allow myself wallowing in self pity, I tried my best not to do so and instead, thinking of how much I have and how much blessing I’ve been receiving every day really helps in switching my negative mindset to positive.

During cell group 2 weeks ago, a friend said something that stuck with me and it actually popped up in my head a few times lately. He said,

When I feel really stressed up with work, I think of how stressed up I was when I had just graduated with no job for a few months. I’ve never experienced stress in such intensity before and it was really bad. Therefore, whenever I think of that, I will feel grateful because the stress I’m feeling is because I have a job, not because I don’t have one.

It made me think and reflect back on when I was unemployed for a few months during my first year in Singapore. It was indeed really stressful to wake up every morning desperately applying for countless of jobs, having no income yet renting a room does not come for free. Damn stress ok! Some more need to eat instant noodles everyday, no wonder my hair became wavy HAHAHA no la kidding.

Definitely not a life episode I would want to repeat ever again. I think I lost about 4 kg of weight over that period of time o.O that’s one of the silver linings I guess :p (I have the tendency to lose weight when I am under a lot of pressure even though I eat like a pig at ungodly hours of the night)

Anyway, I could go on more about that part of my life but today’s post is not about that!

I’ve been listening to True Worshippers a lot lately. They help to lift my spirits up whenever I’m feeling low and this particular song really appeals to me lately:

Who sees my brokenness and carries me when I am frail and weak
Jesus it is You
Who tells the storm to rest when I am overwhelmed and cannot speak
Jesus it is You

So true!! This part of the lyrics is one that is easy to relate to. Sometimes I may forget about it when things went awry but Jesus is always there to support me whenever I’m frail and week ^^

Ahhh ok feeling better after a little bit of verbal diarrhea! Time to get back to work and tick off everything on my checklist today!

Engaged Encounter – Done!

We have finally done our Engaged Encounter weekend on 12 – 14 June 2015!

Some may think it’s too early as our wedding is on the second half of next year but it’s ok! We registered for the weekend back in January and even then, the earliest one available was in June!

Basically there are 2 types of marriage preparation courses that you can take before you get married in a catholic church: Marriage Preparation Course (MPC) and Engaged Encounter (EE). What differentiate MPC from EE is that the duration is longer (it spans across 6 consecutive weekends while EE only takes up 1 weekend) and I guess the material that’s delivered will be different from that of EE.

EE can actually be done by couples at anytime during their courtship (so if they find out that they are not that suitable, they can opt not to go to the next stage of life together), and MPC, as I understand it, is usually done after a couple is officially engaged.

I was actually down with a bad case of flu since Thursday and I thought if it did not get better by Friday, there was a possibility for me to cancel the session and if we did, we had to re-book the next available one in… no idea. Maybe 7 – 8 months from now?

I was still feeling under the weather when I left the house on Friday evening though. I had cold sweat and it did not help that the sky was crying buckets that night. Thankfully I felt a lot better after a good night sleep (those cough syrup really helps!) and so I could enjoy the weekend wholeheartedly.

There were surprisingly quite a number of non-Catholic. I mean, I know that EE is opened to non-Catholic (as long as your partner is a Catholic), but honestly I did not expect it to be that many. Not that this is a bad thing, though. On the contrary, I feel that it’s very sweet of them (non-Catholic) to follow their partners to this weekend 🙂

Anyway, I am not gonna talk much about the sessions, but all I can say is that, if you are going to get married in a Catholic church, do not hesitate to sign up for this weekend! It was quite intense though! There was quite a lot of topics to be covered in around 48 hours (it started on Friday evening and ended on Sunday early evening around 6pm).

Even if you have no plans to get married in the near future, going for EE will help you to discuss things that you may have never talked about with your partner before and discover more about yourselves.

So yay! Another thing to be checked off our to-do list! 😀